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  • Latest Ladies Fashion 2018

    Brace for the chill

    This is the winter season, and that means no more fashion for us ladies, or does it?

  • Playing with the alter ego

    Perhaps because of his on screen persona, his predilections for branded clothes, men's jewellery and accessories, Khan is perceived as an arbiter of style and general manliness— perhaps, his alter ego? In reality, he is more likely to be playing cricket with his children in his apartment terrace or discussing life's philosophies over a game of UNO or Scrabble.

  • Loud Prints

    Solids are eternal. But that does not mean prints cannot have their chance under the spotlight every now and then, especially now that printed clothing are so in! Here are some of the most in-style printed outfit inspirations and styling tips.

  • Decoding Red

    The impression of red in our prehistoric psyche is conceivably what we carry today. No child is born with a blank slate, or a palette. What we see, what we observe, and differentiate are based on footprints on our cells through thousands of years of evolution from a bestial existence to an intelligent form.

  • Durga Puja 2018

    The must-have fashion planner for Durga Puja

    When we think of October, besides the obvious never-ending heat and unforgiving bouts of rain, there is also Durga Puja to look forward to. The preparations start a month earlier with the changing architecture of the city, not just around the temples but everywhere else with mandaps (dias/stages) being erected and a festive feel sealing the air.

  • Colour combinations you should be wearing already!

    Green and magenta is an unconventional combination that is honestly much easier to pull off than it looks. This combo may sound scary, but trust us when we say that it'll add the 'runway essence' to your outfit while maintaining a touch of sophistication.

  • Micro Sunglasses: The new cool

    The trend surfaced sometime last year when the Kar-Jenner as well as the Hadid sisters started wearing different shapes of 'micro sunglasses.' Thanks to their social media posts, the internet was quick to catch on and soon enough, pictures of our favourite social icons started popping up all over the internet.

  • 'Sunnies, Sun and all the Fun'

    We have seen all our favourite actresses don them! We have immaculately tried to duplicate their look, with micro sunglasses to metallic shades. But is this provision that we talk about only used for vanity?

  • Let the eyes do all the talking!

    What are things that we notice about people when we first meet them? Is it how their hair falls on their face? No it's the eyes…whether they shine, sparkle, smile, glimmer or maybe hiding behind some kind of grim. Either way, it's always the eyes!

  • Sequin's back again!

    Excited enough already? We bet you are! With limitless evening-ready looks coming into mind, it is definitely a tough task to manoeuvre to the ones you surely want. And that is exactly why we are here for.