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  • Monocrome Elegance

    As pastel shades rage on into this year's fashion scene, take a step back to channel that inner Bangali elegance in a beautiful piece from Humaira Khan's latest collection, 'Black and White,' which focuses on local fabric such as raw silk and muslin with fusion accents done in her signature cuts and flair.

  • Women's Comfortable Clothing

    Stunning in Skirts

    Just like any other clothing, the type of fabric used for a skirt plays a key role for truly 'rocking it.' You cannot expect flowy georgette to stay in place, nor can you expect a heavy plaid skirt to give off the breezy vibe. Other than that, when picking cotton or mixed fabric skirts, understanding texture and weave go a long way for the final cut.

  • A Pale Blue Dot

    He imagined the creation, with chaos, and the gods bringing order to what they had shaped.


    The history of the scarf goes way back. But in modern times, scarves are carried in a number of ways, and for a number of different purposes. Typically, scarves are worn around the neck.

  • Girly and fun

    Gone are the days of boring hairstyles; it's time to try something new. Stay on top of the trend-game with these super cute hair-dos. Easy and fun — you can thank us later!

  • Breaking down beach wear

    There is nothing like a good old relaxing holiday by the beach. Fun activities, great food, some sun bathing and an occasional good splash is all you need to wash away weeks' worth of stress. Planning is half the fun with destinations and resorts, but the one place we often get stuck at is the beach wear.

  • An evening to remember

    A chilly evening — not cold enough to wrap oneself in layers, but cosy enough to flaunt some winter wear.

  • The suit spectrum

    It's winter, and you know what that means; your newsfeed drowning in pictures of men in suits, posing with a faraway or brooding look, away from the camera's eyes, and standing at one corner of the stage right underneath a spotlight. They have manoeuvred their heads to the side as they try to button their suit's jacket, followed with a heavy caption by some poor philosopher who had nothing to do with either the newly wedded couple or the person in the picture, or even this era.

  • War and museums

    The saga of the Victory of Bangladesh in 1971 involves numerous revolutions, and of course, the War. And the glorious road to Victory will be cherished by its people forever. Hence, rightfully so, Dhaka boasts plenty of museums on the subject. They collectively beartestament to the struggles of the Bengalis.

  • The case for a frugal wedding

    They are meant to be grand, romantic, if not dreamy affairs, and of course a social occasion that not only ties two people, but also two families. As far as Bangladeshi weddings are concerned, there is however one big problem — keeping up with the Joneses!

  • My big fat deshi wedding

    They can be an exhibition, especially the 'Big Fat Deshi Wedding' types, where one spends tonnes of money on creating memories, sprinkled over a few fleeting days.

  • Magic in Monochrome

    Weddings are often symbolised as a flurry of colours, and sometimes, we want to escape such chaos. Many of us may just want a simple affair rather than worrying about tons of petty things such as the trousseau, ensembles ---all the glitz and glamour.

  • Stunning in silver

    For several decades, gold jewellery has remained the revered czar of the jewellery scene in Bangladesh. Starting from the proposal token, to the ring and the final wedding ornaments, gold has been the preferred pick for almost all social classes.

  • My Mother in the mirror!

    What is your earliest memory? Chances are that it is of your mum, smiling and singing a lullaby — such a fleeting moment, but one frozen in time, simply because of its nuances and sweetness. You remember her enchanting smile, the way the corner of her eyes creased, the scent of her skin and her fragrant hair as it touched your face. And that vision, for in your eyes she's nothing short of it, is forever etched in your mind; it's your core memory.

  • The whole six yards

    Freud's psychoanalysis on collecting and collectors is nothing short of bizarre. But that is Sigmud!


    As uncanny as the name may sound, it is a favourite! These informal pants can be easily paired off with anything from comfort tees to crop tops. You may wear it to the stores if you wish, given the fact that you are comfortable travelling back through time, pulling off the teenage look.

  • Florals, feminism and romance

    Roses were extremely popular back then, since it was considered the most romantic flower, often used by men to woo their lady love. And so it was adopted as patterns on dresses, coats, purses and everything else one could think of.

  • Blessings of Durga

    For this week, as Mahalaya is upon us and Durga has descended on this mortal plane on a horse, Star Lifestyle presents to you a quintessential fashion planner for the most festive four days of the puja.

  • Bring the Bahamas home

    With the end of the year coming in a rush; we can't help but imagine palm trees, long stretches of sandy beaches, cyan-blue ocean, waves and sipping on mocktails endlessly while relaxing on comfy plantation sofas!

  • Memories of my mom's katan

    Almost every Bangladeshi girl has the same story to tell; one of their precious inheritances from their mother; typically a sari.

  • Summer Dreams - The Laid-back Bash

    Now that we have settled on what to call our party, let's not forget Eid ul Azha is right around the corner, no matter how stress-free we want to be, that will ultimately not be so; still, let's try to meet friends and hold an intimate party and chill awhile.

  • Staying cool in a suit this Summer

    Here's a secret though. What if we told you that there is a way to don a suit, without having to worry about breaking a sweat regardless of the endless summer days of Bengal? Impossible, you say? Well, as that leading sporting brand once said, “Impossible, is nothing.”

  • In the world of midsummer fantasy

    Summer styling is meant to be passionate, unhinged and wild. The season demands both insanity and comfort to go hand in hand. The midsummer rays encourage our wild inner-self to showcase the fun and let go of all the gravity bothering from within.

  • All about that summer glow

    Farhana Chaity is the next makeup artist to keep an eye out for, who although is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she works as a makeup artist for Feminine Magazine, does travel back and forth to Dhaka for work purposes.

  • A Pearl For Every Occasion

    Our collective fascination for the oyster-borne jewel of the sea continues, transcending time, and borders, for their rarity, iridescence and sublime beauty. Jewellers and painters have long exploited their symbolic associations, from luxury, seductiveness, purity and charms of good luck. So it is now time for us to delve a little bit into our own exploitation of this thing of beauty, to make ourselves prettier, perhaps. No matter what kind of social interaction you are getting ready for, pearls can help amp up the ensemble.

  • A splash of the azure

    And in the sartorial world, blue has a place of power, pride and perpetuity. In ancient Egypt rare gemstones were crushed to obtain this hue and used to decorate pharaoh's tombs, making it extremely precious and regal. Its significance was high during Elizabethan England where only members of the royal family could wear it

  • The Chiffon Story

    It is without doubt that chiffon rules over summer! Thanks to the return of maxi dresses and flowy tunics, we can see an abundance of this luxurious fabric this season. Much appreciated for its light weight, chiffon is very popular amongst ladies who want to add some zing to their regular attire.

  • I am She - Amishe

    To be considered truly unique and stand out is ironically the most common desire that has taken hold of the fancies of people over the ages. That is no less true today, even though our expressions and attitudes have changed. Amishe-a play on words for I am she – is a tradition inspired and opulent take on the modern woman's desire for something truly unique.

  • Chic Panache

    Ask anybody who has been to her dainty little shop and they'd swear to have instantaneously fallen in love with the ever gorgeous pastel shades and the unique cuts of the shalwar kameezs.

  • Going chic with Silver

    Being one of the oldest metals to be used as jewellery, it's no surprise that silver jewellery is still highly sought after. Silver crafts are also often a proud representation of various peoples' cultural heritage and artisanship. The shimmery metal is versatile enough for both casual wear and evening parties, thus winning the hearts of accessory-lovers all over the world.