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  • Justice, where are you?

    One of my close friends from law school is currently undergoing psychosocial counselling for severe depression. ­I met him over coffee last week, and asked him about it.
  • 'Ga gheshe daraben na'—A timely revolution

    Just a few days ago, while standing inside a packed elevator in the building of a renowned telecom company, a thought crossed my mind. For a moment, I wondered: what if I could hold a placard in my hand, asking all men to stand at a distance from me?
  • Those glares...

    He was grinning from ear to ear as I headed towards him, his deep-set eyes beaming with joy. All of a sudden, that look of love vanished. He had spotted the man walking beside me, my “bestie”, laughing deliriously over some awful joke I'd just cracked.
  • 'Football gave me wings'

    “It's Messi! Messi is the one I follow in football. I follow his delivery and his skills, and whenever I am on the field, I try to play like him,” she said. Her eyes were beaming with excitement as she spoke about her idol.
  • Will he agree to be your valentine?

    Does your heart skip a beat every time he passes by? Look, there he is, sitting across the room, in a corner, looking at his phone intently. It is that hour when nobody is around except for you two. Do you get butterflies in your stomach at his sight?