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  • Bhitargarh: destroyed before discovery

    There was a king named Prithu Raja in northern Bangladesh in the 13th century. He had a fort city in Panchagarh called Bhitargarh, and he may or may not have died by committing suicide in a lake.
  • Stone- Crushers Dying of silicosis, failed by courts

    Burimari union, a border village nestling in a nook of the Indian district of Cooch Behar, is a village of stones and stone-crushing yards.
  • A long, hard look at our teachers

    For months, our public universities have been erupting in protests, with students demanding some very basic things: vice-chancellors who are not corrupt, teachers who cannot bribe their way into the university, student political wings who do not extort or oppress (or murder), effective sexual harassment policies, and freedom of expression.
  • The story of Teesta

    The story of Teesta begins 23,386 ft above the sea-level at the Pahunri glacier nestled between the Tibet and India border.
  • Machines whirring at migratory bird sanctuary

    Around halfway through the Jahangirnagar University campus one would notice age-old rusting signboards with caution warnings like