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  • Students not safe even in educational institutions!

    An educational institution is the holiest place for students. It is considered as a safe haven for students as it is a trusted space for learning and sharing knowledge.

  • Bring Nusrat's killers to justice

    Nusrat Jahan Rafi, a madrasa student who was set on fire, has passed away from this cruel world. The country was shocked to the core

  • Time to rise against sexual predators

    The story of Nusrat Jahan Rafi, who succumbed to her injuries five days after she was set on fire, because of her protests against sexual harassment that she had suffered at the hands of her madrasa's principal, is as tragic as it is unsurprising.

  • Rohingya crisis: Keep the conversation alive

    It has been almost two years since the 2017 influx of over 700,000 Rohingyas into Bangladesh. And even after such a long period of

  • Stop food adulteration

    Lax implementation of food safety regulations in the country has led to widespread food adulteration. A related danger is the misuse of antibiotics to boost poultry production that can pose significant risks to human health.

  • Better waste management needed

    Waste management is one of the most neglected problems we have in Dhaka city. The two city corporations responsible for waste management are doing a terrible job of maintaining Dhaka's cleanliness.

  • Who's watching over our schools and madrasas?

    The news of a female madrasa student in Feni being set on fire because she refused to lift the sexual assault case against the principal of the institution is extremely shocking.

  • A culture of loan default

    Despite the fact that default loans in the country have been soaring, and the established fact that the banking sector is in a precarious

  • BRT: Blessing or curse?

    Though the construction progress of Dhaka BRT Line-3 (Gazipur to airport) is at full swing now, it is still not up to the mark.

  • Do we not deserve to live in safety?

    The Chawkbazar and Banani fires are a clear testament to our indifference towards public safety. In policymaking, public safety should take precedence over everything else but, sadly, that is not the case. We read about news on fire-related incidents and road accidents too frequently.

  • Watching Dhaka burn

    It is extremely saddening to see one fire after another—destroying property and claiming innocent lives—ravage through Dhaka. The number of such incidents that have occurred over the last months is truly shocking.

  • When growth is unsustainable

    While the World Bank's revelation that Bangladesh is among the top five fastest growing economies in the world should be a cause for celebration, given the way that development has come about, I would argue that it is not.

  • Please let the people speak freely

    I fully support the views of Abul Khaer published in The Daily Star on March 29 in the letters section, under the heading,

  • For an affordable and reliable power sector

    Electricity is crucial for economic growth, sustainable infrastructure development as well as security and poverty reduction of any country.

  • Awareness needed to reduce nor'wester impact

    Nor'westers during this time of the year are not an uncommon occurrence. The last incident, which ripped through the country on Sunday, was quite anticipated but yet it caught us off guard as it led to the death of eight people in different parts of the country.

  • Can a driving licence guarantee road safety?

    After the death of a university student in a recent road crash in Dhaka, the city corporations and DMP seemed very concerned and promised to take corrective steps. There is a major concern among the public about drivers not having driving licences or fitness certificates for their vehicles. But can having a driving licence really guarantee road safety?

  • Public safety should be a top priority

    The gruesome fire at Chawkbazar followed by the one at Banani on Thursday, or the myriad road accidents that occur throughout the

  • Will the road safety authorities work?

    A committee headed by former shipping minister Shajahan Khan has produced a draft report on preventing road accidents and bringing discipline in the road transport sector recently.

  • Another tragedy that could have been avoided

    The Banani fire which has claimed more than 20 lives so far is another tragedy for our nation. We have seen a number of such tragedies hit Dhaka now in a span of only a few weeks.

  • Freedom of expression must be ensured

    Our struggle for freedom was for our most fundamental cultural, economic and political rights. Pakistani rulers denied people of these rights, and the right of people to freely express themselves.

  • Women's safety in public transport

    Although women are regularly harassed in public transport in Dhaka city, they are often unable to protest for fear of further harassment.

  • Thank you, New Zealand

    It has been declared that women in New Zealand will be wearing the hijab on Fridays to show solidarity with Muslim women in the wake

  • Make Dapdapia bridge safe for use

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had inaugurated a 610-metre-long bridge named Shaheed Abdur Rab Serniabat Bridge (locally known as

  • What if the Rohingya repatriation bid doesn't work?

    The government of Bangladesh has given moral, financial and basic support to the Rohingya people. The world media as well as the

  • For a fair Ducsu re-election

    As voters of Ducsu, we had high hopes that we would be able to cast our votes peacefully.Everyone was excited.

  • Burial of electoral power

    Ducsu election took place on March 11, 2019 after about three decades. People from all walks of life were eagerly looking forward to the

  • Make transactions hassle-free for IT professionals

    Bangladesh has had some ground-breaking success in the ICT sector which has created a number of potential sources of income for its young people.

  • Dhaka's pollution problem

    Dhaka was ranked the second most polluted city in the world in 2018. Its pollution problem includes air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution.

  • Drives against illegal structures

    The recent BIWTA and RHD drives to remove illegal structures are no doubt commendable.

  • The heartbreaking mosque massacre

    New Zealand, a small peaceful country, was left shattered on March 15 as a white supremacist gunman attacked two mosques in Christchurch during Friday prayers leaving at least 50 people dead and seriously injuring many more.