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  • Sharing workspace

    Dhaka is a city booming with ambitious people who dream high and achieve big, and the surge of entrepreneurs are proof of that.

  • Traditionally Tunic

    Fashion and comfort are what we support in our daily wears. Kurti has long been a beloved casual outfit among ladies. It's the exquisite mix of traditional and western. And with that, tunic kurti has made a name for itself because of how comfortable it is to wear and how sophisticated it looks.

  • Hearts aflutter for Falgun festivities!

    Do you feel the change in the air? The morning sun shines a little brighter and warmer, there is a nip in the air that's pleasantly refreshing, little buds are blossoming into blousy flowers!

  • Party platters

    Your platters can stamp your signature style of cooking, plating and styling, a great way to spread the nutritious love, full of healthy fats, protein, fibre, and fresh produce.

  • Environmental Care 101

    Do you ever wonder why we have such a lack in compassion when it comes to nature? Think of it this way — our ancestors made dwellings from trees and other raw materials. They made mud huts beside beautiful river landscapes. By definition, these are primitive housings, but to any city person today, it sounds like a resort!

  • Hair salon small talks

    When it comes to hair care, you are probably bombarded with a variety of different, and quite often, contradicting advice.

  • You complete me

    If you are one of those who cannot do without purses/hand bags, always make sure to invest in good quality, as chances are you will get a good deal of use out of them on a regular basis.

  • Culture of bespoke tailoring

    Anything tailor-made to our preferences and measurements can be categorised as bespoke tailoring, and unlike what some might perceive it-- as a designer dress, it does not need to be one.

  • Gown for the 31st Gala

    Gowns are meant to fit right; flaunting the curves and concealing the insecurities. Trying on different styles will help you find the one that flatters your body the best! A gown that fits perfectly is the biggest confidence booster you could ask for on New Year's Eve!

  • Vows by the beach

    If the monotonous venues and, not to mention the traffic, feels just too bland when you think of weddings in the city, you wouldn't be the only one. The same falcon this and shena kunja that has been done to death.

  • A clutch to match

    A metallic, or shiny fabric based clutch adds to the bling in your ensemble; a faux bling is perhaps what you should go for. A heavily embroidered or stone studded fabric clutch complementing your wedding dress is the way to go.


    When planning a wedding, every detail matters. Even though the primary focus is always on the dress and the jewellery, the perfect pair of shoes can elevate even the best of outfits a notch further.

  • Hunger Games: Filling up the larder

    The dilemma of stocking up healthy snacks is of perennial nature. The constant need of coaxing and cajoling the brood to snack right and desist from caving in to tantalising but unhealthy savouries and sweets can be quite an ordeal.

  • The dance of metal and wood

    Mixing styles has become the norm to tone down the monotonous designs we have been sporting so far, and the world of furniture and décor has stepped into it as well.

  • ABC's of Makeup

    Why do we need makeup? Is it to create an illusory version of ourselves? Or is it just to cover up the perceived minor flaws?

  • What Colour are you?

    There is a theory that your favourite colour often reflects your personality, down to your bone. If you are one of those people who can't choose a favourite colour, then do not worry.

  • Charmed by bangles

    She inherited her love for bangles from her mother and aunts. Growing up she saw them wear bangles with almost everything. And their collection always seemed to mesmerise her, rows and rows of bangles decorated her mother's dressing table. The colours themselves would charm her more than anything.

  • Taking out the trash

    Managing the waste that we produce everyday plays a crucial role in our lives. It is almost like an 'art.’ As easy as it might sound, it may actually be more complicated, especially if you want to manage your waste by disposing them properly and not harming anyone or anything in the process.

  • The forgotten pride in language

    When asked what our mother language is, we proudly say Bangla because we fought for it.

  • Whimsical TABLESCAPE

    Whimsical TABLESCAPE

    The menus are finalized over and over again only because we are very particular and passionate about our food. Nothing can go wrong. Absolutely nothing!

  • Safe, Clean, and Hassle-free Qurbani

    The season of sacrifice is less than a month away and this time it's on the rainy edge of monsoon. Those who will be going to the 'haat' are already preparing for yet another muddy encounter. Then are the post-qurbani formalities and clean ups, all wedged within a week.

  • Family kitchen club on Fridays

    For us here in Bangladesh, Fridays are a day to be cherished, because of two important reasons; Jumma prayer and the one day of the week where mostly everyone in the city has a day off. Be it from work, school, or university, almost everyone is free on Friday. As a result, the average house is a lot livelier, as opposed to the weekdays where everyone is out and about for something or another.

  • Bangladeshi brands in makeup and toiletries

    Most of us spend thousands on makeup and toiletries that are imported internationally. But did you know that there are makeup brands and toiletries that are produced locally? Not only are they of good quality but they are tailored to suit our South Asian skin and needs.

  • Dinner time bloopers!

    How would you like it if you are enjoying a nice cup of tea in your bungalow on top of a hill, accompanied by gushes of bracing breeze when suddenly your guest pours the tea on the saucer, and takes a long high-pitched slurp?

  • An Eid without the sari

    An Eid without the sari

    The Bengali aesthetic sense has been enamoured with the allure of the sari since time immemorial. This love affair is further stoked during the all-important festive season. But the human heart is known to be predisposed to whims and fancies. And when it comes to us women choosing outfits, it acts fickle and hence, foibles ensue.

  • Getting Click-happy

    There was always a charm to going to the market as a happy horde, with the needs of every member listed out. Shopping for clothes was particularly time-consuming, in the heyday of shopping centres like Eastern Plaza and Alpana Plaza, as one would have to try endless pieces to get the right size! Parents used to make all the sartorial decisions, and the young ones had to go along with it. Many families would

  • Holy Ramadan food

    Ramadan headaches and acidity

    When prepping for the month of Ramadan, people consider things like grocery shopping, prayers, eventual shopping for Eid, and so on, but it escapes the thought of most people to prepare their body as well. After all, you don't exactly run a marathon right after waking up in the morning. There are preparations required for this month, especially for those of us who face challenges arising from the act of fasting

  • Ramadan 2018 with The Peninsula Chittagong

    The Peninsula Chittagong is giving away banquet halls at no cost for 100+ guests parties along with the following Iftar Banquet Menus (per person): pre-plated iftar at Tk 699++, pre-plated iftar followed by dinner (table service) at Tk 1,099++, and pre-plated iftar followed by buffet dinner at Tk 1,399++.

  • Glam Nails

    It is not just the face that needs to look good for a good impression, the hands and feet are equally important. One way you can have gorgeous hands and feet is by grooming and taking care of your nails.

  • Nail care norms for summer

    We spend a great deal of time and money behind taking care of our skin; doing everything we can to treat it the best way possible. Most of the time, however, we tend to overlook our nails, which are often the most neglected part of our body.