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  • The link between violence and mental health

    Ismail* is about 16–years–old, and lives in Korail bosti with his mother. He comes over once a week to help me clean my house.
  • The one thing missing from the conversation

    What Priya Saha cited to Donald Trump is a statistical fallacy, and downright irresponsible, but what is way more problematic was our reaction to it.
  • Dissecting your gas bill

    Just one paisa of the gas bill being paid by a consumer, means Tk 35 crores in revenue for the utility companies.
  • pathao in bangladesh

    Where is Pathao headed?

    Please accept this letter as formal notification of my resignation from my position in Pathao. As per my appointment letter I am
  • A golden opportunity!

    It was while shopping for jewellery for my wedding last year that I realised just how much of the gold in the glitzy, gilded shops are possibly smuggled.