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  • A Gleaming Night at Anjans

    With the upcoming Eid comes a whole range of new products from every big fashion house in the country, and Anjans was no different. Famous for their ethnic and fusion collections that uphold the traditions of Bangladesh

  • 25 years of Kay Kraft

    A quarter century of fashion and style is a landmark for any fashion house, and for Kay Kraft, it was no exception. The event was aptly celebrated at Dhaka Regency on 14 May, 2018 with a delightful fashion show of their Eid collection for this year. Guests were welcomed to the show by Khalid Mahmood Khan and Shahnaz Khan, the founders of Kay Kraft.

  • I like to Bata, Bata...you like to...BATA

    The idea was to stylise the Bata brand with a renewed and uber cool look and demonstrate to the world that their favourite shoe brand is transforming, to remain as relevant as it has always been. “With the relationship between the consumer and the product Bata wants to be understood but never predictable, because predictability in a relationship is the kiss of death,” said Alexis Nasard, CEO, Bata. And the Bata


    From the biggest to the smallest of details that we appreciate and hate for them to pick up on, we often forget how much our mums do for us. In fact, when was the last time you thanked her for just being a mom? With an entire day set to the celebration of Motherhood --yes in case you have forgotten, this coming Sunday, the 13th of May, is Mother's Day-- why not try out something different; make her something special, or maybe get something custom made that not only serves the purpose but she can later flaunt to other's on how thoughtful (for a change) you were. Here are a few ideas on how to make this Mother's Day special.

  • Sajida Foundation's Mother's Day Social Change Campaign

    Mother's Day is around the corner and this 13th May, Sajida Foundation is out to make a difference. The foundation aims to recognize the extremely poor mothers who remain unappreciated, unrecognised and in the shadows, even though they work tirelessly and face the most challenging odds in their fight to ensure a better future for their children.

  • Three days of the Indonesia Fair 2018

    Warmest of smiles and a welcoming air, this is what visitors were greeted with- for three days from 26 April 2018, at a trade exhibition and fair held on the Ground Floor of the Le Méridien Hotel in Dhaka, giving an absolutely delightful experience for the visitors. More than 45 exhibitors promoted Indonesian products, ranging from the traditional and world-famous Indonesian Batik and jewelry, fashion and handicrafts, to services, food and beverages, automotives, and tourism destinations.

  • Bangladesh Ethical Fair 2018

    As the RMG sector of Bangladesh becomes a flourishing industry worldwide, it comes as no surprise that the celebration marking the fifth year of Fashion Revolution, the world's largest fashion activism movement, would be a grand affair. The Fashion Revolution Bangladesh's event, called 'Bangladesh Ethical Fair' was hosted in the cosy Bengal Boi at Road 27, Dhanmondi. The event, which took place from 24

  • Tenzing Chakma takes RMG to a new height

    Tenzing is known as the first designer to brand indigenous textiles through his line Sozpodor, of which he is also the managing director. His designs are an eclectic mix of deeply rooted ethnic traditions and mainstream Bangladeshi fashion with a touch of cosmopolitan trends.

  • The Sound Of Music

    Melody is meant to take you to a mystical place of absolute peace and harmony. Audiences who attended the seasonal show of Sound of Music on 23 March, 2018 were momentarily transported to that place.

  • Dhaka Vegan Supper Club

    The concept of a supper club is certainly unheard of in this part of the world and for obvious reasons; it is practiced more by our western neighbours. Commonly seen in different parts of the UK, restaurants and clubs provide supper and some form of entertainment to customers.