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  • The school bell still rings at my alma mater

    The twentieth century had dawned to see the culmination of changes in all spheres of life. One of the most visible changes was in the education sector.

  • What follows “I do”

    By 3AM in the morning, the hullaballoo was over. Our wedding party had reached Dhaka, the ceremonial welcome of the new bride over and done with, and J, my kid sister ushered us to the room.

  • Baby's first morsel

    The literal translation of the Sanskrit word means 'food feeding' or 'eating food,' but in the Bengal regions, it is more commonly known as “Mukhey bhaat.”

  • On the edge of anxiety's seat

    Do you ever feel like your mind is enveloping you in a hug, and not the nice, warm one, but a tight, suffocating hug that constricts your breathing, makes your skin sweat or your heart race in fear?

  • The peculiar case of nicknames

    Do these words sound familiar? Maybe not, if you are a millennial, but Gen X can surely recollect the expression, as words spoken by people in the peripheries of Bangladesh.

  • Letter to My Past Self

    This is a letter you would want to save for the future; for all the heartaches and bliss you endure.

  • My Billy goat gruff Code two three double o!

    I am not at all against sacrifice. It is a sacred duty bestowed on all well-to-do Muslims and I see many social benefits to be reaped from it, along with obvious spiritual cleansing. However, the blood and gore involved does unnerve me. A little!

  • Remembering our nana

    The void that has encapsulated our lives in the wake of his absence knows no bounds. From the day we were born till the day he passed away, he had always made it a point to shield us from each and every unfavourable circumstance that hit our paths.

  • Your latest cooking disaster

    While some excel at whipping up delicious meals within minutes, some just do not quite make it. No matter how many ingredients you have lying in your pantry, and the latest gadgets that are supposed to make life simpler, some of us just do not possess the magical wand required to make cooking an art!

  • Revisiting songs and lyrics of a decade

    The Nineties as a musical era started late and ended early — kicked in by the scritchy-scratch power chords of "Smells Like Teen Spirit," ushered out by the doomy piano intro of ". . . Hit Me Baby One More Time." Anti-pop defeated by pop — full circle, all apologies.

  • Lost secrets of the blue enveloped letter

    While technology has made things easier to access, it has also drastically impacted the dating scene. The beginnings of a lifetime commitment can now be traced back to a poke or swipe on social media. Funnily enough, it can also define the end of that very promise as well. Lost are the charms, bittersweet heartaches, and relevance when a blue enveloped letter arrived in the lover's name.

  • The comeback of printed photos

    A decade or two ago, people would rush to get their negatives printed, and they would cherish each and every photo, bind them, and beautifully arrange them in photo books. If one was ever lost or found, the feeling was exceptional, and little would make one happier. Today however, no photo can ever be truly lost as all we have to do is scroll down long enough to find it, and although that is not necessarily a bad thing, it lacks the soul and feel once associated with a printed photo.

  • For the fourth time, yes I will

    You are in your room, in the middle of a movie or game, and you hear a 'faint' voice outside your door nagging at you for the 45th time in the span of two minutes, to do something that has just come up and the universe is in bigger jeopardy than what Infinity War can possibly portray if you do not do it now.

  • Analysing the Pathao rider

    You need to travel in Dhaka, and you are running late for a meeting, or a class. Who do you call? For the last two years, that answer has been a unanimous — Pathao! Being able to get to your desired destination at the shortest possible time is one of the reasons that makes Pathao godsend. However, there have been times when you wondered if you have picked the right Pathao 'rider'; so let us break down the strange possibilities.

  • Girls' Weekend Out

    Tackling the mobile menace I felt I needed a break, a break from my routine life. I called up a childhood friend who lives in New York City and arranged a weekend trip to her place.

  • Break-up: the hard- learned lessons

    Breakups are heart breaking and the worst. We get it. We have been there but today we will not be talking about how empty it feels, rather we are going to face it and talk about it. When we talk about it, we will not be empathetic, oh no, we will be brutal because we want you get up on your feet and sort life out. When your partner leaves you or even if you come to a mutual understanding of how your relationship just

  • The ties that bind us

    As Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche put it best, 'Invisible threads are the strongest ties.' Tugging pulls of emotion, fear and joy, stringed

  • Ratatouille

    Ratatouille, is that you?

    'The Ministry of Cooks' has recently noticed an anomaly —a sudden surge in men taking to the kitchen and crafting scrumptious dishes. Traditionally, women took care of matters related to the kitchen, then why this change?

  • Wings of desire

    I vividly remember the classes of our grade four English teacher. Although a name I can no longer recall, just like the completely faded memory of a face once loved, the lessons I learned on literature, art, love and life have stayed with me beyond those primary school days.

  • Wedding hashtags: #Loveisintheair

    Prior to social media, wedding pictures were limited to physical albums and decorative frames as interior decor. Nowadays, the wedding hashtag concept is possibly the best way to coalesce all the wedding posts by the guests in one train.

  • Warding off evil

    Warding off evil

    Be it a vampire, a ghoul, an evil spirit, a witch or black magic, for centuries we have been trying to protect ourselves against them. Ever since Pandora opened her box and unleashed all kinds of evil on human kind, we've been finding ways to rid ourselves from these creatures lurking in the dark.

  • Tall, handsome and deathly—the enduring allure of vampires

    Growing up, vampires were never quite the James Deans of the undead that they are today. Vampires that I would encounter were middle-aged, had an unwholesome pallor, the same coiffure as Alfalfa from The Little Rascals, and god-awful vaguely-European accents.

  • Teasome goodness

    As a Bangladeshi, it is necessary to mention that we are, by all means, the “cha” club. Any kind of tea is our best of friends. From the “tong er tea” to the “tea-breaks” to the “rainy-day tea,” we have tea for all kinds of mood.

  • A visit to the men's salon

    Entering a salon on the second floor of the BFC building on Dhanmondi Road #28 was more of an impulsive act, spurred on by friends and sparked by the migraine of a hot day in April.

  • Work or study stash

    As we master the art of 'adulting', there comes a point in our lives when we have to commit ourselves in a long term relationship with a desk. As depressing as it sounds, LS brings you a quick fix to bring you out of boredom while still keeping your productivity level high.

  • bKash cash back offers

    Off-field cricket quirks

    As a sports loving (or sports watching) nation, our one-ness with the game is unique in any way you see it. Starting from buying new TVs to arguing over fantasy teams and quoting (questionable) match statistics to decimating the living room over an LBW-- our love of sports has to be seen to be believed!

  • bKash cash back offers

    By any name

    Have you ever faced those embarrassing moments where your teacher could not pronounce your name right? Have you ever thought of correcting your boss when he called you by a wrong name? Did you ever feel like bashing your friend for spelling your name wrong on your birthday card?

  • The shop around the corner

    The last-minute crisis of running out of sugar or quenching a thirst for water on a hot summer day without much change in your pocket; sometimes we all need rescuing.

  • The joy of doing nothing

    In this busy old city where you can barely have time to sleep or have a heartfelt conversation with your school friend who you last spoke to one year back

  • bKash cash back offers

    Sehri vs. Sehri : Home-cooked vis-a-vis restaurant

    When I was a child, I used to wake up to the panic of my mother, jolting me from my deep, peaceful sleep with her screams, “Quick! 5 minutes left!”