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  • Combating coronavirus: Bagerhat volunteers restoring faith in humanity

    While some refuse to help their own family members out of fear of the coronavirus, others step up to take care of complete strangers. United under the banner of ‘Health Service Volunteers’, around 100 people took an oath recently to aid people infected with Covid-19, in Bagerhat Sadar and Kachua upazilas.

  • Kuakata beach

    Kuakata's red crabs return to the beach

    A shut-down is being enforced across the country to prevent the spread of coronavirus and tourist spots, including Kuakata’s beaches, have also been closed. With human activity at these spots grinding to a halt, nature has found ways to flourish.

  • A river runs through it

    I have seen it on TV, read about it in newspapers, but never thought it would be this bad. I watched it from the deck of a launch, looking forward to a spectacular river cruise that our departmental picnic poster promised.

  • Coronavirus Outbreak in China

    Coronavirus: How to protect yourself

    The deadly Wuhan coronavirus, officially called 2019-nCoV, has killed 56 people and infected at least 1300 others in China. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released guidance on the symptoms of the virus. A person could be at risk if they have:

  • Opinion: BCS & Other Drugs

    Every day, long before dawn, before insanity grips Dhaka and all manners of chaos start swirling around us, certain parts of the capital fall into a familiar routine: alarms go off and shoes go on. A group of students are on their way to the university library.

  • DCCs napping as mosquitoes buzz

    As experts warn of a record increase in Culex mosquito population next month, measures taken by the two Dhaka city corporations to check the blood-sucking insects appear inadequate.

  • Road Safety in Bangaldesh

    Accident fatalities in Bangladesh: Good trends ‘undermined’

    Between 1990 and 2017, the increase in the road crash fatality rate per capita was three times higher in Bangladesh than that across South Asia, according to a World Bank report.

  • Star recognises 1,988 A- and O-level students for their outstanding results

    As The Daily Star honoured students who achieved extraordinary marks in their O- level and A-level exams for the 2018-19 session, at its award-giving ceremony yesterday, one common dream seeped through the hall -- these youngsters would build the Bangladesh of tomorrow.

  • Not enough books on Language Movement at Boi Mela

    Amar Ekushey book fair has always been a manifestation of people’s love for their mother tongue. On the eve of Ekushey, the fair has been buzzing with people, many of them interested in learning from books on the Language Movement.

  • 1 year of Chawkbazar tragedy: blaze over, not danger

    The walls scorched black. A thin film of soot covering the burnt-out pillars and roofs. A smell of burnt remnants still wafting through the air around it.

  • Untreated medical waste: A serious threat to public health

    Untreated medical wastes are accumulating at landfills in seven divisional cities, posing serious threat to public health.

  • Jobs abroad in decline

    Bangladesh continues to witness decline in overseas jobs over the last two years amid unabated malpractices in recruitment process, falling demand in the Gulf countries and an absence of effective steps to explore new markets.

  • Repatriation Bids: Designed to fail

    Myanmar, which stands accused of Rohingya genocide, has done little to create conditions that would encourage the refugees to return to their homeland, analysts say.

  • After You, Mr VIP

    Like all things bad and ugly in Bangladesh, the latest offensive against our sanity is playing out in a wearily predictable fashion.

  • Corruption in Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant

    River grabbing a criminal offence

    All river grabbing and pollution are criminal offences, the highest court in the country has declared in the full text of a landmark judgment.

  • Labour Migration: Deadly desperation

    Jumman Hawlader had turned 19 when his family began to expect some contribution from him. And a year later, he got lost in the Mediterranean on way to Europe. With all dreams shattered, they have now plunged into a cycle of poverty.

  • Elevating the rank of Dhaka University

    The Dhaka University Alumni Association of New England (DUAANE) organised a seminar in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA on February 24, 2019 to discuss and debate the low standing of Dhaka University in the global academic arena.

  • Cox's Bazar forest in danger

    Cox’s Bazar forests in grave danger

    The critical biodiversity areas in Cox’s Bazar -- Teknaf Wildlife Sanctuary, Himchhari National Park and Inani National Park -- face a grave risk of peril due to high level of human interventions following the Rohingya influx, according to two recent studies.

  • Sonagazi Brutality: A tripartite COLLABORATION

    After Nusrat Jahan Rafi was taken to the rooftop of Sonagazi madrasa's administrative building on April 6, fellow students Umme Sultana Poppy and Kamrunnahar Moni held her hands tight.

  • Christchurch and the 'mass dissemination of hate' in the media

    I woke up to the news of the horrific attack in Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday, like millions around the world. I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed on Friday morning

  • A fearless woman warrior

    The passing away of Bir Protik Taramon Bibi quietly in her home in Rajipur Upazila, at age 61, only 16 days before the commemoration of Victory Day, is truly a tragedy for us.

  • ‘No matter who wins the election, people will lose': In conversation with Prof Serajul Islam Choudhury

    Eminent thinker and writer Professor Serajul Islam Choudhury, in this interview with Badiuzzaman Bay of The Daily Star, outlines his views about the current state of leftist politics, the upcoming election, and the future of politics and youth leadership in Bangladesh.

  • November 3, 1975: A day of infamy

    Around midnight of November 3, 1975 a number of army personnel entered the Dhaka Central Jail where the four national leaders, Syed Nazrul Islam, Tajuddin Ahmad, M Mansur Ali and AHM Quamruzzaman had been taken only a week after the assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

  • Transport owners, insurers need to be held liable for a lasting change: Catherine Masud

    On the occasion of the National Road Safety Day today, noted filmmaker Catherine Masud talks to Nahela Nowshin of The Daily Star about her own journey of navigating the justice system, what the recent student-led road safety movement has achieved, and the shortcomings of the recently passed Road Transport Act 2018.

  • Tarique Rahman-Lutfozzaman Babar

    Crown to crime

    He was hardly known to outsiders until his father, General Ziaur Rahman who became Bangladesh's president in the process of several coups and counter-coups, died in another military putsch in May 1981. Through a Bangladesh Television programme, the countrymen, eventually came to know of Tarique Rahman. And today, he is facing life term as the court verdict goes. From the crux of political power he now lives the life of a fugitive.

  • Dengue fever in Bangladesh

    Dengue risk rising

    The graphs look chilling. A red line sharply shooting north, crossing a purple, a yellow, a blue and a green. “That's what dengue looks like this year,” said Dr Ayesha Akhter, in-charge of disease control room at the directorate of health, pointing to the red line representing the number of patients this year.

  • A case of laudable progress

    The 2018 update on the global human development indices and indicators was released on September 14. Covering 189 countries of the world, the update has revealed for these countries the levels of human development in different dimensions, their progress, the inequalities in human development achievements and the extent and nature of deprivations.

  • Living in fear, uncertainty

    Tens of thousands of foreign workers in Malaysia have been living in fear and uncertainty since the government began a massive crackdown on undocumented foreign workers on July 1 following the end of a over two-year rehiring programme

  • Evicted from Rakhine, trafficked in Cox's Bazar

    "How will you write my story? What is the use of writing my story? You can't understand my sufferings.

  • What is holding us back?

    With most public universities already fixing dates for admission tests after the publication of this year's HSC examination results, the battle of admission seekers for getting a seat at their desired university is about to begin.