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  • Beat the heat with some lemonade

    With the heat wave slowly seeping back into our daily days, our bodies are about to take on the brunt of it, aka becoming highly dehydrated.

  • Zoom in for a better future

    When Evergreen Zoom Bangladesh Foundation started its first school in 2016, it had just 13 students and about 50 volunteers. Today, the organisation runs five schools with approximately 450 students and more than a 1000 volunteers.

  • The bard of Bengal: Nazrul

    If there were to be a name synonymous to fearless righteous rebellion and prolific emotional connections, that is Nazrul's, Bengal's romantic bidrohi.

  • The power of one

    History has witnessed the rise and fall of countless valiant leaders who came, fought, and conquered. Some failed with dignity, having never left the battle scene.

  • Clean Air in the Home

    The first step to clean and breathable air in the home starts with some healthy ventilation. While older apartments come with permanent ventilators, newer ones mostly do not.

  • Healing Greens

    If you have a garden and a library, you basically have everything you need! Leaving books for another day, pipe dreams of green fingers and lush canopies, as opposed to sun-

  • The polka bloke

    We often associate polka dots with femininity, nostalgia, and subtlety. Personally speaking, they are timeless and unisex; it is hard to go wrong with polka dots, if restraint is practiced.

  • A moonlit night

    There is a mystical connection — Buddhism and the full moon! The tenets of a religion, a philosophy of life, is as beautiful as nature itself.

  • Spring Fling

    When we think of spring, two words come to our mind- colours and florals. And our spring shoes can have no exception! Pops of colours, combined with cute floral designs are quintessential! But as always, you can play around with the types, materials, patterns, and more to find the one that reflects your vibrant mood the best.

  • A mannequin Affair

    Mannequins are made to embody people, but real human beings have little in common with such perfectly shaped dolls. People have real bodies; every individual is different and imperfectly perfect. When we are out shopping, how much do these mannequins really help in showcasing a product to us?

  • Great expectations for 2019

    Great expectations for 2019

    Nothing gets the nation more hyped up than cricket. The 2019 Cricket World Cup, set to be held in England and Wales, is already on the lips of the nation. How will the 'famous five' of the National Team hold up? The English pitch and weather are meant to suit our bowlers just fine, but shouldn't the reverse be also true?

  • The tribal inspo

    Fashion is inspired by time, season, diversity, and of course, culture. The blend between fashion and various cultures is nothing new.

  • If it's not on Facebook, it never happened

    So you planned the perfect wedding, the perfect dress, the absolute best venue, and guess what, you did not go over your budget on anything.

  • The Toe Story: Of Men's Shoes

    We use them as means of making an impression. We have to put ourselves in so many types of shoes in our lifetime that we have no choice but to familiarise ourselves with what is out there.

  • Let's talk Oscars!

    As the curtains of 2018 are drawn, speculations for the Academy Awards are on the way. The year 2018 has seen a diversity of films being released, and some that will, with utmost certainty, etch a mark in film history.

  • Of Autumn & Bengal

    While in the west autumn is marked with fallen leaves and a touch of melancholy. It is quite different in Bengal, where the season welcomes a bright blue sky, green fields, and golden harvest.

  • Miraculous milk

    Is it the most unpopular choice of beverage for children? And perhaps for adults, too? No matter whether you like it or not, there is no arguing that milk is one of the healthiest drinks one can consume – for children and adults alike.

  • Offerings to the Divine

    As possessive as we are of our culinary heritage, temple food is an excitement at a whole other level and definitely a notch higher in our domineering attitude to every dish in the roshui-ghor!

  • It's a door to door affair

    It often crosses one's mind, whether they be a guest, a stranger, a friend, or a visitor-- no matter what ties they have with the owner of a house, the question of being welcomed in is perhaps always the first. A home's first impression is through its door.

  • Photo-editing for Instagram

    Taking the perfect shot is only half the work! From removing a gigantic zit on your forehead to adding just a subtle glow of light for a vintage vibe, editing can go a long way when it comes to enhancing your photos.

  • Detox the wardrobe!

    First and foremost, get rid of all your unnecessary clothes. If there are pieces lying around that you have never worn in the past few years, maybe it's time to let them go.

  • The Essence of Dhaka's Night Life at Deck 41

    Nestled in the heart of Gulshan, Amari's Deck 41 lights up the night with jubilance. With a clear view of the city, the distant buzz of traffic and the lovely breeze by the lake, your mind will sway to the music of the night, which gets younger by the minute.

  • Donate blood, donate life

    Blood donation has been a major concern of societies, and continues to be so, as blood donors are still scarce, compared to the regular demand for blood transfusions. Every day, all around the globe, many lose their lives due to lack of or delayed blood transfusion.

  • Style Revamped

    In this age of social media and OOTDs, staying a step ahead of the trend-game is mandatory! And the good news is, Bata knows what's up!

  • Cannes'18

    Cannes, the time of the year when we get to see our favourite celebrities on the red carpet, all with their stunning makeovers! Some celebs like to keep it simple, some love it glam while the others go completely out of the box and pull off something incredibly mind-blowing! And today, we're sharing some of our favourite looks from the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. And to help you recreate your favourite ones, we'll also be breaking down each and every one of the looks so that it gets even easier for you. So, pick your inspiration and start taking notes!

  • Pride in Bengal's Blue

    Recently named one of the 'Cool Crusaders of Conscious Clothing' by Vogue India, Living Blue is one of the frontlining revivalists of indigo as a natural dye in Bangladesh. Besides cultivation, it focuses on producing a range of unique products involving quilting and hand embroidery.

  • Henna-ed Happiness

    Henna has come to symbolise celebration, especially in the Eid culture. Intricate patterns of burnished amber and chocolate browns decorating the hands of a bride or of scores of women and girls on Eid bear testament to the fact, and add to the festive ambience. Henna has been around for centuries, but its origin is difficult to trace. Cultural interaction caused by centuries of migration makes it almost impossible

  • The cosmopolitan iftar

    Stuffing our bellies full of golden fried goods hardly seems a viable option anymore. A shift to support our changing lifestyles requires that we eat compatibly so as to go easy on our bodies. Cosmopolitan, in its core, means a total acceptance of the best of cultures. So for iftar, it would directly mean the best of iftars from around the globe.

  • A Healthy Guide to Deshi Iftar

    Admit it. We all just adore an elaborate spread of chhola, peyaju, beguni and kebabs galore, the top traditional items that we simply cannot imagine having an iftar without. But before you prepare to feast upon all these foods in all their delectable oily glory, here's some food for thought:

  • The hunt for the Best Ties

    How many times has it happened that the crisp dimple on your tie disappeared minutes after masterfully forming it under your tie knot, making it look like a flat one dimensional plane? How many times have you cried over the seam at the back of your tie ripping off weeks after you've bought it? Why can't you get rid of that crease on your tie even though you have ironed it so many times already that you've lost count? That's probably because you haven't been purchasing your neckties from the right stores; stores which will make sure that your money is spent well.