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  • Syeda Afrin Tarannum

    Syeda Afrin Tarannum would choose 'The Script' over 'G-Eazy' any day. Continue ignoring her taste in music on:

  • Dealing with exams during Ramadan

    The exams we sit for in the last three years of high school are probably some of the most intense yet important part of our lives. Board examinations have somehow taken the form of a season of ‘Wipeout’ with no immediate monetary reward.
  • Not your clue to remember

    Clue is a period tracking app that allows its users to track their menstrual cycle at a few clicks. This app does not use the euphemisms of pink colour or the symbol of a butterfly or a feather to symbolise its female user base.

    In order for us to consider something to be true beyond reasonable doubt, we put it through a series of tests. This has also been the method we resort to when we need to prove the credibility of one’s knowledge.
  • Words thrown around loosely

    Language is an ever-changing thing. With the constantly evolving digital communication platforms, language has experienced immense transformation.
  • The silver lining of living with your parents

    Growing up we have all glorified the idea of moving out of our parent's homes and into our own abodes. Be it the ban on pets or the rigid