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  • Time to reform our failing education system

    Despite Bangladesh's widely-credited success in universal enrolment at the primary level, we have every reason to get concerned by

  • Let the media function freely

    It is disheartening to see a supposedly democratic parliament enacting draconian laws such as the Digital Security Bill despite widespread protest from the citizens and civil society members.

  • Disgraced men in uniform

    Two police officials in Saturia, Manikganj are reported to have drugged a young woman and raped her for two nights and, in punishment,

  • Paying respect to language martyrs

    Decades ago, our predecessors paid a heavy price in order to uphold the dignity of our mother tongue—an act perhaps unparalleled in

  • Why are more boys dropping out?

    On February 11 The Daily Star published a report titled “Boys dropout highest in seven years”. The report said that nearly 36 percent of boys dropped out before completing their secondary education. However, it was also reported that the overall dropout rate has gradually been declining, meaning female dropout rate is exceptionally declining.

  • Hoping for fair Ducsu polls

    The schedule for the Dhaka University Central Student's Union (Ducsu) has been announced at last. After 28 years, Ducsu polls are poised

  • A city suffering from unplanned urbanisation

    Kishoreganj, my native town, is undergoing a massive urbanisation process. Several multi-storied buildings are being constructed, for which a large amount of construction material is needed.

  • A viable alternative to polythene bags?

    As we know, the use of polythene, a non-biodegradable item and the most common plastic, has become widespread around the world—to the point that it is now one of the biggest threats to our environment.

  • Do we really care for the environment?

    Bangladesh is one of the largest deltas in the world. Due to its geographical location the country is highly vulnerable to natural disasters and global warming has only complicated the situation.

  • Implement the ban on coaching and tutorship

    The High Court has recently ruled in favour of a government directive that banned school teachers—both governmental and non-governmental—from owning or being a part of any coaching centre. In addition, teachers have been restricted from tutoring their own students outside the school or classrooms.

  • Sexual abuse in Catholic churches

    Pope Francis is perhaps the first Pope to have ever acknowledged sexual abuse crimes committed within the Catholic churches around

  • Saving vulnerable rivers

    The news that the High Court has asked the government to take measures to protect rivers from grabbing and pollution is a welcome

  • Golden GPA-5 vs a golden life

    “So are you not going to get the golden GPA-5?” I'm sure many meritorious SSC examinees have heard these very words uttered by their parents or others after the Bengali 2nd paper exam.

  • Reduce the retirement age requirement

    At present the voluntary retirement age of government employees is 25 years of service, according to the Public Servants Retirement Act 1974. But there seems to be quite a bit of disagreement among public servants as to what it should be.

  • We must save our rivers

    Recently, a High Court bench has asked the authorities concerned to create a country-wide list of river-grabbers and release the list to the press. The Court also said that these individuals will not be allowed to contest any elections or obtain loans from banks. The government should pay heed to the instruction.

  • Who will compensate Jaha Alam?

    The incident of the three-year imprisonment of Jaha Alam over a false case of embezzlement of money from Sonali Bank is tragic.

  • Where there's a will, there's a way

    It is certainly good news that no question papers from the ongoing SSC examinations have been leaked so far. The education ministry,

  • Take action against attackers of imam in Noakhali

    As reported by The Daily Star and other news outlets, a madrasa teacher and imam of a local mosque was beaten up for allegedly trying to prevent a child marriage in Noakhali. It's a disturbing incident and calls for swift action from the law enforcement authorities against the perpetrators.

  • Myanmar must implement Annan Commission recommendations

    The Kofi Annan Commission, led by the late former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, was created by Myanmar's civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi, in 2016, to devise long-term solutions to the ethnic and religious divisions in the state of Rakhine.

  • Rape suspect found dead Who is this Hercules

    Killing rape suspects unlawfully is not justice

    To read reports of rape suspects getting killed by perceived “vigilantes” or in “shootouts” with law enforcing agencies is equally

  • A lesson for the world

    The recent dam collapse in Brazil that left at least 99 people dead with over 250 people missing is truly tragic.

  • Poor show from local players in BPL

    We have so far watched several exciting matches in the ongoing Bangladesh Premier League (BPL).

  • Land grabbing should be prevented before it happens

    The Daily Star has recently published a news item along with a photo regarding the demolition of illegal structures in Aminbazar, Dhaka.

  • Rampura in a mess

    In Rampura, local people are suffering because of the area's narrow footpaths. Small and medium-sized traders have occupied footpaths and set up makeshift shops.

  • Kuldip Nayar awarded Padma Bhushan

    Although he has already passed away, Kuldip Nayar's writing skill still mesmerises me. The way he could express complex issues was really impressive. He possessed a truly secular mind.

  • More victims of reckless driving

    An accident at a brick kiln in Cumilla took the lives of at least 13 workers. A coal-laden truck skidded off the road and fell on a makeshift shed at the brick kiln on the early morning of January

  • The #10YearChallenge and Dhaka

    One viral trend that caught my attention recently is the “10 Year Challenge”. The other day, I was wondering how Dhaka looks today compared to how it did 10 years ago.

  • Brexit: A new referendum?

    After WWII, the economy of Europe was in a shambles due to the devastation that comes with a war of such magnitude. In the wake of the

  • Tackling serious financial crimes

    We have grown accustomed to seeing news reports detailing serious financial crimes such as money laundering and gross irregularities in the sanctioning of loans.

  • Tough stances against loan defaulters

    The newly-appointed Finance Minister A H M Mustafa Kamal asked the bankers to go tough on reducing non-performing loans (NPL) as it