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  • Dough on the Go hits Dhaka!

    If you are looking for a quick fix, let that be in the wee hours of night or after a long day's work, call or Facebook search the page “Dough on the Go”, and let partners Azwad Sabbir Ozzy, Kishwar Hashemee and Tahsinul Islam (Bob) bring you your pizza of dreams!

  • Edith: the patisserie of wonderland

    Arbab Musa fell in love with food when he was only in second grade. He started spending more time with his mother in the kitchen than anywhere else.

  • Jatra Mela's journey

    In a tungsten glow and hyped ebullience, Jatra, a celebration of folk culture and Bangladeshi traditions in the form of artistic clothes, accessories and furniture, hosted its newest venture, Jatra Mela.

  • Pier 138: Seafood with - A Touch of Finesse

    Located on Road #138 of Gulshan 1, Pier 138 offers you the experience of seafood fine dining at a reasonable price.

  • OBHAI promises safety: simple commitments featuring smooth ride

    The concept of ride sharing is comparatively new in Bangladesh. After its introduction in late 2016, the number of ride sharing services has significantly increased till now, allowing multiple options for people to choose from. In a ride sharing service, personal transports are needed to register and start serving as a rider. But there are certain essential aspects which must be managed to ensure smooth rides.

  • Finally! A Pilates Studio

    On screen Bollywood actresses keep us awed with their toned, zero cellulite physique, and flawless beauty. And in our subconscious mind, the thought resonates — 'only if!' We believe that if we had access to a world-class trainer, we could take our glamour quotient up a notch.