Letters to the Editor | The Daily Star
  • Take effective steps to tackle dengue

    A record number of patients have been admitted in many hospitals across the country. The country is now in dire straits with both the city corporations of the capital city failing to act effectively to revert this situation. The medicines that have been used so far to kill the Aedes mosquitoes in Dhaka have proven to be fruitless, with dozens of lives lost already.

  • Diversifying investment

    Recently, in a two-day international conference jointly organised by Financial Inclusion Network, Bangladesh and the Institute for ...

  • Unnatural deaths on the rise

    It seems that death is lurking everywhere in Bangladesh. Every day we hear news of numerous unnatural deaths. Only July 31, for example, six people died while cleaning a septic tank in Joypurhat and three ship-breaking workers died from toxic gas in Chattogram.

  • Dismal performance by our cricket team

    While the entire nation seemed to have been gripped by a dark cloud of misery, the endeavours of our cricket team were the only national agenda that was providing some sort of comfort for us—but even that is no longer the case.

  • Making schoolgoers financially literate

    Bangladesh Bank initiated the school banking programme in 2010 for students to help them understand the importance of saving,

  • The fragile state of the stock market

    On July 24, the DSEX, the benchmark index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange, took the biggest single day leap since January 8, this year.

  • Uncertainty around deposit and lending rates

    Bangladesh Bank (BB) ordered all scheduled banks to downsize the deposit and lending rates to 6 and 9 percent respectively.

  • Saving is the best way to invest in the future

    As of 2018, in Bangladesh, the gross domestic savings rate—as a share of the GDP—is 22.8 percent (World Bank national accounts data).

  • Raising environmental consciousness early on in life

    Low-lying Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries when it comes to the impacts of climate change. In the coastal areas, people undertake adaptive strategies frequently to tackle the risks and threats they face. A lot of people in the rural areas are not even aware about the climate risks. This ignorance is dangerous and should not be allowed to persist given the major climatic threats looming over us.

  • Dengue in Dhaka

    Take measures to prevent further outbreak of dengue

    Dengue fever has taken the form of an epidemic: every day, more people are getting infected, and hospitals are filled to the brim.

  • What mob lynching tells us

    Recently, we have seen a series of mob beatings that, in some cases, have led to the loss of innocent lives. But why are we seeing people behave like this?

  • More initiatives are needed in the IT sector

    Bangladesh has made major strides in laying the groundwork for a diverse and successful outsourcing market.

  • More attention needed for flood victims

    Every year, scores of people die or get displaced due to floods in Bangladesh, particularly in the northern parts of the country.

  • When did we turn this barbaric?

    It seems like some people in this country have been gripped by pure lunacy. The incidents of mob lynching that have been occurring all over the country have again reminded us of the incompetence of our law enforcers. Is there any sense of humanity and rationality left in us at all?

  • The importance of a deep breath

    At the end of each day spent driving through the traffic of human life, the tiniest new cache of negative memories—a feather-weight slice

  • Growing concern over dengue

    Dengue fever is back again in full swing in the capital. According to the Directorate General of Health Services, 347 people were infected in two months in 2018, but this year, 1,864 people got infected between May and June and three patients have already died.

  • Stop sexual abuse of children

    The government and citizens alike are responsible for establishing a society where children can live and grow up peacefully.

  • Stop cattle fattening

    It is a common scenario in the country’s cattle market during Eid ul Azha that unscrupulous traders inject banned steroid hormone into animals, especially cows, to fatten them. Cows become fat within a short period for the absurd amount of steroid hormone used on

  • A doctor treating ailments in our education sector

    This year, SSC and HSC examinations were held, one after another, but there was no news of question papers being leaked.

  • Preventing adulteration of milk

    Recently, the High Court demonstrated concern about food adulteration, especially in milk. Investigations conducted by Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) have detected the presence of harmful metal such as lead in milk. The presence of lead in blood, even by a slight amount, is said to cause behavioural problems. It is also associated with all kinds of fatal health risks.

  • Monsoon rain should not bring sufferings to people

    The torrential monsoon rains, as usual, have led to massive flooding across the country—leaving thousands marooned and displaced. As the houses built on lowland areas got flooded with contaminated water, people living there have been suffering from many water-borne

  • Repercussions of tax on Sanchaypatra

    Traditionally, retired service holders as well as people of low and fixed-income group and impoverished groups—especially dependent

  • Compromising the wellbeing of the public

    After collecting 10 random samples from pasteurised and non-pasteurised milk, Dhaka University researchers have yet again found antibiotics in milk being sold in the market.

  • Monsoon cripples Rohingya camps

    Most of the makeshift Rohingya camps are built either on the hilltops or alongside the hillslope areas.

  • Rapists must be punished

    News on rape incidents has become an everyday thing. Such horrific crimes have become far too common in our society.

  • BTRC reduces bandwidth capacity of major telecoms

    The news came as a surprise to many when the two MNC telecom companies, Grameenphone and Robi, were accused of dodging government dues.

  • Monsoon is the right time to plant a tree

    The government inaugurates the tree plantation season in June every year, and it continues till September.

  • Challenges of digital entrepreneurship

    Nowadays, businesses are more inclined to prioritising their online ventures. Retail businesses are thriving through social networking sites and whole new corporations are being built solely based on websites and apps. Even though all these are contributing to our

  • Save the children from sexual abuse

    It was shocking to know that a seven-year-old girl in Wari was brutally murdered in a vacant flat after being raped. It is sickening that not even children are safe from the preying eyes of such perverted men. These incidents have a profound impact on children, among others.

  • Laws do exist, we must all use them

    The main accused in the case of Rifat Sharif’s murder in Barguna, Sabbir Rahman Nayan, was shot dead in an “encounter” with the police.