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  • Still thankful

    The pandemic has brought people closer. Yes, there are times when seeing each other 24/7 is leading to more frequent arguments and disagreements among family members,
  • Philadelphia’s century-old public market

    The Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has been serving gastronomes for 127 years. The historic market has survived the Great Depression and two World Wars! On a September Saturday, we decided to explore this public market, which attracts more than 100,000 people every week during ‘normal’ times.
  • Bangladeshi Americans on US Election 2020

    Americans voted with zeal and fervour; they voted in-person and by mail, setting a record voter turnout, even amid a pandemic that is ravaging their nation. Joe Biden bagged more than 75 million popular votes, the highest so far in American political history.
  • In a quest for freedom

    When asked what it means to her, Ranita Ghosh Chakrabarti, an Indian American pursuing higher education, said, “To me, freedom is my ability to make my life’s decisions by myself.
  • Preparing for the second wave

    The lockdown condition of spring and summer seasons was bearable, thanks to long, sunny days and warm weather. However, as I look to the future and think of the cool-cold days ahead, I feel that spending the next six months within four walls could become challenging. I almost want to beg to these sunshine days, “Please stay a bit longer.”