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  • Symbols of Remembrance

    The need to hold on to memories of loved ones that have left us is primal, and universal, as is grief and its expression. Yet, the expressions of grief vary widely, reflecting individual cultures, influences and sometimes even just personal tastes.

  • A tale of tea - from Bangladesh for the World

    From ramshackle tin-shed stalls everywhere to the houses with two swimming pools, you will hardly find a place that is not familiar with the steaming cup of goodness known as tea. Although preparations and preferences differ vastly as more and more brewing recipes are popping up, you can be sure that everything starts with the unmistakable tea leaves.

  • Defining Health

    Defining Health

    Health. A small word. But a word for which different people have different meanings. Health is a relative term. To some, it is something you are born with while to others it is a choice and some may even say it is your lifestyle.

  • The good life- fact or fiction?

    I can't recall much from those two years but her, I remember vividly. A year senior to us, she was someone everyone noticed, even the most serious bookworms and nerds who seemed to live and breathe S1 and P1 syllabuses.

  • Tailor made to your taste!

    It is an interesting time for fashion in Dhaka right now. More and more people are becoming aware of their appearance, and there is a shift in perspective to that end.

  • From the farm

    Just about every neighbourhood has it; the huddle of people, especially in the early weekend mornings, making it impossible to miss, not to mention the acrid smell accompanied by the never disappearing blood stains- yes, it's the neighbourhood butcher shop we are so very used to.

  • Bye-Bye Crease

    The other day, I found myself in an unprecedented situation. I was being ogled at everywhere I set foot, be it on the streets, the mall, canteen, or even when I was presenting a paper on “16S r-RNA DNA Sequencing of Bacteria,” nobody could take their eyes off me... What a fantastic day it was; it tickled my ego!

  • Cradling that empty nest

    No matter how hard you prepare yourself for the inevitable beforehand--helping them pack their bags, or even sharing that last meal together at the table does not prepare you for the inevitable, until you see them walk away.

  • A Guide to Geriatric Home Care at SAJIDA Foundation

    A large portion of elderly people (defined by the World Health Organisation as 65 years old and above) in Bangladesh who are aged below 75 years are still capable of leading healthy and independent lives, as long as they are not already subject to any serious physical or mental illness. Many from the current older generation were

  • All about that summer glow

    Farhana Chaity is the next makeup artist to keep an eye out for, who although is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she works as a makeup artist for Feminine Magazine, does travel back and forth to Dhaka for work purposes.

  • Rugs galore

    Often used as a focal point of a room or simply to let our feet feel the plush when walking, rugs have been around for centuries, and not always in the manner seen today.

  • Gustatory tourism

    Call it 'Travelling for Food' or 'Culinary Tourism,' the meaning remains the same. Kashtan Habib, an advertising personnel, who loves food and travelling, weighs in on this by saying, “I guess these are all different terms for the same concept - food travel.

  • The Indigo Trail

    The tropical climate, riverine lands and lush soils were the most suitable conditions for indigo plants to grow in this deltaic part of the world. In Bengal, indigo farming began as early as the 18th century during the British colonial rule. Owing to the Industrial Revolution in the west that kicked off around 1750, the demand for indigo

  • Training like the Pros

    It's not just Ronaldo; every other football player will make you want to storm to the gym and start burning the layers of fat bulging out from every part of your skin,

  • Louder, Bolder, Better, Grander with Zurhem

    After conquering last Eid with his exclusive Mahrajan collection, Mehruz Munir is back with a mix of Eastern European and modern classic in his newest additions to Zurhem's regal Mahrajan collection.

  • Of Artists with Beauty Brushes

    A BSC in Computer Science and Engineering, Basma Md. Liakat Khan spent her early life in Saudi Arabia before shifting back home to Bangladesh.

  • The Reincarnation of Jute

    Bengal's reputation of being a monopoly in the production of jute preceded it back in the day, but the industry is not what it used to be in the 20th century. Facing challenges in the forms of productive inefficiency, and struggling to keep up with rising global demands, the once-golden industry is slowly losing its lustre.

