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  • Upoma Aziz

  • Wasteland’s Symphony

    All the upsetting news we received, we learned to toss with the stones that skipped seven times across the water before sinking into oblivion.
  • Scotch Tape

    A crestfallen soldier at the end of his service, the spine of the book was not vertical. It had contorted and bent at strange angles; if this were a person everyone would look at him with rueful, pitying eyes. Pitying eyes are curious, sneering eyes, prying eyes. Pitying eyes are not kind eyes.
  • Rainwater Tea

    Do we measure the leaves first? Or do we pour the water?
  • Finding Webtoon

    Webtoon is an app that lets you select from a myriad of web comics for free, unless you want to read an episode early.
  • Old Man’s Beard

    I do not miss going to work, but I miss being young – not like the leftover puzzle pieces from several different sets jammed into one, never quite fitting.