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Does culture and tradition always undermine women's human rights?
Law & Our Rights

Does culture and tradition always undermine women's human rights?

The (in) compatibility of women's human rights and custom, culture and tradition is one of the contested areas where women's rights

Positive discrimination can ensure gender balance

Positive discrimination can ensure gender balance

Professor Dr. Shahnaz Huda has been teaching law at the University of Dhaka since 1989, specialising in personal and comparative


    I am an employee of a private company for last 26 years. My age is 57 years. Recently, because of some internal issues, my employer

  • Workshop on mooting held at BUP

    The Department of Law, Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) and the BUP Law and Moot Court Club (BUPLMCC) jointly organised a day long workshop on mooting and memorial writing on January 22, 2019.

  • Bede community: The victims of urbanisation

    The Greek word 'Nomades' is considered to be source of the English word 'Nomadia' or 'Nomads' (often known as Roma/Gypsies or Sinti depending on places or regions) that signifies a group of people who are used to moving from places to places,

  • BILIA holds symposium on rohingya crisis

    On January 19, 2019, the Bangladesh Institute of Law and International Affairs (BILIA) organised a symposium titled "Prosecution for Violation of Human Rights: The Rohingya Crisis in Context" at BILIA Auditorium.

  • CHILD REPRESSION AND KILLING: Issues and the ways out

    Child repression and killings have, in the last few years, increased precariously across the country, and the questions that have come to the forefront of the media relates to why such crimes have been increasingly taking place in Bangladesh and how the same can be combated nationally.

  • McDonald's loses a legal battle

    PAT McDonagh was an Irish teenager who earned the nickname Supermac after a barnstorming performance in a Gaelic football match

  • BARRISTER MOZAMMEL HOSSAIN: Another Bangladeshi-born QC

    Queen's Counsel (QC), also known as taking silk, is appointed from legal professionals who demonstrate distinct expertise in

  • New book on legal citation

    Daily Star Books has published a new book titled Bangladesh Style of Citation of Legal Authorities, co-edited by Md. Rizwan Islam,

  • ICSID: How impartial is the main BIT arbitration forum of Bangladesh?

    Most BITs and the model BIT (Art 13) of Bangladesh have preferred the Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) as its arbitration forum, which warrants a contextual and purposive understanding of ICSID.

  • Legal review of weapons and international law

    Dr. William Boothby is an Associate Fellow under the Global Fellowship Initiative (GFI) at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP). He formerly held the position of Air Commodore in the Royal Air Force (RAF), UK. He retired as Deputy Director of Legal Services (RAF) in July 2011.

  • Remembering Justice Muhammad Habibur Rahman

    It was on 11 January, 2014, when Justice Muhammad Habibur Rahman breathed his last and put an end to yet another era of

  • How far does it protect our privacy?

    The Digital Security Act, 2018 (“DSA”), which came into force on October 8, 2018, was enacted to ensure digital security and to

  • India awaits a judgment on mental disability

    A very recent writ petition, Gaurav Kumar Bansal v Union of India and others, raised some pertinent issues about patients suffering from

  • Overdue state party report of Bangladesh on the UNCAT

    Till now the Government of Bangladesh has not submitted its initial state report to the Committee against Torture despite the fact that

  • National response to tobacco control

    The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) aimed at protecting the present and future generations from the

  • Oath-taking ceremony


    A total of 61 laws has been passed last year by the Jatiyo Sangsad (National Parliament) in Bangladesh regulating different sectors such


    The Inter-American Court of Human Rights, in its advisory opinion on environment and human rights, recognised the right to a

  • High Court

    Notable Supreme Court decisions of 2018

    2018 has been significant for the apex judiciary of Bangladesh. As 2019 approaches and legal scholars dissect and analyse the verdicts laid down by both the divisions of the Apex Court, this write-up aims to highlight some of the most talked about verdicts of the year.

  • UN COP 24 Climate Summit

    This year's UN climate talks produced important steps forward in putting the landmark accord into practice. At the inauguration of the summit, UN chief warned that failure to agree would be 'suicidal' after 'rogue nations' block major scientific report.

  • International arbitration of FDI disputes

    Facing FDI nationalisation in the 1960s-1970s, foreign investors were reluctant to invest without strict protection. Many Third World states felt the stultifying economic effect of reduced FDI and accepted investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) under private international law as the binding FDI protection.

  • Is it obligatory to cast vote?

    Dear Sir, I am a voter and this general election will be my first opportunity to cast vote. However, I would like to know whether it is obligatory to cast vote for every citizen in Bangladesh.

  • Death of Meme Culture in EU

    The European Parliament recently approved the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, popularly referred to as EU Copyright Directive.

  • SDG Lab holds workshop at Jahangirnagar University

    With the aim of comprehending and working together towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals, SDG Lab, an initiative of five Chevening Scholars in Bangladesh

  • Campaigning for parliamentary election legally

    Parliamentary election is one one of the most fundamental pillars of democracy in Bangladesh. And election campaigning is an important aspect of parliamentary election.

  • BLAST holds National Conference on Rape Law Reform

    On 8th December 2018, Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST) held a National Conference on Rape Law Reform at CIRDP International Conference Centre,

  • Towards a better labour law – Recent amendments to Bangladesh Labour Act 2006

    The Bangladesh Labour Act 2006 (the “Act”) has recently been amended by the Government of Bangladesh. Overall, it is notable that the rights of workers have been expanded, but the amendments do not focus solely on workers' rights.

  • Punishment in Educational Institutions

    Children are very precious to their parents. However, in reality, parents and teachers who act in loco parentis continue to punish children with corporal and psychological torture

  • Legal Analysis on Pornography

    Beautiful beaches have a natural trap called 'Quicksand'. When a person walks over it, he sinks down and it pushes the water out creating a vacuum effect that captivate the victim tighter and tighter giving almost no way to rescue.

  • Law quotations

    Law quotations

  • DIU Law Department observes Int’l Human Rights day

    The Department of Law, Daffodil International University (DIU) celebrated the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 2018, at the 71 Milonayoton of its campus.