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  • Thrown into abyss of abuse

    The recruiting agency that sent 14-year-old Umme Kulsum to a Saudi employer, who tortured her to death, threw many others into similar pits of abuse.
  • Two lots of Bangladesh origin drugs recalled in US

    Two lots of a diabetes controlling drug of Bangladesh origin were recalled in the US last month for containing a compound that has the potential to cause cancer.
  • Justice catches up with killer cops

    Yesterday afternoon before a Dhaka court, Imtiaz Hossain Rocky, brother of Ishtiaque Hossain Jonny who was tortured and killed in police custody in 2014, was constantly on his feet.
  • Differently abled, not disabled

    “Differently abled, not disabled” -- this is how Noor Nahian, the founder of Bangladesh Wheelchair Sports Foundation captioned a photo of himself sitting in his wheelchair, that he posted on Twitter.
  • Int’l day of the victims of enforced disappearances: Truth dwells in their silence

    Shafiqul Islam Kajol was missing for 53 days, discovered by law enforcers roaming the India-Bangladesh border in Benapole in the middle of the night, subsequently thrown in jail and denied bail for 3 months -- and yet the only investigation being done by the state is about a Facebook post by Kajol.