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  • Combatting the silent killers

    The Bangladesh Demographic Health Survey (BDHS) 2017-18 made public on January 20 paints an extremely grim picture, particularly about the alarming rise in the number of people affected by two of the most prevalent silent killers, hypertension and diabetes.

  • Use of character evidence in courts deplorable

    Recently, there has been much outcry—and rightly so—about the impunity enjoyed by rapists in the country, with conviction rates in rape cases as low as 3 percent.

  • Forming a commission to stop rape

    We applaud the High Court for directing the government to form a commission under the law ministry to stop rape and violence against women.

  • An apt appraisal worthy of note

    In a welcome move, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has questioned the need for India’s Citizenship Amendment Act (ACC) that fast-

  • High Court

    High Court’s timely observations

    We commend the High Court for its verdict that stressed the need for preventing financial scams in the banking sector.

  • China’s economic links with Myanmar

    China has concluded a large number of deals with Myanmar during the recent visit of President Xi Jinping to Myanmar, the first by a

  • Pedestrians jaywalking through busy highway

    A photo series published in this paper on January 18 shows pedestrians jaywalking through the busy Dhaka-Chattogram highway near Jatrabari where, only last Thursday, two people were killed in a road crash.

  • Fees first, service optional

    If this was done by a private firm, charges of fraud or collection of money under false pretences would have been brought against them and, who knows, those responsible would have already been in jail.

  • Women, Business and the Law

    It is disheartening that despite our professed commitment towards women’s empowerment, we have actually fallen two notches in the World Bank’s Women,

  • PM’s remarks on climate change

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday reiterated her government’s commitment to the fight against climate change, giving a vivid description of how the once-dreaded future is already at our doorsteps and wreaking havoc in parts of Bangladesh.

  • Editorial: Rescheduling the Dhaka mayoral polls

    As the election day for the Dhaka North and South city corporations is nearing, the demand for the deferral of the city polls is also getting louder.

  • Justice delayed is justice denied

    In every big city, it is not unnatural for some crimes to remain unsolved. But when it becomes a pattern, we need to worry. And when

  • Use of surplus funds of state agencies

    We welcome the initiative taken by the government to utilise the surplus funds of the state enterprises to implement various

  • How did we get to this point?

    We are stunned at the demand of senior lawmakers to have rapists killed “in crossfire”. How can individuals who are supposed to make

  • HC’s directives to reduce pollution

    One wonders why the administration should have to wait for the High Court’s directive to act on an issue that it is obligated to act upon anyway.

  • Ban on publishing information on public hospitals

    On January 12, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare issued a circular to the chiefs of the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), medical college hospitals and specialised hospitals regarding the management of visitors in public hospitals.

  • An amazing alternative to polythene

    It is heartening that a local company in Bangladesh has been producing biodegradable packaging materials and bags from corn, a rather unlikely source material.

  • No prescription, no monitoring, no nothing!

    A report by this newspaper on Monday again pierced the myth that we have somewhat of a decently working healthcare sector, albeit from a unique angle.

  • Dhaka dangerously too loud

    A recent study has, unsurprisingly, found noise pollution in 70 neighbourhoods of Dhaka to be higher than the permissible level.

  • Safer roads remain a chimera

    Despite a plethora of promises and commitments, legislation and endless assurances by functionaries at every level of the administration...

  • Iran’s welcome admission

    That Iran has finally admitted to unintentionally shooting down a Ukrainian jetliner is a welcome move, as heart-breaking as the

  • Near-routine cost escalation of govt projects

    We are concerned at the reported cost escalation of the project of a rail bridge to be built over Jamuna river.

  • Three child rapes a day

    Around three children are being raped in Bangladesh each day, according to statistics of Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum. Let that number sink in.

  • City Polls must be free and fair

    A total of 13 candidates for the mayor’s post and 745 for those of councillors are contesting in the upcoming city corporation elections presently scheduled for January 30.

  • Iran’s retaliatory strikes may have had a sobering effect

    It is a strange yet somehow positive development that Iran’s airstrikes on Iraqi bases hosting US troops has had a sobering effect in terms of diffusing (for now) the real threat of an escalation of hostilities between the US and Iran.

  • Swift arrest of alleged rapist of DU student

    We recognise the efficiency with which Rab has arrested the suspected rapist of the Dhaka University student.

  • Railway accidents on the rise

    The railways minister has stated that there were 129 railway-related accidents last year, in which 39 people were killed and 155 injured, and that most of the accidents were caused by signal violations and derailments.

  • Increasing living costs in Dhaka a cause for concern

    According to the recent findings of Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB), the living cost in Dhaka has increased by 6.5 percent in 2019 due to the rising prices of essential commodities and services.

  • No more single-use plastics

    We welcome the High Court’s directive to the authorities to ban single-use plastic products in coastal areas, hotels, motels and restaurants across the country within a year.

  • How many rape cases are too many?

    We are outraged at yet another deplorable incident of rape of a university student near what is one of the busiest thoroughfares in Dhaka...