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  • Wara Karim

  • A 5-minute break for your well-being

    To enjoy this 5-minute vacation, the first thing you need to do is disconnect yourself from the outside world. Not completely, of course, just switch off or silence your cell phone for 5 minutes, so that a ping or a flash on the screen does not distract you.
  • The crime of tardiness

    Have you ever waited for a friend or an acquaintance so long that you fell asleep?
  • Francophone Montréal

    It’s the second-largest francophone city in the world after Paris; it’s a slice of Europe in North America. It’s Montréal! The second-most populous city in Canada, Montréal is in the Québec province. Montréal, which means Mount Royal in English, is a city that bustles with tourists during the summer months.
  • When to throw your makeup

    Everything has an expiration date, even makeup. Although we do not always realise this, but use of expired makeup can have harmful effects on our skin. When I was younger, I was under the impression that I could keep my makeup forever. After all, I spent so much money on them!
  • If we could read minds

    Imagine a world where everyone could read everyone's mind. Wouldn't that be scary? But it would also help keep our ugly thoughts at bay, and be more honest with the people in our lives.