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  • Humayun Ahmed popular novel Debi

    Debi emerges

    Anam Biswas and Jaya Ahsan have recently made a film adaptation of Humayun Ahmed's popular novel Debi. The movie of the same name is set to hit the theatres later this month. In a lively adda with Rafi Hossain, the Debi stars talk about the making of the movie and discuss the philosophies of the eminent novelist.
  • Prominent singer Runa Laila

    Saga of the Melody Queen

    The artiste's journey, interestingly, began with lessons of dancing. Runa Laila took lessons of Bharatanatyam and Kathak style dancing from the Bulbul Academy of Fine Arts in Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Suchanda: My Times of Allegiance

    Ever since there were cinema halls available for the commons' entertainment, I used to watch movies of Shuchitra Sen. With her magical charm and mesmerizing acting, she seemed somewhat like an angel from out of this world to me. But belonging to a conservative family, it was difficult to go to cinema halls frequently for
  • 'Pessimism has its own rare kind of escapade!' - Iresh Zaker

    There's a project of an anthology of short films based on Dhaka city. I had been acting in that. I have also done some dramas for Eid-ul-Adha, with directors like Shihab Shaheen and Tuhin Hossain.
  • On The Playlist This Eid

    Maqsood O' dHAKA's new release Mohotto submits an open invitation for bringing a positive alteration in our societies through respect, benevolence and cooperative coexistence.