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  • A village fair

    As our lives move away from our rural agrarian roots, more and more traditions that were quintessential to the Bengali experience are slowly lost.

  • Bangladeshi fashion

    Summer on the Orient Route

    With almost nine months of amazing warmth, comfort is on the top of the list, but that does not mean your own style has to take a back seat. Put your best foot forward in the trendiest of summer looks that go easy not only on the skin, but mind too.

  • A walk down Jessore Road

    I still remember when I was a child; I would sit next to my father every Friday evening while he rested on the armchair and read something from our home's library, or told me stories about his childhood.

  • DIY Crafts for your home

    If there is anything we are always on board with, it is a newly spruced up home. Same old décor, no matter how fun, gets mundane and boring, until we seek that little change to liven things up again.

  • Blessed Sindur

    The story goes that Parvati performed tapas (meditation and fasting to achieve self-discipline spiritually) in order to marry Shiva who agreed upon the condition that Parvati had to sacrifice her third eye.

  • Millennial parenting

    While both parents work, the concept of a joint family has morphed into something unnatural in today's world. Not only do mum and dad have professional careers to maintain

  • The quest for the right children's literature

    Growing up and reading Sukumar Ray was the most natural thing to do for a young reader with a moderate appetite for all things fun.

  • Tapping into the healing powers of dance

    “If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands…If you're happy and you know it, stomp your feet”-goes the lyrics of one of the most familiar songs/rhymes/jingles that we have been exposed to as children.

  • how to make a face masks

    Beginner's guide to face masks

    Oily skin, open pores, blackheads or acne; you name a problem, and there will be a whole army of face masks ready, from all kinds of brands, types, prices, and sometimes, even colours, to take care of it.

  • Natural dyes: For the fashionably ethical

    As you browse through endless stores to pick the trendiest attires, or when you give yourself a bit of a shopping therapy, does the question of environmental friendliness come to your mind? It should!

  • Getting the best of

    Time constraints being such a pressure, people have to make use of what they have nearby, like the neighbourhood servicemen (who have only grown incompetent at everything over the years) with higher prices and mediocre services.

  • Restoring abodes and memories

    When architect Kazi Fida was roped in by his partner Md Abdul Awyal onto the project that they aptly came to name 'Jamil Residence,' they

  • A tech crash course for the mums

    Are you sick and tired of getting eye rolls when you ask your kids to “update the internet on my phone?” How many times was it that your Instagram post needed a filter like your teenager, and you had to pester them to apply it for you?

  • The weight of obesity

    Through the year we sometimes gain and lose weight without paying much heed. But when the gaining starts it gets hard to stop it. Start by measuring your BMI. This measures your height to your weight and tells you if you are obese or not.

  • Lacy opulence

    The simplest of fabrics, and the most mundane of dresses can be turned into a stunning piece with the addition of a lace. No single picture ever comes to the mind when we hear the word lace for the hundreds of types and designs we are used to seeing.

  • A celebration to remember

    You and your significant other have managed to tide over the first year of marriage with success! You learned to enjoy each other's differences, be patient with flaws, and prioritised love and understanding above all else.

  • A winter to remember

    You would be hard pressed to find one person who is not fond of this magical time of the year —sublime mornings perfect for brunches begin with soft rays of the

  • Fountain pens and investment

    In the words of pen expert John Windsor, “this era is the third big surge for fountain pens.” The first was back in the 20s when coloured plastics in fountain pens were developed, the second in the 80s and the third is now —the 21st century.

  • Taking care of your collectible pens

    Buying and admiring your newest 'investment' is only the beginning. To increase, or at least maintain its original value, you have to go through the bare minimum.

  • Museum hopping in Dhaka

    Museums are boring — a common complaint goes. If you are amongst those who agree with this thought, think again!

  • Stunning beyond the numbers

    Perhaps one of the biggest myths about women over 60s is that they are the least interested in fashion. Why would that be the case? Especially when considering that these women are so much more confident than their younger years; with a strong sense of self and a better understanding of their personalities!

  • Styling as second nature!

    It takes years of effort to achieve precision, and a trademark is created of being stylish, even in casual clothes.

  • Believing in love and marriage…

    “It is her beautiful pair of eyes that intoxicated me and still do” chuckles Imran. “Ever since the day I met her at my friend's house; I had vouched to make this girl mine and so she became!”

  • The perfect wedding trousseau

    Thirteen years is a long time they say. That's how long it has been since I professed my love to the rest of the world, leaving the parents' safe abode to begin a brand new life with a meek and modest young man.

  • Here Comes The Groom

    Men's wear is available in three basic categories, and understanding these can go a long way in helping the groom make the best choice to suit his style, and pocket.

  • An Unforgettable Bridal Shower

    Traditionally, a bridal shower is an intimate, women only, lunch, often hosted by the bride's close and dearest ones before the series of wedding events kick off. While some like to keep it down-low by hosting a little in-house event, some like to go big outdoors. The point here though, is not the sheer size and venue, but the organisation and planning of the whole day that brings an unforgettable smile to the bride's face.

  • Halloween myths and why they exist

    The origin of Halloween comes from the land of the Celts, now modern day France and the British Isles. According to Celtic myths, the dead reside in a faraway land of eternal youth and happiness, called Tir nan Og, and that one could only communicate with the dead during the turning of the year.

  • Cast a spell or two

    Would you not want some 'practical magick' like this in your life? Order your broom to sweep up last night's mess, a flick of your wand to sort out all your chores or maybe a drop of soothing potion for your ever troubled bestie

  • Durga Puja Festival 2018

    Durga's empowered womanhood

    Hymns, camphor-lit invocations and venerations of Durga followed by the immersion of idols in the river — Durga Puja is an electrifying carnival of a religious festival. Rooted in our very own Bengal, and dating way back to the 17th century, Durga Puja has evolved to mean a glorified community affair with lights, fireworks and colours. However, the main tableau of Durga herself is an overlooked story and one for the ages. And, it is here where the spirit of Durga Puja is tethered.

  • Raised by the Mother

    My birthright was to become part of a faith that could trace its roots back to the earliest civilisations known to man, yet it always felt heavy on my shoulders. What my family constantly recounted to me as a privilege always made me feel like an outsider to the rest of the world, but it had less to do with being part of a minority community in this country and more to do with my upbringing.