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Colour combinations you should be wearing already!

Wearing different colour combinations can be quite intimidating; especially when you're feeling the summer vibes and are willing to experiment with some vibrant shades! Pairing certain colours that do not go well together can turn out to be a recipe for disaster. But you have nothing to worry about as it's our job to keep you safe from the fashion police*wink wink*! Read on as we guide you through the combinations that look AH-MAZING! Try them out if you haven't already to make a statement this season.

Zohaina AmreenOctober 02, 2018

Green and Magenta

Green and magenta is an unconventional combination that is honestly much easier to pull off than it looks. This combo may sound scary, but trust us when we say that it'll add the 'runway essence' to your outfit while maintaining a touch of sophistication. Try going with an all-green or an all-magenta outfit and accessorising with the contrasting colour. You can try wearing maybe a green top with magenta pants/skirt and vice versa. Throw on some hot pink lipstick and keep the eyes more neutral! Keeping the overall outfit as minimal as possible would be our advice for this combination.

Blue and Orange

Blue and orange looks absolutely gorgeous together! If you have a lighter skin tone, then this combination will especially make you stand out! While pairing them, the best way to tie the look together would be to choose an orange item and keeping the rest of the outfit blue! Put on some orange blush and lipstick to complement the overall theme!

Yellow and Red

The combination of yellow and red looks like a summer dream come true! Especially on deeper complexions, this combo can really make that beautiful skin tone pop! There are a few ways you can pull off this bold combo. If you want to wear an all-yellow outfit, pair it with hot red lips, red shoes and maybe a red bag. Alternatively, you can throw on a yellow jacket/bag with an all-red outfit. We would suggest you not to pair a yellow shirt with red pants and vice versa. As much as they look great together, adding pants to this combo kind of makes it look too funky. Instead, try pairing it with skirts!

Pastel and Pastel

Needless to say, pastel is all the rage nowadays, and for all the right reasons too. Pastels will allow you to rock multiple colours at once as you can pair any pastel shade with every other ones! The great thing about pastels is that it can never look 'too-much.' Take advantage of its subtlety and keep on experimenting with different shades. Pink, blue, yellow- your pastel options are enough to bring a complete look come to life! A baby pink or nude lips will always go best with your pastel outfit!

Lilac and Mint

A girly and fun combination, lilac and mint makes the perfect choice for teens due to its fresh vibrance! You can pair lilac and mint however you wish to and it'll always look great! A lilac top with a mint skirt, lilac pants with a mint shirt, mint dress with a lilac bomber jacket- it's literally a no-brainer combination that lets you experiment with whatever you have in your closet. Put on a soft pink lipstick to keep the lively spirit of this combination going on!

Purple and Yellow

Yellow and purple is a beautiful combination to wear, especially if you're in the 'young adult' age-range. It's a combination that's lively and yet, tends to be more mature. It's also one of the safer combinations as you can throw on as many yellow/purple pieces you want and it'll all tie together at the end. Pair a yellow top with purple pants, purple dress with yellow bags, yellow jumpsuit with purple tassels- your options are endless! Since this combo is pretty loud as is, keep the makeup simple or add a little hue of purple to the eyes.

Orange and Teal

This is a more 'experimental' combo that needs a thoughtful pairing. Both burnt orange and teal screams the transition from summer to fall, meaning this is the perfect time to rock this combo. Be careful though as this combination can look too much too quick! The best way to pull it off would be to wear a teal/orange piece and only two more items of the contrasting colour. Add another shade to this outfit such as black, white or purple so the outfit looks more balanced. A burnt-orange lip would be the perfect option to go for with this colour combination!


Tips for combining colours

Pair contrasting colours together as opposed to the similar ones (e.g. do red & yellow instead of red & pink)

Be careful combining colours such as green, red-orange, hot pink etc. as they are typically harder to pull off.

A safe way to rock any and every colour would be to start by pairing it with neutrals such as black, white, beige, khaki etc.

Wear what looks good on YOU and what YOU feel confident in. Keep on experimenting until you figure what combinations complement you the best!


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