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  • Sukanta Parthib

    Sukanta Parthib

    Sukanta Parthib is a Poet, Writer and Journalist. He is a member of Digital Media Team of The Daily Star.

  • 6 tips for Organic Instagram Promotion

    6 tips for Organic Instagram Promotion

    There are many free methods of promotion in Instagram, a popular and powerful platform among worldwide social networks, making it convenient for anyone to grow their businesses through Instagram promotions.
  • Tk400 bus fare instead of Tk40!

    Eid holidaymakers are allegedly paying extra bus fare for travelling to nearby places from Dhaka. A passenger travelling to Paturia from Nabinagar of Savar, on the outskirts of capital Dhaka, by an SB Link bus said that the usual bus fare is Tk 40, but he had to pay Tk 400 today.
  • Best healthy Diet Tips

    Healthy diet tips for dengue patients

    As dengue fever is alarmingly spreading across the country, it is very important to take measures including food habits which will effectively minimise the risk of the disease.
  • Dengue patient in Bangladesh

    Dengue: All you need to know

    As dengue fever is turning into a severe health crisis across the country, it is important that you know about the disease, how it spreads, and what you should do to minimise the risk of the disease.
  • Lalon Sain

    Lalon Shai, the guru of humanity

    “Sohojiya Sadhana” or the simplistic pursuit springs forth from the heart. This took up speed in the middle ages. The Indian subcontinent was the venue for mega convergence of it. The sadhaks of the Great India showed the paths of Gyanayoga, Bhaktiyoga, Karmayoga and many more. Here we see a unique convergence of power, knowledge, devotion and work.