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Girly and fun

Hairstyles you need to try

Zohaina AmreenJanuary 22, 2019

Gone are the days of boring hairstyles; it's time to try something new. Stay on top of the trend-game with these super cute hair-dos. Easy and fun — you can thank us later!


Dutch braids look chic and do not take too much effort. Perfect to be styled with any casual wear, Dutch braids will make you look put-together.

For a beautiful braid, part your hair in half, section out a strand of 2/3” at the very top and start braiding. Pull in a few strands of hair as you go down and finish off by tying it with a cute band. To give the braid an illusion of more volume, loosen up the rungs ever so slightly.



Another cute hairstyle, idea-braided buns are a fun option to go back to school with this season. Unique yet simple, let this hairstyle lift up your spirits.

This one is a bit tricky as it's like a reverse Dutch braid that ends in a bun!

Start by sectioning all your hair into half and pick a small strand of hair from the very back. Next, start braiding upwards; pulling in strands of hair from both sides as you go. Once you reach the top, finish the braid and then wrap it up in a bun. Use hairclips to fix them in place and you're done!


Easy as 1,2,3 — multiple banded hair-do is the new Insta-worthy look. Let this fun hairstyle be your BFF as you become the heart of your outings with your girly, cheerful presence.

To achieve this hairstyle, simply make two ponytails and tie a few rubber bands on each side. Make sure to keep the bands at an even level. Loosen up the parts between the bands just slightly and you're done with the easiest hairstyle ever.

Ditch your boring looks and try something different every once in a while. There are so many chic hairstyles to try out! Just have fun and keep on experimenting, you have nothing to lose.



Space buns have taken over Instagram for all the right reasons! It looks super cute and girly; a great hairstyle for teens to play around with.

For a pair of space-buns, part your hair in half and make two buns right at the top. Make the buns little messy and pull out small strands of hair at the front and back.

And there you have it, easy peasy right!


Messy lower buns have been around for a while but what we don't see everyday are double buns. This hairstyle is fun and yet classy enough for formal outings.

To get this look, all you have to do is make two buns right at the lower back. Make sure to fix them in place with hairclips (an important step as lower buns tend to get loose pretty quick). Style the front part of your hair as you like and you're good to go.



Double ponytails are nothing unique but they'll forever be chic! With bouncy curls or straightened hair, you can take this easy hairstyle to a whole new level. Just make two ponytails like you normally would and take a strand of your hair to wrap around the rubber band. Once the band is completely invisible, fix the hair with a clip. Next, get some curls or super straight locks; rock whatever suits your mood!

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Model: Mysha

Hair and makeup: 

Farzana Shakil’s Makeover salon

Styling: Sonia Yeasmin Isha