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  • Syed Ashfaqul Haque

  • Eid is here, joy is not

    Eid is in a day or two, no? You have to ask just to be sure.
  • Opinion: Hiss or boom?

    Steam goes off, lid in the handle slides down to be in airtight mode, and pressure starts to mount again within the sealed pot before the next hiss.
  • Fix the error, not the mirror

    Just imagine a day without a mirror. You’re getting ready for work, not knowing how you look. Your car, without rear-view mirrors, is on the busy road to office, negotiating the peak hour traffic.
  • Fix the error, not the mirror

    The reflections in the controlled media are just like visual distortions to people, who always turn to free media for authentic information. A free media is after all the mirror they need. And, press freedom, not the ‘praise freedom’, is what turns a media into that mirror.
  • ‘Great Wall’ for free media falls

    Humility is the rarity that goes sorely missing in people with power. Among hordes of influential people in our society, only a few stand apart as rarity, a light of hope for the society against show of arrogance. With the passing of Latifur Rahman, a light of rarity went out for good.