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Bad Vibes Inc.

Having a job comes with being a fully functioning adult. With all the people skills you have developed, you encounter different personalities and the years of socialising are finally being put to work. Yet, there are always those co-workers who send the mental warning bells ringing, awkward to the point that it makes people uncomfortable.

Something is just not right about these guys and a lot of it feels eerie.

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Here are few indications that your co-workers maybe be on the creepier side —


Relating to the anti-social programmer, Elliot from the TV series Mr. Robot, ever notice that one person who barely ever makes conversation let alone looks at you? They probably show up to work dressed too casual, and never on time, or sometimes does the complete opposite.

The air around their personality sends a chill down your spine. The fascinating part about him/her is how efficiently they get the job done. Almost too fascinating.


There’s nothing strange about wanting to know where a co-worker is to get some work done. But it is little alarming if a colleague tracks you down, or waits in the hallway only to bump into you.

This person probably gives off a creepy stalker vibe, and maybe even have your office routine down to the moment you head out to go home. They are either slightly obsessed with you or do not really know that emails have a purpose.


Some co-workers always have something to say. They seem to be an expert in dissecting appearances as well. This co-worker gives off a sense of entitlement and women want to report him to HR. He/she just loves to objectify people and some in the office might consider this behaviour to be borderline harassment.

On the other hand, there is a co-worker who acts as your unwanted personal cheerleader. You could literally just stand up and this person would throw a celebration party.

Nothing weird about that. Nothing at all.


Every office has that one person who is all about the propaganda. Constantly spewing conspiracy theories and talking about cults, this co-worker leaves no stone unturned. More focused on wearing a tinfoil hat rather than completing the task at hand, they probably make you question your own sanity because they actually make sense sometimes. Completely normal.


You know that co-worker who always seems to know better? Even knows how to do your part of the work better? Yes. Not only this is this co-worker annoying but also creepy as they tend to always keep an eye on what you are doing. Constantly looking for opportunities to get their word in.

In simple words, they are nosy.


Someone in the office probably has a reputation of being “The Hugger” and invading everyone’s space. Physical contact acts as caffeine for these people and might become distressing for everyone else if their need for physical contact increases.


This is the office social butterfly. However, they cross a line when they refuse to take “no” for an answer and demand you partake in their after work endeavours. They tend to be pushy and insist on getting to know you, even if it means hanging out during the weekends. This co-worker quickly gets on your nerves and their constant persuasion is harrowing.


All you can feel is constantly being looked at. When you are working or taking a break or just taking a moment to organise your thoughts, there they are. Just staring at you from across the room. But it’s not just you, this co-worker stares at everyone, but avoids direct eye-contact. It is almost like they are making sure if you are suitable for some sort of cult sacrifice, or forever adoration, you just cannot tell.

Every person in an office contributes one way or the other to increase productivity and efficiency. The odd ones, even if they seem to be out of place, play their role as well. It is however daunting for the rest of us when such co-workers make create unease and fear in the mental space. Be sure to keep an eye out for such personalities. But, if you are unable to identify the office weirdo, may be it is you. Think about that. 

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