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  • Tarka:Your Indian food getaway

    We understand the appeal of Netflix and pizza, or a lazy afternoon with a cheeseburger, but every now and then, all of us get that craving for a more familiar taste.

  • SEAR: A delectable experience

    SEAR is a fusion cuisine restaurant that promises to tantalise your taste buds with eye-catching visuals, served elegantly on a plate. Located on the 18th Floor of the Renaissance Dhaka Gulshan Hotel, under Marriott International located on Gulshan Avenue, SEAR provides a unique blend of flavours with ingenuity, while providing a glorious view of Dhaka.

  • Peyala Café — A cup of delight

    Have you ever felt a sudden craving for a good cup of coffee, or a soothing cup of tea out of nowhere?

  • A La Greek

    All of us have, at least once, come across a beautiful scenery of white houses with little blue roofs and a majestic blue backdrop of the water and the sky merging into one. Santorini is one of the most popular travel destinations today, boasting the exact scenery described, and their special cuisine is one of the most sought after for its mouth-watering taste.

  • Yama Hot Pot & Grill: The Essence of a hot pot

    Walking into a hot pot date is nothing short of a challenge. With little experience; scratch that — no experience — it is quite a daunting task. And that is exactly where Yama Hot Pot & Grill comes in; pioneering the very concept of hot pot in Bangladesh.

  • Savva — Introducing modern social dining

    The restaurant is divided into five sections — the two middle sections are wide and spacious, while the corner section is planned to be transformed into a coffee corner, the fourth section is for more private gatherings, and the fifth is an open balcony with a vertical garden.

  • Have a blast at Habiby’s

    The brainchild of eight foodies who have known each other since school, and whose intense love of shawarma led to this venture, is starting to put a strong imprint of Middle Eastern cuisine in Dhaka. The news of the restaurant has spread quickly through the vines of social media.

  • Ohana: For a rare Hawaiian treat in Dhaka

    Dhaka’s culinary scene is getting more and more cosmopolitan, with waves of eateries opening up and popularising cuisines of various regions. Case in point: Ohana Diner which offers Hawaiian cuisine.

  • Dream Burger Joint Come Alive

    Even with a handful of eateries around Gulshan Avenue, it becomes challenging for people living or working in the area to find fresh quality food at a reasonable price. Addressing this, the husband-wife duo Nafees Alam and Nadia Khan have introduced Farmhouse

  • CHT Express For an ethnic dine

    Chittagong Hill Tracts is a realm of not just lush nature and rich languages, but ethnic cuisines as well. Sitting in Dhaka, you can indulge in the opportunity of tasting these traditional and truly unique flavours at CHT Express — a restaurant in East Kazipara.

  • Sushi Samurai’s iftar buffet

    In the mad frenzy that are Ramadan iftar offers, it often becomes difficult to decide which one to pick. After all, a dissatisfying meal after the anticipation and deliberation over myriad complicated offers is not pleasant. To save you some time, here is our review of Sushi Samurai

  • Man Mo- From soul to bowl

    As the oriental craze sweeps through the town, Man Mo joins the club as the latest and newest place in Gulshan 1 to visit if you are in the mood for some sushi or dim sums.

  • The Green Lounge experience

    The restaurant stretches 22,000 square feet, with a seating capacity of 500 patrons. The Green Lounge team comprises of 80 staff members who are experts at

  • Izakaya: for the love of fusion Japanese

    If the wedding hullabaloo and the repetitive rich food, however delicious, gets to be too much, or if you happen to be among the lucky couples who got hitched this

  • Taste the Real Thai

    “Have you eaten yet?” One of the first things Thais ask upon meeting someone, that singular question perfectly describes the passion locals hold for the legendary cuisine.

  • Storm in a cup: a home away from home

    As you get off the elevator and head straight through what seems like the veranda of a home, you come across a big wooden door that welcomes you. The first few steps might confuse you, but rest assured as you are not trespassing in someone else's home; this serene and homely place is called Storm in a Cup.

  • In the kitchens of Finger Lickin' Good!

    Picture this - a global fried chicken joint, with all the trims of the place, packed with people enjoying their time. You go up to order, and naturally take a peek behind the cashier. The part of the kitchen/prep-area is visible, but not all of it. You wonder what really takes place. Is it possible to actually take a look?

  • Sushi in Dhanmondi: The Tao-Town way!

    In search of sushi, a group of six friends would always end up on the 'other side' of Dhaka. Their common love for the gastronomy world, specifically pan Asian/Asian fusion food led to the realisation that Dhanmondi lacked a descent eatery that offered the authentic flavours of Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese cuisine.

  • The majestic taste at Taste of Lanka

    On the midpoint of Road 19/A, Banani - the last left turn before getting on the Banani Bridge from Banani Road 11, there is a straw thatched extension reaching out on the footpath.

  • Making memories

    Nazmus Sakib, Associate Producer of Channel 24, and his four friends have already established themselves in their chosen career but food was always their ultimate dream and after months of planning and investment of time, love and care, Café Memoire was born.

  • Healthy eating at Café Capp & Cinno

    Unearthing a place where food served is both healthy and delicious has been on my bucket list for a while now before I gladly crossed it off as I located Café Capp & Cinno.

  • Alchemy-treat your tastebuds

    Alchemy-treat your tastebuds

    Alchemy on the 7th floor of the B&B Empire in Banani was launched about two years ago.

  • Chittagong Restaurant: for the love of 'deshi'

    The journey started in 1952. Back then, Chittagong Restaurant's roof was of corrugated tin. The eatery in Shegunbagicha was a melting pot of political adda, with the hall of fame including names like Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Maulana Bhasani.

  • It's PERi-licious

    In today's bustling city of Dhaka, with new food joints opening up on every corner of the streets, it takes a good amount of effort to decide upon a decent eatery.

  • Hungry for Hungry Duck

    Located just past Rajlokkhi in Uttara is a nice quaint red one story restaurant curiously called Hungry Duck. Opened way back in 2010, this place has served residents in Uttara for around 16 years now.

  • Platform Nine and Three Quarters

    June 1, 2016 was a magical night for all the Harry Potter fans around the city. At 7pm on the day, far away from the central city...

  • Grand treats at Grand Nawab

    Some of the grandest foods of our country are made best in Old Dhaka.

  • Kebabs, curries and more

    If you want to enjoy a wide assortment of kebabs, or perhaps if you are fancying a plate of biriyani, Zaffran is a new restaurant in town you should pay a visit to.

  • Food at Foodee

    Foodee is a restaurant that sits at the centre of Banani and offers a great environment to its customers,and good food at affordable prices.

  • Chow down at Chows

    Located in Banani, the high-end restaurant, Chows, is dedicated to serving the very best of Cantonese cuisine Dhaka has to offer.