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  • Eviction in the days of development

    Anyone who has witnessed Ashura in and around of Mirpur may have noticed a two-storey red and gold taziya. Tucked inside a one-roomed imambara mausoleum on Lane 18 of Mirpur-11, locked behind green warehouse doors, this taziya is one of the stranded Pakistani community's best kept secrets.
  • Landless but not helpless

    Glance through the Information Commission's publicly available database of applications made under the Right to Information (RTI) Act, and something striking stands out.
  • Mapping Our Many Mother Tongues

    Very recently, a video song called “Poran Priyo” released by the telecom provider Robi, featuring an all-girls band F Minor has been making the rounds on social media as a “pahari” song, but very few know that the language of the lyrics is actually Achik, the language of the Garo community.
  • Pot of Gold - At the end of the 300 feet road

    On January 28, the High Court ordered 38 housing projects around Purbachal New Town to temporarily stop all land-related activity being conducted. To be more specific, this activity included plugging up water-bodies, filling lowlands with sand, and clearing out vegetation.
  • Rehabs in need of rehabilitation

    On February 6, 2016, 27-year-old Shariful Haque died of pneumonia after being given an ice bath treatment by the doctors of his drug rehabilitation centre in Pabna.