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  • Hospital commissioning stuck in red tape

    It is quite astonishing to find that a newly constructed 250 bed hospital in 2017 has not been commissioned due to an inter-departmental row over pending electricity bills.

  • The Rohingya crisis

    he call of the prime minister to the world body to do more for a permanent resolution of the Rohingya crisis, of which the only country to have suffered and endured the brunt has been Bangladesh, needs to be iterated constantly.

  • Higher wages should not be conditional

    Despite the massive overhaul that the ready-made garments (RMG) industry in Bangladesh has undergone since the Rana Plaza collapse

  • Loan recovery takes a backseat

    A recent survey conducted by the Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM) titled “Credit Operations of Banks” has shed light on

  • Strike balance between industrialisation and environment

    While we need the industrial sector to be a major driver of our growth, it cannot be at the expense of the environment.

  • MD's comments do not conform to the fact

    We are surprised at the Wasa MD's comment that the water supplied by Wasa in the capital is hundred percent pure.

  • Awareness, monitoring and organic farming can prevent this

    Overuse of pesticides in mangoes

    As the mango season approaches, instead of looking forward to enjoying this succulent fruit, mango lovers should be worried about

  • Horrific attacks in Sri Lanka

    In solidarity with Sri Lanka

    We are at a loss of words at the number of lives lost in the wake of gruesome bombings on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter

  • Bagerhat land record office

    The Bagerhat sub-registrar and land record office with its 150 employees have been working out of a British-era building that was declared risky by authorities back in 2012.

  • More girls are going to school

    We are delighted to know from a report in this paper that, according to government data, female secondary students outnumber their male counterparts in 63 of the 64 districts.

  • Rivers in throes of death

    The future of our rivers and water bodies is bleak and there is an urgent need for the government to see through the projects it has undertaken. This aspect emerged clearly in a seminar organised by the water resources ministry marking World Water Day.

  • Unfettered press is the best security for a country

    It seems that insofar as the freedom of the press is concerned, Bangladesh is going down at an increasing rate. According to the 2019

  • Protect children from sexual predators

    The alarming rise in child rape incidents in the country in recent months just goes to show how little we have done to protect our children from potential rapists and sexual predators.

  • Corruption in public utility companies

    Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) and the Anti-Corruption Commission have identified widespread corruption in two public utility companies, the Water Supply and Sewage Authority (Wasa) and Titas Gas.

  • The curse of child marriage

    A UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) study has given us the shocking news that 59 percent of all marriages that took place in Bangladesh between 2006 and 2017 were in fact child marriage—the brides were all under 18.

  • Gas pipeline with no gas to supply

    The Bangla daily Prothom Alo on April 17 reported how two projects undertaken to supply gas to five districts, costing Tk 1,200 crore, have been a complete waste of public money.

  • Workers' safety blatantly ignored

    It is unfortunate that within two days of the death of an electrician who fell off a pole of a traverse at the Carriage and Wagon Workshop of Bangladesh Railway (east zone) at Pahartali in Chattogram

  • Grotesque nexus between political and state power

    With more and more reports of the brutal and coldblooded murder of Nusrat Jahan Rafi appearing in the media, the depth of the odious...

  • antibiotics in poultry feed

    Worrisome state of food safety

    Earlier this year, this paper published a report on the widespread use of meat and bone meal (MBM) in poultry feed which can cause

  • Ramna Batamul case in limbo

    It has been almost 20 years since the dreadful Ramna Batamul carnage during a Chhayanaut event, which saw the death of 10 people.

  • Don't let political consideration override merit in teachers' recruitment

    The two-day convention organised by University Teachers' Network to discuss how to improve the quality of education at the universities of the country has highlighted one of the biggest reasons why standards have deteriorated: recruitment of teachers based on their political affiliation.

  • Shubho Nababarsho

    To us, Pahela Baishakh has come to mean more than just the beginning of another new year.

  • PM's call to focus on research is time-befitting

    Sorely lagging behind in research

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has rightly stressed the need for research and development in order to maintain Bangladesh's current

  • Areas around Cox's Bazar already under threat

    Hands off protected forestland

    It is difficult to imagine a recent move by the public administration ministry to get allocation of 700 acres of protected forestland in

  • Jute for global car industry

    It is encouraging news for jute farmers in Bangladesh that NatUp Fibres, a French company, is thinking of setting up a joint venture in Bangladesh to use jute-based products to be used in car interiors.

  • Nusrat was killed by a corrupt system

    We are filled with sorrow at the death of madrasa student Nusrat Jahan who finally succumbed to her injuries on Wednesday night.

  • Crack down on syndicate manipulating airfares

    The World Bank's latest Migration and Development brief puts Bangladesh as the third-largest earner of foreign remittance from expatriate workers in South Asia with USD 15.5 billion in 2018.

  • No silver lining for street kids

    If Bangladesh's fast-growing economy is a “mystery” to the rest of the world, as we are told, perhaps no less mysterious is how the fruits of this economy have bypassed a large segment of its population

  • Forgery scam for building approvals

    The Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) stated in a press conference on April 8 that its members have discovered around 2,000 incidents in which signatures of architects were forged.

  • Honouring a true hero

    We are saddened by the premature death of Sohel Rana, the 25-year-old firefighter who saved many lives at the risk of losing his own during the Banani FR Tower fire on March 28.