Letters to the Editor | The Daily Star
  • Incredible police brutality

    The recent incident surrounding the brutal killing of George Floyd, an African-American man by a police officer in Minneapolis was utterly shocking.

  • Maintain safety at all costs

    Amid the ongoing crisis, the government has decided to discontinue the nationwide general holidays keeping the livelihoods of the people in

  • Treatment for Covid-19 patients

    There have been plenty of reports on patients being denied treatment for multiple diseases in various hospitals across the country, especially if they displayed any of the symptoms of coronavirus.

  • Sundarbans, our friend in need

    At a time when the nation is grappling with the multifarious effects of the coronavirus pandemic, bracing for the recent “super cyclone”

  • Virtual courts a reality now!

    Since late March, the regular activities of courts across the country remained suspended due to the ongoing pandemic. However, earlier this month,

  • Replicate One Minute Bazar

    A few days ago, this newspaper reported on the Bangladesh Army’s brilliant initiative to set up “One Minute Bazar” on the playground of

  • Address mental health

    The lockdown has started to have an unfavourable impact on people’s mental health, not just here but all across the globe.

  • ‘Ek Takar Dokan’ a good call

    I was overjoyed to learn about a Savar based youth organisation named Chobighor, and its timely initiative to help the needy during such difficult

  • Bumper Boro harvest

    It is heartening to know from a recent report published in this daily that Bangladesh ranks third in global rice production and that we have ample

  • gang rape

    Sexual violence still rampant

    It is indeed disheartening to know that as the pandemic continues to spread, many innocent girls and women are falling victim to sexual violence.

  • Take care of your mental health

    When the lockdown first began, it seemed unusual but tolerable. Over time, it has proven to be challenging in many ways as we remain within the

  • Disposal of waste crucial

    Many of us have been taking various measures to protect ourselves from the coronavirus, including using gloves and masks and hand sanitisers.

  • Fruit adulteration

    I recently came across reports of unscrupulous traders prematurely ripening fruits with poisonous chemicals. Although food adulteration occurs all

  • Remdesivir sparks hope

    I am delighted to learn that Eskayef Pharmaceuticals Ltd has come forward with a solution to tackle the coronavirus infection with a drug named

  • Are online classes feasible?

    The importance of conducting and attending online classes during this crisis is no doubt undeniable. Both private and public universities have evaluated not only taking online classes but arranging assessment and examinations as well.

  • Turkey’s response to AFP report

    I am writing to you regarding the AFP news piece titled “Armenia decries crimes against ‘civilisation’ on genocide anniv” published on April 25,

  • Protecting women and girls

    As the global COVID-19 pandemic spreads, women and girls face heightened risks of domestic violence due to the lockdown. Shuttered

  • Potential drug a ray of hope

    It is indeed heartening to learn that six local drug makers are now ready to produce the experimental antiviral drug remdesivir, developed by an

  • Reopening plan very risky

    It came as a shock to me when I learned about the “partial” opening of the RMG sector late last month.

  • Proper use of PPE

    Are we using PPE in the right manner? I have heard from my peers who are serving as doctors in various hospitals that their authorities are compelling

  • The magic of media

    A few days ago, I came across a report in this daily titled “Toxic ship heading for Bangladesh” and was greatly worried abour the threat it posed to

  • Pay teachers their dues

    A friend who once served as a faculty member at private universities recently informed me that selective private universities are not paying teachers their due salaries, while some have managed to pay a certain percentage of the total amount for the month of March.

  • Don’t take the dengue threat lightly

    According to a senior doctor, the number of dengue patients this year is much higher than the previous year. Though it is a rather alarming statement,

  • The joy of giving

    A few days ago, I came across a report in this daily titled, “A beggar’s love for the destitute” and I was immensely inspired by it. It is about Nozim

  • Miss reading newspapers

    Several newspaper outlets have been affected by the nationwide lockdown, and despite the selective newspapers which remain active, the physical

  • Prevent price hikes

    It has almost become customary that prior to any grand festivity, prices of goods and essentials escalate for some odd reason. As it is, we are in the

  • Impose strict measures

    From all the recent reports surrounding COVID-19, it seems that Bangladesh is gradually turning into one of the badly hit countries in the world.

  • Watch out for dengue!

    The number of mosquitos seems to be growing every day. Amidst all the commotion because of the coronavirus, one may be forgiven for

  • The heroes behind burials

    It is a pity that we are living in times when, even during the final moments of a patient, their dear ones are reluctant to approach the deathbed. The

  • Stop corruption in relief distribution

    Due to the nationwide lockdown, numerous individuals have lost their jobs and other sources of income. And with no means to earn money, many