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  • Cattle tales

    Cattle tales

    Bangladesh is home to various cattle breeds and their crosses. Although it is hard to distinguish between the breeds, as farmers do not keep accounts of the cattle being bred,

  • Cattle tales

    Cattle tales

    Bangladesh is home to various cattle breeds and their crosses. Although it is hard to distinguish between the breeds, as farmers do not keep accounts of the cattle being bred,

  • Mosaic art in mosques

    Illuminating rays from hanging lamps, glazed tiles sheathing interiors of domes, marble designs and encircling inscriptions- Islamic art is monolithic, especially in its variety.

  • Hanging gardens

    The desire to have lush gardens in our backyard is unfortunately nothing but a pipe dream if you happen to reside in Dhaka's concrete jungle. With the very little living space most of us have in apartments, it is truly a luxury to even have a corner for planters, let alone an entire space dedicated to greenery. Thinking outside the box will grant you the wisdom of abandoning all hopes for horizontal space, and instead, capitalising on the vertical real estate instead.

  • A story of the Sari and its paar

    A sari is not a mere piece of garment for Bengali women. In its delicate folds lie hundreds of years of tradition. An attire so imbued in our culture and heritage, it feels special every single time, and bestows its wearer with grace and poise.

  • Infidelity: a complicated affair

    To understand infidelity, first you have to explore the dynamics of a relationship. Just being in love is not enough to make a relationship work. Both partners need to be honest, loyal compassionate and appreciative in a relationship.

  • The pros and cons of nuclear family

    A nuclear family is not simply a group of people tied together by parenthood or partnership, but rather, it is a necessity to maintain healthy social relationships in this millennial era.

  • Bani Thani: brushwork for the divine

    It is one of the greatest romances ever; the tale of a union that elevates love and desire, the purest of all human emotions, to a godly realm. Lord Krishna, his beloved Radha and the love they share has a multitude of interpretations within Hinduism, but no soul shall ever deny that while Krishna enchants the world, Radha enchants even Him.

  • FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

    Live it up with FIFA 2018!

    What is it about 22 people and one ball that keep over 3 billion people occupied for over one month? Whatever it is, it makes one forget the weather, the traffic and even the impending credit card bill!

  • FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

    Live it up with FIFA 2018!

    What is it about 22 people and one ball that keep over 3 billion people occupied for over one month? Whatever it is, it makes one forget the weather, the traffic and even the impending credit card bill!

  • A couch potato's sport: FIFA video games and friends

    But then came the game that practically swooped the hearts of video game enthusiasts and amateur football players across the globe, and that game was the FIFA video game series. FIFA video games have become a cultural phenomenon and a symbolic representation of friendship between guys.

  • Family football feud

    Brazil or Argentina, Spain or Germany, family or football? All of these are tough decisions to make when the world cup season is right around the corner and football starts to run in our veins. However, we all MUST pick a side and stick to it!

  • The love of the game

    As children, we grow up with memories and aspirations to be someone different from the others. We fall in love with certain things that give us the thrill and rush. Be it sports, books, games or fashion, we grow up with a hobby, which makes us love what we do and at a point become a part of us. With FIFA World Cup 2018 well

  • The fan club get together: A bite with your FIFA bunch

    With the FIFA World Cup going ahead at full steam, the amount of excitement cannot be described with mere words. There are going to be plans and sleepovers every now and then and you know it. Nevertheless, with work, classes and chores that keep you busy most of the week, it is not always possible to have sleepovers. Here's

  • Fashion inspiration from the field

    The shimmering lights, intense fight, and sweat and tears of rejoice after every game is not the only thing football players have done to win the heart of millions. Following years of practice and winning various trophies, these international football players have become more than just athletes.

  • Of Jerseys and Flags: The FIFA 2018 prep

    With the 2018 FIFA World Cup in full swing, the tension and excitement of the fans are at their peaks. If you haven't done any of the preparations for the game, now is as good a time as any.

