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  • Sir Frank Peters

  • Five-day school week can do wonders

    There can never be enough emphasis given to the importance of education. It’s a well-known fact that children who learn to read, write, add, and subtract provide a much better future for themselves, but even the superlative medicines are best served in adequate beneficial dosages.
  • A society free from corporal punishment

    In Tanzania, teacher Respicius Patrick Mutazangira (51) has been sentenced to death by hanging for murdering pupil Sperius Eradius (14) through the “malicious and zealous” use of corporal punishment.
  • Corporal punishment was outlawed in 2011, but it still prevails

    It's amazing how unhinged society can become if you don't pay attention to the smaller details and address them appropriately. Take for example violence in society. The majority of inhabitants of society detest and abhor violence.
  • A damaged child becomes a broken adult

    Seemingly, it's hard for some school “teachers” to imagine or appreciate that children have rights. Too often when the topic of human rights is raised, it's interpreted to refer exclusively to adults; and children only become entitled to these rights when they become adults.
  • Cruelty unabated in the classroom

    One bright spark once said: “truth is stranger than fiction”. I think it was Mark Twain who uttered the immortal words, but I personally didn't hear him, so I can't be sure. But whoever said them knew what he was talking about.