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  • Panic killed a young woman in DMCH

    Words are not enough to express our shock at the tragedy that took place at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) on March 14, where a 24-year-old female patient died because of the negligence of doctors and staff, all of whom fled the ward she was admitted to, suspecting her as a COVID-19 patient.

  • Ariful–alive to reveal his ordeal

    It is a frightening thought that had Ariful Islam, the Kurigram correspondent of Bangla Tribune, not been granted bail, we may not have known the terrifying ordeal of a citizen being picked up, mercilessly tortured and even threatened with “crossfire”.

  • government strategy

    Is denial still the government strategy?

    Having written multiple editorials over the past month pleading with the government to prepare accordingly to handle the massive

  • Journalist’s arrest highly questionable

    There are enough grounds to suggest that the arrest of the Kurigram correspondent of Bangla Tribune Ariful Islam by a mobile court under a taskforce of Kurigram district administration and sentencing him to one-year imprisonment on the early hours of March 14 after he was picked up from his home on charges of possessing narcotics was done out of spite at the orders of the district commissioner rather than for the purpose of serving the rule of law.

  • Teachers blackmailing students for good scores!

    We are shocked by the report of two teachers of Chattogram’s Forestry Science and Technology Institute (FSTI) allegedly extorting money from their students for years by threatening them with poor scores in exams.

  • Govt hospital in Sunamganj lying idle for 6 years!

    While we commend the government for its efforts to make healthcare accessible to all by establishing healthcare facilities even in remote places of the country, what we often notice is that many healthcare facilities remain unutilised mostly due to a shortage of manpower including doctors.

  • Reading and planting trees as punishment

    We are pleasantly surprised to learn from a Prothom Alo report that rather than sentencing nine youths, aged between 19 and 24, to

  • Schools struggling to provide handwashing arrangements

    When schools, colleges and universities are being shut down across the globe to contain the spread of coronavirus, Bangladesh, it appears, is struggling to institute basic precautionary measures in its educational institutions.

  • Why are we failing to take basic precautionary steps?

    While we are relieved that two of the three people diagnosed with the coronavirus thus far have already recovered, we are at a loss to

  • Give kidney patients the right to save their lives!

    According to the High Court, an estimated 20 million people in the country suffer from some form of kidney disease every year and about 35,000-45,000 of them die of kidney failure. Although the annual demand for kidney transplant is somewhere between 5,000-9,000, only about 120-130 end-stage renal failure patients can find healthy donors and undergo kidney transplant per year.