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  • Tasty winter soups

    To make soup, combine all the ingredients and seasoning; simmer for 1 hour on low heat. Remove froth time to time, and discard the bones.

  • For ones with a sweet tooth

    Wash black rice in several changes of water and then cover with fresh water. Leave to soak for 30 minutes. Drain the rice and add 4 cups or 1 litre fresh water.

  • Fit for a goddess

    With the festive mood of Durga Puja in full swing, there is no better time than this to try out the following recipes, straight from the kitchen of Dhaka Regency Hotel & Resort, by their Director of Food & Beverages, ATM Ahmed Hossain.

  • Feasts of devotion: Durga Puja at home

    Growing up Durga Puja always felt like a much-dreaded annual feat. I would usually start pacing myself for the last four days that a younger hormonal me would sum in three words, “heat, traffic and gatherings”.

  • Random cravings

    It's one of those days; you have nowhere to go, so you are sitting at home, but that sudden random crave for something so abstract kicks in, and as luck would have it, nothing from the many scrolls in Foodpanda or Hungry naki's offers can appease it.

  • Snacking Away

    Aren't we always on the lookout to prepare snacks for our friends, children and colleagues? Most of us have encountered days when a close one drops in without a call and we wonder what to offer besides tea and coffee.

  • Beefy tales

    For the beef, rub thick sweet soya sauce all over the meat. Heat a little oil in a pan and seal the pot on all sides. Place in a deep braising dish. Pound garlic, ginger, coriander root and onion to a paste.

  • A touch of greens

    Excessive consumption of red meat is not only linked to heart diseases but increases your chances of developing other alarming health issues. And after days of continuous consumption of red meat, the palate can certainly use a different feel.

  • Sweet Tooth

    Thanks to the discovery of artificial sweeteners, your sweet tooth can enjoy delicacies, once in a while. Giving you that adrenaline rush, you craved so much!

  • Those milky delish

    Remember those days when you used to sneak in a bit of powdered milk, from mom's precious larder and relish it with siblings in a comfy corner behind the sofa?