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    A closer look

  • Strengthening digital economy is the way to go

    China and South Korea were the early frontlines in our pitched battle against Covid-19. Both countries had taken the hardest hit during the initial phase of the outbreak, but both were quick to rebound from the initial shock of it and soon cornered the mortal enemy with the swift stroke of their digital weapons.
  • Fighting the demons in our head

    Even a few months back, I didn’t realise that work from home on a daily basis was possible.
  • May Day in Bangladesh

    How will the new normal for our migrant workers look like?

    The world watched in paralysed horror as oil prices plummeted to below zero: the price of West Texas Intermediate oil grade went negative to –USD 37.63 per barrel (pb), for the first time in history. The shock of the collapse was intense, leading to traders naming the day “Black Monday”.
  • Online Exclusive: While Bangladesh grapples with a pandemic, measles remains below the radar

    According to newspaper reports, 10 children have already died in the CHT since the outbreak began on February 26, when the first death was reported. Another 300 children have been infected.
  • Covid-19: Can this be the war to end all wars?

    Wars and epide-mics make the perfect bedfellows. Wars create the perfect wombs where murky diseases can gestate and then combust, wiping out entire populations as they spread around the world.