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    Syed Ashfaqul Haque

  • Thumbs we all are sucking on!

    “Casino” in Bangladesh! Not one or two, 60 in total are operating right in Dhaka city. It’s no makeshift, behind-the-shanty mundane affair. Inside, those “casinos” are as real and as glittering as in Las Vegas. All were there: gambling machine, liquor, and swirling of no less than 120 crore taka every night.
  • Dr Ehsan Hoque with underprivileged and orphaned children

    Change Maker: Eyes in distress, eyes of hope

    Ehsan Hoque was lucky not to be blind for life, after his birth in 1964. Born with congenital cataracts, an optical disorder responsible for child blindness, he could survive with a limited eyesight. However, unlike most other victims of child blindness because of infections or nutritional deficiencies in pregnancies, his story was to unfold completely differently over the next five decades. His eyes in distress would eventually transform him into an angel parent of children in distress.
  • Empty yet not empty!

    Empty! Emptiness, everywhere across Dhaka North yesterday. Empty voting centre, empty polling booth, empty ballot box and empty look in the faces of polling officials. As if the word empty personified the city elections of yesterday, the day when over 30 lakh voters were supposed to elect the mayor of their region.
  • How dare you hit my child!

    How dare you hit my children! These are the children whom we protect every single moment from every single harm. We leave nothing to chances as far as their security is concerned. Our children on the streets have come under attack, and we, the parents, have every right to ask who has given them the right to touch our children.
  • Student Protest for Safe Roads

    Ball is now in govt's court

    Road-wise, Bangladesh remained a student republic for the last seven days. It's about time it went back to what it is: a people's republic.