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  • A new overseas labour market

    The Japanese government has pushed through legislation on December 8 that has opened up the labour market for up to 345,000 foreign workers in various sectors.

  • Security for victims and witnesses must be ensured

    It is extremely disappointing that an important Bill drafted in 2006 has been sitting in the freezer for 12 years now. Speakers at a conference highlighted this

  • Preserve our open spaces

    It was refreshing to see that the children of this city were given a chance to play in a car-free street on Manik Mia Avenue last Friday.

  • Peace must be ensured at all costs

    With the Election Commission's scrutiny of nomination papers coming to an end, electioneering is about to enter the next phase, in which eligible candidates will start campaigning in full gusto.

  • Biman needs more than just new aircrafts

    It is good news indeed that Biman Bangladesh Airlines is adding two new state-of-the-art aircrafts to its fleet. The addition of two Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners—namely Aakashbeena and Hangsabalaka—will certainly contribute to the much-needed modernisation of the national flag carrier.

  • Grim prospects for Sonali Bank's loan recovery

    As per a report published in this paper on December 7, State-owned Commercial Bank (SCB) Sonali is in deep trouble, as it is finding it near impossible to sell off Hallmark group's mortgaged assets.

  • Bangladesh's worrying global ranking

    Bangladesh has been ranked seventh among the countries most affected by extreme weather events in 20 years since 1998, according to the Global Climate Risk Index 2019.

  • Preventing suicides amongst teens

    Aritry Adkhikary's suicide has jolted us out of our comfort zone. Yes, some teachers have been suspended from their positions, but are we aware of the fact that this year's attempted suicide amongst children is double that of last year.

  • Will Rumpa get justice?

    Doctor Akhter Jahan Rumpa, an optometrist, had arrived in Dhaka from Sylhet on December 4.

  • Strange scrutiny of nomination papers

    The record number of nomination papers being rejected may be attributed to the fact that a huge number of candidates are vying to contest this election.

  • Find the missing

    We can empathise with Shabnam Zaman's despair at the apparent lack of movement by law enforcers in investigating how her father, former ambassador Maroof Zaman.

  • A school student's fatal lesson

    The tragedy of a ninth grade student of Viqarunnisa Noon School and College taking her own life after being rebuked by her school teachers is a wakeup call for us regarding the responsibility of school authorities to ensure that a child is treated with dignity and sensitivity no matter what the offence he or she has committed.

  • Use of funds by INGOs working for Rohingyas

    When as much as 80 percent of total donations for the Rohingyas is spent on operations by international NGOs (INGOs), one wonders what is left for those that the bulk of the money is meant for.

  • Speedy trial of rape cases brooks no delay

    After the rape of two university students at a hotel in Banani in March last year, the outcry for justice was tremendous. The prime accused was arrested soon after.

  • Another alarm rings over banks' condition

    Bangladesh's banking system has been put on “negative watch” by the global ratings agency, Moody's Investors Service, despite the country's impressive economic performance and strong economy.

  • Too few for too many cancer patients

    To have more than a hundred thousand people added every year to the list of patients afflicted by a disease is a burden for any healthcare system.

  • Myanmar's anti-Rohingya campaign was genocide

    A human rights group contracted by the US State Department reportedly found that there is “reasonable basis to conclude” that genocide did take place in Myanmar's Rakhine State against the Rohingya people.

  • Critical points raised by House of Commons

    The report presented in the UK House of Commons recently had a lot to say about the “level playing field” that our Election Commission (EC) keeps touting.

  • A total disregard for human lives

    The horrific road crash demonstrated through a picture in this daily on Friday is a rude reminder that nothing has changed as far as road safety is concerned.

  • Dalits and Harijans continue to face gross discrimination

    The Dalits and Harijans are two groups of people who have traditionally been treated with disdain by the rest of society. Naturally, they have lagged behind other groups, be it in terms of opportunities in education, health or employment.

  • A credible election is still possible

    That Khaleda Zia cannot contest in the election due to a Supreme Court ruling is surely a crushing blow to BNP, as it is set to participate in the election without its leader for the first time in its history.

  • Legacy of a promising mayor

    After assuming office in July 2015, the late mayor Annisul Huq only wanted a few years to change Dhaka city and we, the city dwellers, were keenly observing his ambitious plans and wondering if those plans were at all achievable.

  • Indigenous youth have a lot to offer

    It is disappointing that our major political parties have not really done much in terms of enhancing the participation of young people from indigenous communities in politic

  • No move to stem child casualties

    What many of us do not know is that after drowning, road accident is the second biggest killer of children in our country.

  • Justice elusive to victims of gender-based violence

    Although incidents of gender-based violence have increased over the years, there is hardly any improvement in terms of getting justice in the cases filed over these incidents.

  • Bourse regulators not doing their job

    The Daily Star has found that of the 310 listed companies that have floated shares in the country's stock market, only 131 firms are disclosing all the information they are required to do so as per rules of the corporate governance code.

  • Bangladesh Bank gold error

    BB paints a rosy picture

    Ironic is the word that comes to mind when we look at the report published recently by Bangladesh Bank (BB) titled “Role of Bangladesh Bank in the govt success for the last 10 years.”

  • More effective use of aid for Rohingya refugees

    With the plans for the immediate repatriation of Rohingya refugees deferred till 2019, Bangladesh and all the organisations working in Cox's Bazar need to come to some key decisions and a well-planned strategy.

  • EC failing to instil confidence of its neutrality

    Political and security experts on Saturday expressed their discontent with the Election Commission, saying that its performance so far was not satisfactory. The EC has been granted immense power by the constitution and the credibility of the upcoming parliamentary election, no doubt, depends considerably on the actions of the commission.

  • Ending violence against women must take priority

    The government and non-state actors like NGOs have been trying to combat the scourge of violence against women in Bangladesh for decades but such crimes continue to cast a shadow on our development.