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  • Refresh your Italian senses at Amaya, Amari

    'Ciao Dhaka' festival that was held between November 2 to 10, was a sneak preview to all gastronomic devotees regarding the new Italian section available at the buffet section in Amaya, Amari.

  • Gourmet Bazar Banani — The new store in town

    As I took the elevator up to attend the opening of Gourmet Bazar's Banani store, I wondered at the oddity of having a super market on the third floor of a building.

  • Brac Inn and The Artisan have it all

    Brac is known for creating change. They have created jobs for millions, helping many take a leap of faith and succeed in reaching the pinnacle of success.

  • Living in a material world

    Samuel Hoque's A/W collection is as maximalist as it gets if you're getting FOMO thinking about Sabyasachi's collab with Louboutin, consider: those blinged up red-soled sneakers and slides are cool, but there's homegrown talent that's bringing the heat this season.

  • The Quintessential Escape

    You are sitting in a chair with a soft and spongy cushion for comfort, and enjoying the splendid view right in front of your eyes.

  • Escape Myst: Into a world of mystery and adventure

    The hidden Sherlock in you is busy investigating the case of the missing artefact. You have managed to unearth some clues, but you cannot seem to figure out a cryptic message found hidden behind the flower vase. You have been struggling with it for quite some time now, when suddenly you hear a voice say, “Do you want a hint?”

  • Aarong Eid ul Azha Collection 2017

    In the world of fashion, monsoon holds a special position — it's a time when every fashionista gets a chance to effortlessly flaunt bright colours and subtle hues at the same time. There are no steadfast rules and the clothing often resembles the mood of the wearer.

  • Infinite Sports — an experience of a lifetime

    Did you ever dream of watching an El Classico in the UEFA Champions League live in the stadium?

  • Unfolding a stunning story

    What do you have as a result? An amazing style that is second to none; this very design is a part of Aarong's high- end, niche, sub-

  • bKash cash back offers

    Top 5 children friendly restaurants in Dhaka

    Getting children to behave in a fine-dine restaurant can be a nightmare for parents. So if you want to enjoy eating out with your children, these child friendly restaurants act like a beacon of hope for you to enjoy a peaceful meal!