  • An everlasting grace

    In modern day television and cinema, the idea of individualism is almost becoming non-existent. The same thick brows, dull stare and heavily contoured cheeks on everyone are proving to be rather monotonous. At times like these, one cannot help but be nostalgic about the fashion icons who dominated the silver screen with their unique fashion statements, eternal grace and irreplaceable charm and poise. Be it the Golden age of Hollywood, ultimate bohemian chic or sweetness personified in a pair of lively eyes — all of these beauty divas were poetry in motion, having something uniquely dazzling to offer and still remain etched in our hearts.

  • No rest for the homemakers

    Around the world, the first of May holds cultural significance as well as the universal context of being the International Workers' Day. You may not need a refresher on the historical background but on this day, today, just about every place you know around town, is shut. This is not a holiday where you can hang around in markets or hit your favourite restaurant-- everyone has a day off.

  • The everlasting appeal of the Concert for Bangladesh

    A prominent member of the iconic British band Beatles, George Harrison, was one of the main coordinators of the Concert for Bangladesh, held at Madison Square Garden, New York, on 1 August 1971 to raise international awareness and funds for Bangladesh's liberation war. Harrison ended the concert with the song 'Bangladesh, Bangladesh'. The simplicity of the lyrics takes on a new and powerful force.

  • Dialect diversities

    The diversity that lies within Bangladesh can be witnessed through the many dialects of the same but very different Bengali spoken in the different regions. It is also a surprise that people from one region do not understand the dialects of people from another region because of the heavy accents, despite the relatively small size of the country.

  • Pahela Baishakh 1425

    The dawn of a new day and a year

    With the blinding morning rays breaking through the changing clouds, the harbinger of new beginnings envelops the land of Bangladesh in true zeal and splendour. It is Pahela Baishakh once again and the dominating rush of reasserting the glorified Bengali spirit has us enchanted, with the spell working its charm from the very break of early dawn.

  • Banging the drum for Baishakh

    There are quintessential statements, yes; as there are twists and turns that can guide you to expressing our Bangaliana, with your Boho-chic, free-spirit temperament.


    Fateh Ali Chowdhury (decorated member of the Crack Platoon, freedom fighter of the 1971 Liberation War and currently working as the Director of Consolidated Services Limited) was a bright young student of the English department of Dhaka University then. “In my youth, I was quite jovial and carefree,” Chowdhury admits. While he was well aware of the tense situation in the East Pakistan region in March then, the thought of an imminent war had not occurred to him yet.

  • January-March 1971: The Dawning of a Fearless Fight for Freedom

    In the wake of the year of 1971, a silent uprising was surging in the agitated hearts of thousands of Bangalis residing in what was then East Pakistan. At that time, Dhaka was an indispensable (yet deemed abominable by West Pakistan) part of Pakistan. The epic win in the 1970 elections by the Awami League had ignited emotions of strength and unanimity but peace and independence were yet to be realized.

  • The portrait of an artist Ferdousi Priyabhashini

    The portrait of an artist

    How does one pay tribute to the lifetime achievements of an artist, especially when the iconoclast is Ferdousi Priyabhashini? Growing up in Khulna, a quaint town of the then East Pakistan, she once nurtured a passion for music. Her relinquished desire to become an exponent of Tagore gave Bangladesh one of its most revered sculptors.

  • Social Media: the new frontier

    It is difficult to imagine that the origins of social media are heavily intertwined with the purpose of matchmaking, specifically matrimonial sites.

  • The nine lives of bespoke fashion

    Rukhsanara Begum fondly remembers her college days in Habiganj, a time when she dextrously stitched her shalwar kameezes and

  • Women in art - the muse and the maker

    Too often, women are maligned by endless criticism, spiteful looks and aggressive jabs of a dysfunctional society. At the same time, on multiple occasions, they are revered as goddesses, mother, sister, wife and a friend you can always count on.

  • Travel in luxury or on a budget

    Choosing to travel in luxury is just another way to make sure that your time off in the wild, at a nature retreat or a just a different urban space runs as smoothly as possible. You can definitely experience the wonderful lightness that comes with taking a trip without the burdens of uncertainties. The option to take a luxury trip anywhere is likely a treat to oneself, and after hard hours of working and stressing over