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  • Tasnim Odrika

  • First date

    “I see you haven’t touched your food yet.”
  • The power of makeup

    There was a point in my life where the closest thing to makeup that I owned was a clear lip gloss and the longest I could go on wearing
  • The monster under the bed

    Every day that I wake up, I thank God for the daylight. Because daylight means that he will finally leave and I'll be able to roam around the room freely.
  • How to rekindle a faded friendship

    At one point or another, as we grow older, we will come to the realisation that we're not as close with a certain someone as we used to be. A person that you used to spend every day with has somehow turned into a stranger.

    She was sitting in a darkened room with music blaring loudly. It was some cheesy romantic song. *Ping*. It was a message notification on Facebook.