Letters to the Editor | The Daily Star
  • Stop charging SSC candidates additional fees

    The education ministry has fixed the exam fees for SSC candidates. Tk 1,550 has been fixed for students of humanities and commerce and Tk 1,650 for students of science.

  • Aritry's death and some questions

    Viqarunnisa student Aritry's suicide has brought to light the issue of teenage suicide. We are shocked that a girl so young would end her life so abruptly.

  • Health issues missing in election campaigns

    National election fever has gripped Bangladesh. Numerous international agencies and research institutions are also going to keep an eye on the election process and the final outcome.

  • Coaching business must be abolished

    The recent premature death of Aritry Adhikary, student of Viqarunnisa Noon School and College, is just one aspect of the state of our education system.

  • 'Tabligh mayhem'

    Tabligh Jamaat has been operating its activities in a very peaceful manner in Bangladesh. And it has been giving the Muslim ummah across the world lessons of peace,

  • A cricket team sans pacers—really?

    I congratulate the Bangladesh National Cricket Team for winning the test series against the West Indies. One must admit that Bangladesh's spin attacks in both the matches were lethal, leading to the collapse of the batting order of the opponent.

  • Tabligh Jamaat's infighting

    The recent violent clash between two factions of Tabligh Jamaat, a non-violent movement to preach Islam, was totally unexpected. The fight left one dead and more than 200 wounded.

  • Give children the freedom to realise their dreams

    In our society, parents have a tendency to impose their wishes and desires on their offspring. Parents often want their children to grow up and become doctors or engineers.

  • Don't pry into patient prescriptions

    It is very common for pharmaceutical company representatives to take pictures of patients' prescriptions. This problematic practice raises concerns about patients' privacy.

  • Penalise road blockers

    We regularly witness roads being blockaded by people over trivial matters. This hampers smooth movement of vehicles, causing extensive traffic jams and suffering for the general people.

  • Bangladesh's agricultural potential

    Bangladesh is a lower middle income, predominantly agricultural nation with a large and substantial section of the population still living under poverty.

  • In the hope of a credible election

    As per the election schedule, the next general election will take place on December 30. In Bangladesh, general elections used to be like festivals.

  • What do we expect from political parties?

    The forthcoming election is extremely crucial for the future direction of our nation. Not just because it's the first time that the opposition agreed to take part in the election under a partisan government, but also because the stakes are so high for the people given the current political circumstances.

  • Are we serious about road safety?

    A few months back, school and college going students in our country organised an outstanding movement for safer roads. Citizens and

  • War in Yemen must end

    The Yemen war has turned catastrophic for the country's civilians, leading to widespread poverty, food insecurity and lack of basic health services.

  • Save our children

    A depressing picture of a girl carrying a waste bag on her shoulder appeared on The Daily Star on November 24, 2018. There are many

  • Hero Alom and journalistic ethics

    Many TV stations are understandably trying to gain easy popularity by broadcasting shows with Ashraful Islam (known as Hero Alom)

  • Statues cannot “observe”

    The Election Commission Secretary Helal Uddin Ahmed on November 20 gave election observers a number of directives. He said the observers would have to observe the election “like a statue.” According to his instructions, observers cannot bring mobile phones with them in the polling station or talk to the media during a live broadcast.

  • The devastating ecological impact of Rohingya crisis

    It is quite unfortunate that global and regional powers have done very little to resolve the Rohingya crisis. The monumental contribution that Bangladesh has made to the humanitarian crisis by helping and allowing persecuted Rohingya refugees to stay in the country needs to be globally appreciated.

  • In pursuit of a peaceful election

    With the forthcoming parliamentary election around the corner, polling officials are becoming more and more anxious every day.

  • Cold chain deserves more attention in Bangladesh

    Although Bangladesh has a high annual average temperature, a well-structured temperature controlled supply chain is missing here. The delivery of perishable food items and vaccines which have to be stored frozen has been getting exceedingly disrupted due to the paucity.

  • Level playing field is a must

    The forthcoming national election will take place on December 30. The election is vital for several reasons. As the election is expected to be the first participatory election under a partisan government, it will be challenging for the EC to hold it in a free and fair manner.

  • A citizen's expectation from the election

    Bangladesh is gearing up for the upcoming national polls set to be held in December. Election is clearly the talk of the town at the moment.

  • In defence of Bangladeshi TV programmes

    I have been watching Bangladeshi TV programmes in different channels from Canada for over a year and greatly appreciate the quality of the different serials, soap operas and other indigenous contents.

  • The case for a new Upazila in Rangamati

    Langadu Upazila, a sub-unit of Rangamati district, consists of a number of unions.

  • Voices of the youth missing in politics

    Throughout our history, young leaders and activists were the vanguard of all nationalist movements that eventually resulted in the independence of Bangladesh. Most of those who participated in the Liberation War of 1971 were under 40 or 30 years old.

  • It should be easier to pay taxes

    Income tax is the second biggest source of revenue for the government, according to our national budget, second only to Value Added Tax. Taxpayers have long complained that our tax system is complicated and has remained so, despite changes.

  • Should we use EVMs?

    Bangladesh's polity is divided on whether to use Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in the forthcoming elections. While EVMs are convenient, experts say that they are susceptible to cyber attacks and manipulation.

  • Ruling party has to do more

    BNP and its allies have decided to participate in the forthcoming national election, scheduled to be held on December 30, while the government will continue to oversee everything.

  • Yet another mass shooting in the US

    In a rather familiar but tragic development in the US, yet another mass shooting took place on November 7, barely 24 hours or so after the nation's midterm elections ended. The ghastly incident in California took the lives of 13 individuals, including the shooter himself.