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  • Touch of Nature

    This style is usually achieved by putting half of the hair up and the rest down. Braiding the upper section,
  • Spelling COMFORT the deshi way

    Setting aside figurative expressions, we can boldly say that whatever the situation, a ‘comfy’ attire can always lift the mood, fight illness and make sure our mental and physical wellbeing is set straight.
  • The big no-no’s!

    There are certain cardinal rules that are not meant to be broken. These fashion faux pas are known as such, since they tend to look quite unflattering. To achieve the most out of your everyday look, and be at the top of your style game, it’s the best to avoid them altogether.
  • Experience the ‘Lavish’

    Lavish Boutique Salon has commenced its journey on the evening of 13 March, 2020, with an intimate High Tea, joined by family, friends, socialites and members of the press.
  • Style in yoga pants

    Casual wear is achieving a new dimension, with its frequent debuts on the runways as well as social platforms.