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06:20 PM, July 01, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 06:53 PM, July 01, 2018

Russian women play football dressed as brides

It was not only about the football being played at the stadiums that Russia had to offer in order to entertain fans and tourists at the World Cup. Yesterday, a bunch of Russian women showed their love and adoration for the beautiful game by playing a friendly match dressed as brides.

Women took to the pitch, wearing elaborate bridal dresses in the World Cup host city of Kazan for a friendly intended to show Russia’s love for the sport.

They played for 15 minutes wearing floor-length white dresses and running shoes in front of a small crowd.

A woman from the winning team, who admitted to not having played a football match before, suggested that it was not very comfortable to kick and run while wearing bridal dresses.

The winning team was awarded a replica of the World Cup trophy, made out of flowers.

"It's not only a man's game" said Maryana Raznogorskaya, the team's goalkeeper. "The most important thing is friendship and solidarity," she concluded.

Russia is hosting the football World Cup for the first time, holding matches in 11 cities. This unusual match served as a warm-up for the World Cup's first action-filled knockout-stage match in which France beat Argentina 4-3 in Kazan.

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