Letters to the Editor | The Daily Star
  • Streamlining CNG service

    Along with buses, it is now time to streamline the city's CNG service as well. The authorities have declared that all CNGs plying the roads must have functional pay-metres installed in them.

  • Issuing bus tickets should be made mandatory

    Most bus services in the capital do not issue tickets to passengers. This practice needs to be stopped immediately.

  • Plastic bags endanger the environment

    The mass production of plastics started nearly 70 years ago. Over the next two decades, the volume of the production increased twice.

  • The language of the student protest

    Earlier this month, the nation experienced an unprecedented event of student protests for safer roads.

  • Redesigning higher-secondary English textbook

    English for Today, the English textbook of the higher secondary level, redesigned in 2015, contains materials that are mostly written by

  • Sexual harassment in public transportation

    In a city of approximately 20 million people, it's only normal that many women use public transports to go to many parts of the city every day for different purposes.

  • Release Shahidul Alam

    It is really unfortunate that police have arrested Shahidul Alam, an internationally acclaimed photographer, on charges of making provocative comments. If people like him are detained for speaking up, what would happen to general people?

  • Bravo, Bangladesh Cricket Team!

    Recently, our cricket team has won both the ODI and T20 series against the West Indies team. Among others, Tamim, Sakib, Mushfique

  • More zebra crossings needed in Dhaka

    Dhaka city needs more zebra crossings than footbridges. While it may be difficult for the elderly people to cross a road through a foot

  • Is the new transport law enough?

    Road accidents took over 2,400 lives so far this year and caused injuries to many more. While accidents cannot be ruled out before they actually happen, accidents resulting out of reckless driving cannot be condoned at all.

  • Implement students' demands

    Not a day goes by without a news report about some fatal road accident somewhere in the country. Road accidents are spreading like a disease.

  • Shantinagar needs an underpass or footbridge

    A number of schools and colleges are situated near Shantinagar. Every day, hundreds of schoolchildren cross the intersection. However, there is no underpass or footbridge near it, which means the students remain exposed to a constant risk of accidents.

  • Meet demands of the agitating students

    The ongoing student movement demanding road safety has been welcomed by everyone. It came in the wake of years of unsuccessful

  • Just cause, unjust attacks

    From class 1 to 12, students are being taught about the history of Bangladesh—how the country took birth and what its cost was. So many stories and poems about our liberation struggle have made the students familiar with the word shangram.

  • We all want road safety

    For the last few days, Dhaka city has been paralysed by the students demanding road safety after two students were killed by a speeding

  • Time to end reckless driving!

    The premature death of two students of Shaheed Ramiz Uddin Cantonment College at the hands of a reckless driver shows us the horrible condition of our country's transportation system. The loss of two young lives in this way is totally unacceptable. So was the irresponsible response by a minister.

  • BUET needs to be expanded

    Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) is arguably the most reputed university in the country. Many of its

  • Preventing deaths on the road

    Just after news surfaced that an NSU student travelling by bus was left for dead by the operators, we came to know about another

  • Attack on school children a new low

    A number of video footage allegedly showing the police beating up school students protesting the death of two fellow students who were killed in a road accident caused by two competing drivers have gone viral on social media.

  • Comilla road accident

    Road accidents or murders?

    There has been an alarming rise in road accidents across the country, particularly in the highways and the capital city. Road accidents are claiming valuable lives almost every day.

  • Punish Payel's killers

    The death of Saidur Rahman Payel, a student of North South University, who was brutally killed by workers of Hanif Paribahan, was absolutely heart-wrenching. We, as a society, must be ashamed of what happened. And we owe his parents an apology.

  • Barapukuria's missing coal

    We are taken aback by a recent exposé that revealed that 1.45 lakh tonnes of coal, worth Tk 227 crore, has "gone missing" from the Barapukuria coal-based power plant. This has forced the 525MW power plant to suspend its production for an indefinite period due to lack of fuel supply.

  • Cold-blooded murder of NSU student

    The news of an injured passenger who was left for dead by the driver and supervisor of a bus has shocked the nation.

  • The need for parental intervention

    It had previously been reported that tech billionaires Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had limited the screen time—the use of social media and smartphones—for their children as they considered it harmful. Bill Gates didn't allow his children to use cell-phones before they were 14-years of age. Both of them considered the excessive use of smartphones and other electronic gadgets to be serious impediments to the natural growth of children.

  • Deal with rape complaints seriously

    If newspaper reports are any indication, the number of the incidents of rape has risen noticeably in our country. What's more disturbing is the fact that the victims are often threatened by the perpetrators to prevent lodging of any case or complaints.

  • Attack on Mahmudur

    We can all agree that Mahmudur Rahman, a former acting editor of a now-defunct newspaper, is hardly an unblemished figure. What we should also agree is that the attack on him, or anyone for that matter, is unacceptable.

  • Why no public university in Bogura?

    Colleges in Bogura have proved to be the best performers in HSC exams in the Rajshahi board since 2015. In total, 1,688 students from Bogura have obtained GPA-5 this year, while the pass rate in Bogura is 71.20 percent—around 15 percent more than the average pass rate across Rajshahi.

  • Congratulations to our math geniuses!

    We are very proud of Ahmed Zawad Chowdhury who has won the first ever gold medal for Bangladesh in the International Mathematical Olympiad. This year, among the 116 participating nations, Bangladesh has been ranked 41st. Aside from Zawad's gold medal, three Bangladeshi students won bronze medals.

  • Pedestrians have a responsibility too

    Of late, the number of road accidents has increased alarmingly, in Dhaka city in particular, and in the country as a whole. Mostly, the reason has been pointed out to be reckless driving by bus drivers with their faulty transports.

  • A foot overbridge needed at Baipail

    Every day thousands of people including students and garment workers have to cross the Baipail Traffic Police Junction in Savar dangerously as there is no foot overbridge in the area.