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    Syed Ashfaqul Haque

  • Fixing all ills by beating?

    We never take one unique medicine for all illness. Do we? Never. Because it invariably would compound the illness and wreak havoc on the delicate human body, causing death even.
  • Hearts won by Croatia

    From Russia, with no surprise!
  • FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

    Luck plays its part

    Lady Luck plays a small but significant role in a World Cup that runs over a month.
  • Russia World Cup final match france vs croatia

    Croatia too dangerous

    Warriors! That is the word that describes Croatia the best.
  • FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

    Fifa gains in game of losers

    Here comes a game that no one wants to be involved in. What glory can two losers achieve from a third-place deciding game? For teams, nothing but the World Cup matters. It's just cruel to ask one of the losing semifinalists to lose again.