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    In the current world where so many things seem to be going wrong, the idea of a hero can be comforting.
  • The perks of learning a musical instrument

    We all consider learning musical instruments. After deciding, however, we have to weigh the cons and the pros, wondering whether this new hobby would be something worth investing our precious time in.
  • What your dreams say about you

    There are many different theories as to what dreams mean and what they signify. However, here we attempt to give you a few possible theories as to what your dreams may be telling you.
  • How writing can be therapeutic for you

    In this day and age, the number of times an individual has an unexplained emotional breakdown will surprise you. Our ways of dealing with emotional stress vary.
  • Losing my glasses

    The blobs of red and yellow lights bobbed up and down as I tread carefully in the darkness. The road beneath me glowed in the sea of fuzzy lights, looking like a picture one might have painted.