  • The ultimate Football boot guide

    Prepare yourself for the biggest party of the summer, because this time around, it's not about fighting for the infinity stones, but rather, the gold trophy of legends, granting the nation that earns it the title of the King of Kings.

  • Moonsighting: More than meets the eye

    “Chaad Dekha”, or the sighting of the new moon, plays a huge role in the lives of Muslims who follow the appearance of the moon as the criteria for determining important dates in the lunar calendar, such as the beginning and end of each month in the Islamic calendar, and thus the beginning and end of Ramadan, and of course, Eid. To this day, chaad dekha, remains a celebratory marker for the end of Ramadan, calling in Eid-ul-Fitr.

  • Shoe in with Bata

    Traditionally, “Chaand Raat” is synonymous with many traditions, from applying henna on the hands, moms preparing all the ingredients for what the morning, lunch and dinner menu will consist of for the coming days whilst you figure out which outfit to start the day off with. It is at this moment you realize that throughout the chaos of fighting traffic and bargaining with shop vendors for the entirety of the

  • To shoe or not to shoe

    Kurtas have become the most sought after garment by men, what with Pahela Baishakh, Ramadan, and Eid being at arm's reach of each other. While running around gathering all the kurtas one can find, men will usually tend to pay little attention to their footwear. It can't be overlooked or ignored; after all, a man's footwear speaks volumes about him.

  • Bangladeshi Fashion

    That which is truly ours

    By doing so we will primarily be helping build the nation's economy, and if that isn't reason enough, then here are a few more. If you want haute couture dresses, we can be sure to get a more personalised service from our fashion houses.

  • Something new something SaRa

    There's simply no shortage of fashion outlets when you suddenly get that itch to shop, and for most, those are just enough. But what if you wanted something to make you look and feel different from the crowd?

  • When Chocolate is actually good for you!

    A prime example of the negative relation between chocolate and stress is that, most people like to indulge themselves in a chocolate or two or maybe five whenever they feel pressured or stressed.

  • Nagorik Natya Sampradaya's Golden Jubilee

    Nagorik's Golden Jubilee

    Nagorik, Bangladesh's first theatre act celebrated its Golden Jubilee from 13th April to 15th April, 2018. The celebration included their marquee acts as well as appearances from the many legendary personalities we know and love. Star Showbiz presents an exclusive photo gallery of the event!

  • Detoxing your earthly abode

    We all know this occurs because none of us have the time today to sit down and organise, especially given our busy schedules. Yet, there are those dull moments when we have nothing to do on our hands, and most of us are guilty of having a ton of stuff in our house that we have not had any use in 10 years.

  • Bike-sharing services in Dhaka

    An estimate by the government concluded that traffic chips away about 3.2 million working hours daily. The infamous traffic causes vehicles to idle at dead standstills indefinitely and slows down daily routine commutes more and more to a snail's pace.

  • Be your best hostess this Baishakh!

    At long last Baishakh is here. We bid adieu to all that is old and weary, making way for new and auspicious tidings. The time to celebrate life in all its glory is here, and a sense of rejuvenation and renewal is prevalent all around. This festive energy touches every aspect of Bengali life, as we like to embrace the spirit of Baishakh wholeheartedly!

  • A lively evening with fun, frolic and food

    On Friday, 23 March at Cityscape Tower, Jete Chao? and Cookups presented an event to celebrate Women's Day. These two ventures, both led by women, created the opportunity for numerous other female entrepreneurs in Dhaka to showcase their work, and talent in a place collectively called “Sheroes of Today.”

  • Home bakers rejoice!

    Life is truly about the simplest things. Dreaming and aiming high is admirable, but it's possibly the smallest things that give us true happiness, most pleasure.

  • When a nation speaks

    The unforgettable baritone that transcends time and vision- that would be a paltry description of what Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave to the nation on March 7, 1971 at Dhaka's Suhrawardy Udyan. The historic congregation of almost 10 lakh people at the then Race Course ground (now Suhrawardy Udyan) at the end of the 20-minute speech bore witness to the all defining words: “Ebar-er shongram