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  • Case against Myanmar: A long overdue initiative

    On behalf of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), The Gambia has recently filed a case against Myanmar with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for committing

  • In fear of train wreck

    The recent news surrounding the train accident is nothing short of horrifying. Even more so, if you are amongst those who tend to commute regularly on trains.

  • Everything for riders, nothing for drivers?

    Ever since ridesharing services came to Dhaka, it has gained steady momentum over time. Why wouldn’t it?

  • Sundarbans to the rescue again

    Recognised as the largest mangrove forest in the world and home to a diverse wildlife, the Sundarbans holds numerous benefits for our ecosystem.

  • Save Dhaka from air pollution

    With the advent of winter, smog has started to engulf the sky of Dhaka.

  • Beggars still at large

    Much has been said regarding beggars across our nation. But it seems that despite the recent economic boom, a large population of beggars are still around; though, not as many in the posh areas. Not to shame the act of begging, but often I see many people who appear healthy and physically abled seeking alms.

  • Demon in digital disguise

    Parents handing over digital devices like cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. to their little ones has become a common sight. Children these days are so occupied with such devices watching

  • Stop cyberbullying

    While the widespread use of technology in our daily lives has surely aided us in many ways, at the same time, it has its fair share of cons. Cyberbullying is one of them and has become a major concern in recent times especially among teenagers.

  • Freedom of speech, are you there?

    In a recent issue of The Daily Star, there was a report titled “Speak up for the right to speak” which seemed rather interesting to me. In it, according to rights activists, the lack of freedom of speech turns a human life into that of an animal.

  • Proving the skeptics wrong!

    I was profoundly saddened by the news that Bangladesh’s leading cricketer Shakib Al Hasan was handed a two-year ban (with one year suspended) by the International Cricket

  • The mother of all rights!

    The recent rise in intolerance towards different opinions among governments and individuals should greatly concern us all.

  • A beacon of hope on our roads

    It is a matter of relief that after much anticipation, the Road Transport Act, 2018 has finally come into effect. So many lives have been lost and many more injured in careless road accidents all across the country. Things can now begin to take a turn for the better.

  • Departing alive, returning dead

    Violence against Bangladeshi domestic workers in the Middle East, mainly Saudi Arabia, is nothing new.

  • Lack of nannies a problem for working parents

    Over the last few years, Bangladesh has seen a steady growth in women’s empowerment. Currently, women are serving in various positions and sectors alongside their male peers, a scenario that was not so common even a decade ago.

  • Construction site safety is a must

    Even though construction work contributes largely to the development of a nation, the safety of the workers does not seem to be a priority to the concerned authorities.

  • Are graduates endowed with the required skills?

    The number of students who graduate from tertiary education account for 38.6 percent of total unemployment in Bangladesh. More often than not, students after graduation,

  • End bullying in schools and beyond

    I was shocked by a recent report in The Daily Star titled, “Bullying goes unreported, ignored” given that it continues to have such a negative impact on our children.

  • Reduce onion prices

    Onion prices have gone up to their record high for this year in kitchen markets. Normally, prices of onions vary between Tk 40-50. But in recent months it has gone up to over Tk 100.

  • Justice must prevail

    It surely is a matter of relief that all 16 of the accused in the Nusrat murder case were sentenced to death by a Feni court.

  • Religions preach peace

    As every nation on this planet has people from multiple religions, it is crucial that religious harmony exists for societies to function in a

  • Road accidents remain a constant threat

    Road accidents have become an everyday occurrence in our country. According to an article published by this daily earlier this year, 2,635 people were killed in 2,609 road accidents in 2018, while 1,920 were injured, based on police reports.

  • Negative impacts of social media

    Over the years, social media has somewhat made our views intolerant. The whole milieu of social media is wired in such a way that we happen to be surrounded by like-minded people and opinions. If we like one page, similar suggestions pop up on our homepage.

  • Pollution is a constant threat

    With a gradual decrease in monsoon showers as we near the winter months, dust begins to reign supreme across one of the most polluted cities in the world, Dhaka. Harmful chemicals in the air, paired with the dust, create a fatal combination risking our health.

  • Barbaric crimes on the rise

    It has almost become a routine to open daily newspapers and come across at least a few reports of atrocious crimes being committed across the nation.

  • Casino business and social degeneration

    The recent drives of the government against casino business is commendable. However, it is also a worrying symptom of the

  • Cruelty on birds and animals continues

    A report published in The Daily Star on the occasion of the World Animal Day, titled “Sale of wild birds rampant on Dhaka-Sylhet highway”, caught my attention.

  • Public transportation system needs urgent attention

    Reckless driving by bus drivers in Dhaka claims a lot of innocent lives on the roads of our capital. Many of the public transport vehicles are unfit, often without proper paper work. And when the traffic police do stop them, either the meagre fines fail to have any impact on

  • Justice must prevail!

    The gruesome murder of Abrar Fahad by the members of Chhatra League, who too were the students of one of the most reputed educational institutions in the country, shocked the citizens to the core.

  • Stress can trigger suicides

    Suicide is one of the leading causes of death amongst the youth in Bangladesh. The rate of teenage suicides has gone up in recent years, according to reports. There may be various reasons, but stress is definitely one of them.

  • First aid training is of utmost urgency

    Often non-fatal accidents may lead to severe injuries, which, if left unattended, may turn fatal. First aid treatment is an instant temporary solution for many such minor accidents.