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  • Syeda Afrin Tarannum

    Syeda Afrin Tarannum would choose 'The Script' over 'G-Eazy' any day. Continue ignoring her taste in music on:

  • Two easy 2 bake

    Comfort food exists to make our lives a little less glum. What keeps us from having it is usually the fear of cooking, or the fear of our moms finding out there’s another food delivery person standing at the door waiting to get paid, or both.
  • Who will save the planet?

    It is in the basic human nature to play the blame game when we are very close to finding out we may be at fault. Whether it is a defence mechanism, or just the belief of “offense being the best form of defence,” truth is, it is always easier for us to shift the blame than to assume
  • Eid and all smiles

    In the competitive world that we live in, people may not always be keen to spend their time, energy or resources on something that does not produce an evident reward.

    In a galaxy far far away lies the Bangladeshi equivalent of Mordor, the land known as Gawsia. Feared by many but revered by even more, the strange land seemed like a completely different planet. One fateful day, four friends took it upon themselves to bravely venture into the heart of this land they’d heard so much about.
  • Dealing with exams during Ramadan

    The exams we sit for in the last three years of high school are probably some of the most intense yet important part of our lives. Board examinations have somehow taken the form of a season of ‘Wipeout’ with no immediate monetary reward.