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12:00 AM, May 29, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 01:03 AM, May 29, 2018

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Taking it up a notch this Eid with Samuel Hoque

The moment you set foot in Samuel Hoque's Style Sanctum, you feel welcome and at ease with this minimalist decor. Starting from his workstation, where all the magic happens, to his fabric rack, everything knows its place. A combination of black and white polka dots dominates as the very concept which lay the foundation of the Samuel Hoque brand, incorporated with elegance in every minute detail.

Samuel Hoque has headlined Bangladesh's fashion scene for the past couple of years with his captivating collection, mesmerising his clientele with tons of jaw-dropping styles. The menswear maverick who specialises in bespoke clothing has returned to Bangladesh on the first day of Ramadan this year, adding some serious oomph to his signature pieces.

The London based designer has molded together tales of his life and travels to craft simplistic, yet spectacular men’s attire. He picked out calm shades of pastel, and created soothing colour combinations, reflecting his simple and minimalist attitude. The designs are an amalgamation of western and ethnic traditions, making sure that Jamdani and Muslin fabrics receive much of the highlight for the comfort and aesthetics.

“I call my panjabis long shirts because of the versatility they bring with it. You can style it with jeans or pajamas, or even tuck it in to style them as a shirt,” Samuel pointed out. “This is a major benefit for the majority of my foreign clients as they can style it in any way they please.”

He has reinvented kotis in this year's collection, as they are stitched to the panjabi and come in gun flaps, taking inspiration from Spaghetti Westerns. Who would've thought that a unique filmmaking style of the mid-1900s could revolutionise an ethnic wear like panjabi and koti? After all, we should have anticipated a style of this magnitude coming our way when its designer had coined T-cos (Vests made in t-shirt and jersey fabric) into existence. On top of the gun flap kotis, he has also introduced hand-stitched jamdani panjabis with sophisticated, simple designs made to turn heads wherever you go.   

Samuel Hoque promises a range of exciting, unusual and exclusive attire for you this Eid, as he brings to you the finest fabrics from Italy, Japan, Korea and of course Bangladesh, along with digitally printed fabrics from Scotland.

In addition to his exclusive high-end collection, the popular designer prepares to introduce a prêt line of affordable panjabis under the name of Sam H starting from 30 May till 17 June.

Samuel Hoque's collection stands as an epitome of class and perfection. His out of the box style has never failed to awe people and he certainly has raised the bar with this year's top-notch line of menswear for Eid.

Samuel Hoque's Style Sanctum is located on Level 5, 32 Progoti Sharani, Baridhara Block J.

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Photo courtesy: Samuel Hoque

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