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Huawei and Donald Trump debacle

The Huawei debacle

A week ago, US President Donald Trump announced that US companies will be allowed to work with Chinese tech company Huawei again. And what felt like the most controversial tech story in recent memory ultimately turned into a spat of anti-climactic proportions. But it’s not that simple though, is it?

Apple's New Mobile Operating system iPadOS

First look at iPadOS

The new iPad and iPad Pro have stellar hardware and features but the same cookie cutter software wasn’t to most people’s liking, until now. And along came iPadOS, changing all of that.

Opera browser the best browser than Google Chrome

What makes Opera browser the best browser

I decided to give Opera a chance and I have been pleasantly surprised with its smooth performance, wealth of features and timely updates. So much so that I am willing to claim that Opera is the best browser currently and here’s why.

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