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12:00 AM, February 12, 2019 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, February 12, 2019

What I did last week



I come from an era where reading comics, watching the X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons in Star World, essentially being a geek was frowned upon by my peers. So imagine my joy, and slight sadness, when being a geek was not only ok, but actually considered 'cool'; makes me wish I was 10 years younger, so I could really take advantage of this new found coolness. Anyway, this swooping 'coolness' is so far reaching right now that even local movie theatres like Cineplex have started bringing in animated comic book adaptations, and animes from the land of the rising sun. To celebrate this coolness, I went on a back to back movie marathon last Friday, catching the 10AM show for the super popular 'Dragon Ball Super Broly' movie, followed by 'Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse' at 1PM. I caught the morning show, hoping most of the geeks would be fast asleep on a Friday morning. Much to my surprise, the hall was full to the brim, eclipsing even some Marvel movies that had hit theatres recently. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, taking me back to the days of me screaming along with Goku as he powered up inside my TV. After the movie ended, I caught the Spider-Man movie, this time, going into the VIP theatre, and my god was this the right decision! The seats were so comfy that I almost thought for a second that I was home. The movie, again, was excellent, maybe even better than Marvel's Spider-Man Homecoming, I dare say? The experience left me with two tips that I would like to share with my fellow geeks, both young and old. To the young ones, I say, please for god's sake, control your excitement! There was so much screaming going on, I figure you missed some critical moments thanks to your incessant screaming. To the old ones, I say, get the expensive VIP ticket. You can afford it, it's good for your back, and good for your temper, because guess what? No screaming to be heard, except the characters in the movie.


Good pizza in the city is a dime a dozen. Except for one or two places like Pizza Roma, or Pizza Guy, there really isn't much to look out for, unless you are into the 'Mexican Hot' that your neighbourhood's 'mudi r dokan' also probably has. Burgers went through a great revolution thanks to places like Madchef, and their deliciously ingenious twist on burgers. I mean, whoever thought fried deshi paneer and chatni would make for great additions to a burger? Now, the same people who brought us the now iconic Dhakaia, has started a new sub-brand for pizza, aptly named Cheez by Madchef. And the same ingenuity that made you fall for Madchef in the first place is present here in spades. Don't worry, if you are boring, they do have a selection of some tried and true classic options. But if you are a good sport, then this is the place to be, because I can't think of another place where you can come across pizzas like 4 cheez (you get all the greatest hits of cheese), or nagatastic (boneless chicken wings with essence of naga) or the really off-beat kala bhuna pizza! We ordered the Nagatastic and the 4 cheez, because, clearly, the people I had with me weren't curious enough to try the Kala Bhuna. Perhaps next time I go, I'll make sure to make and take new, more exciting friends.


It shames me to admit that there are a few places in the capital that I am absolutely unsure of navigating around; Mirpur springs immediately to mind, followed very closely by Uttara and Mohammadpur. Still, these places can be somewhat managed with Google Maps, frankly the greatest creation in all of human history. There is, however, one place that causes panicky palpitation the moment I hear its name; Old Dhaka. Being claustrophobic, the narrow roads and even narrower alleys, coupled with utter failure from Google Maps, is my nightmare written in two lines, only to be surpassed by being stuck in an elevator.

And as luck would have it, I had an errand to run almost by the Sadarghat – Gabtoli road. Getting there was mostly ok, as a quick CNG hail got me there in about 2.5hours, or just under the time it takes to fly to Thailand. While the errand wasn't anything complicated, the journey back sure was. In my infinite wisdom, I forgot to make change for a Tk 1,000 note, meaning rickshaw hops were out of the question. So there I was, a bewildered, lost new Dhaka boy in an old Dhaka world, with no way of knowing where to go. After somehow ending up in Islampur, and buying cloth pieces for a shirt I didn't need, I found myself in Nazira Bazar, and getting tired of being lost, I headed into Grand Nawab for a kacchi, and made calls to friends in the neighbourhood to 'meet up,' aka find me and take me somewhere I can navigate by myself. Fun fact: a certain telecom operator boasting the greatest coverage was absolutely useless throughout the entire adventure, meaning Google Maps was about as accurate as my math skills.

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