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Diet plan for weight loss

Intermittent fasting- the new diet planner in town

Intermittent fasting, as the name suggests, is a dieting scheme or plan which involves a period of eating, followed by a period of not eating, repeated over time. Of course, water is consumed during the fasting period, including fluids like fruit juices, tea, coffee etc. but, without sugar, or very small amounts of sugar, preferably less than 50 calories.

'Sunnies, Sun and all the Fun'

'Sunnies, Sun and all the Fun'

We have seen all our favourite actresses don them! We have immaculately tried to duplicate their look, with micro sunglasses to metallic shades. But is this provision that we talk about only used for vanity?

Symbols of Remembrance
Special Feature

Symbols of Remembrance

The need to hold on to memories of loved ones that have left us is primal, and universal, as is grief and its expression. Yet, the expressions of grief vary widely, reflecting individual cultures, influences and sometimes even just personal tastes.