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12:00 AM, July 23, 2019 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, July 23, 2019

Water wars of summer

As much as literary works speak of lazy summer afternoons, waves lapping against the shoreline as Sheryl Crow’s song, “Soak up the sun” playing in the background, the sharp reality that we all have to wake up to is the godforsaken heat, heat and more heatwaves!

The only way to cool off is either locking your friends and yourself up in a room to watch a movie, talk or indulge in iced cool treats. But what if there was one more way to cool off and included tonnes of water, fun and the tiniest bit of physical work?

Yes! We are talking about water fights and games that you can play with friends, minus feeling like you are too old for them.


Form teams of two and then sit in lines with one bucket full of water and a cup in front of the first player and an empty bucket behind the last player. All players then need to be blindfolded except for the two first players with the buckets of water at the front.

The rule is for the player at the front to dip the cup into a full bucket of water and then pass it backwards over their heads and dump it into the empty bucket and then pass the cup back up to the front. The first team to fill their bucket wins.


Take two buckets; one filled with water and placed and the other marked till a certain level to which it needs to be filled up and placed further away on the opposite end. This game requires two teams.

The player must dunk the sponge into the bucket of water and try to soak up as much water, place it on their heads and then balance it without using their hands and walk to the other end where the empty bucket is kept and wring out the water.

If you drop the sponge at any point, then you must go back and start from the filling station again. The player must then run back with the sponge in their hands to their team and allow the next player to do the same until the empty bucket is filled till the marked level. Whichever team fills up the empty bucket the fastest wins.


Draw a line, splitting the ground into two sides, with balloons filled with water in the middle. Each team must then stand on either side of the line.

The rules to the game are the same as normal dodgeball. If one team member can hit the opposition team’s player with a balloon (needs to break) then that player is out. If the balloon does not break, then the opposition team member can pick it up and keep playing but if the balloon is caught then the opposition member can bring back a player that was hit. If the balloon breaks while trying to catch it, then the player who tried to do so is out. The team with the last player standing wins.


Like laser tag, split into two teams and try to hit as many members of the opposition team as possible. Whichever team is left with the driest players win.


Set up the same way it is done for a normal limbo dance.

Players must move under a pole that is slowly lowered from chest level without falling or dislodging the pole. Two people holding water guns are stationed on opposite sides of the pole, squirting water onto the player to get him/her to fail.


Line up cups and mix and match between which ones you wish to fill half way or full. Players must then take turns blindfolded, choosing a cup that must be dumped onto their heads. If there is water in the cup, then they are out and if there is not then they continue on to the next round. Play this game in rounds, reducing the number of cups. Last person standing dry wins.


Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Models: Rabbi, Rupom, Maruf, Arpita, Surjo, Manoshi, Mahi

Styling: Sonia Yeasmin Isha

Makeup: Farzana Shakil’s Makeover Salon

Location: The Base Camp, Bangladesh

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