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  • Tax measures anti-savings

    Interest income of savers is not taxed everywhere in the world. Vietnam, a Southeast Asian country, does not slap taxes on interest income from bank deposits, life insurance and government bonds.
  • Floods wreak havoc on croplands

    The ongoing flood has submerged 60,000 hectares of paddy and vegetable fields, mainly in the northern districts, affecting both farmers and consumers, as crop loss has sent the vegetable prices soaring for reduced supply in the market.
  • antibiotic in milk

    Harmful Substances in Milk: Producers in a fix

    Milk producers find themselves in a tight spot as the processing companies have slashed purchase due to a slump in demand over health concerns, say farmers and processors.
  • NBR to buy e-fiscal devices of Tk 317cr

    The National Board of Revenue (NBR) will soon place its order for 100,000 electronic sales register machines for about Tk 317 crore as
  • Very few take up offer to whiten money

    A trivial number of people showed their undisclosed incomes voluntarily and paid penalty and regular tax to legalise the sums,