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  • All for natural fabrics

    You probably have a favourite cotton T-shirt or a dress that you have worn for years. I certainly do. I have cotton T-shirts that are six or seven years old,

  • Skintessentials

    One of the main issues that plagues pretty much everyone in winter is the drying of skin due to loss of moisture. Of course, drinking adequate water is important to keep the skin hydrated, and overall health is reflected in the glow of the skin. There ae also a number of remedies for dry skin, making it easy for you to restore a natural softness and bring back said glow.

  • Floral delicacies

    Flowers are a joyous thing to look at, beautiful as decorations, appreciated in the home, and loved as gifts.

  • A germ-free winter

    When the mercury drops, bundling up and staying warm may seem like the easiest things to do, but the teeny tiny nightmares that we call germs take a new lease on life at the very same time.

  • Banishing study overload

    Stress is an all prevailing issue now, gripping every single age group. Not even the school-going youngsters are free from it. It is simply unfathomable how a child out of pre-school needs to learn not only difficult spellings in two languages, but also the times tables, with a grasp on the basics of world history.

  • Lip care with flare — the early prep edition

    Hardly anyone passes a winter without chapped lips. No matter how good the arsenal of lip care products, something always goes wrong, the end result being chapped lips, or peeling skin.

  • Let your child loose!

    Where is the place to play though, you may ask. Indeed, playgrounds and children’s parks are scanty.

  • Coffee — Blessing and curse

    For me, the only reason I could possibly think of waking up in the morning is the fact that there will be coffee waiting for me. Whether you’ve taught your trusty butler (in my case, Raju Mama) to make the perfect brew, or heading over to the nearest cafe, coffee is a must.

  • Corporate comfort and creativity

    When we think of the corporate world, we see images of suits and big offices. This world is anything but welcoming, and definitely not a place for children. Having a reputation for being completely void of human emotion and sentiment, the corporate world is indifferent towards anything other than itself.

  • Which colour are you?

    Style is an expression of individuality and colours are linked to the same. Sure, trends come and go. Some colours are in for a while and others are not.

  • Why autocorrect, why?

    Sitting on your PC or your laptop, you are blessed with the omnipresent red line under every wrong word.

  • Gym makeup — Style or Insanity!

    Yet, quite often the only time you get to hit the gym is after a long day of work where chances are you have makeup on and 'no time to take it off' or your gym days sadly coincide with the days when your skin happens to be uncooperative.

  • Foreign guests' etiquette 101

    For many of our friends and family, showing up at the nuptial celebrations may actually mean flying thousands of miles and crossing numerous state lines. Evidently, it means that these friends are precious and would go through anything in the world to share in our momentous occasion.

  • Sprucing Up the Guest Room

    Decorating a guest bedroom is a very tricky deal, if you ask me. On the one hand, you need to consider making the room feel cosy, welcoming and of course, comfortable.

  • Healthy and active kids

    An active child is a happy child; this is one statement that has never failed to reciprocate! Outdoor activities are NOT just meant for fun, they are highly required for the sound mental and physical growth of tiny people.

  • Mosquitoes on the Loose!

    A common misconception is that with the rainy season, the prevalence of mosquito-borne diseases such as Dengue and Chikungunya falls.

  • What I watched last week

    As I scroll through my subscriptions list last Friday, a video by ELLE caught my eye. After ignoring it for a few days I finally watched it having nothing better to watch in my feed, and I am very glad that I did.

  • Blue and cultures A profound meaning

    It is of little wonder that people everywhere have incorporated blue into their specific cultures, with specific meanings and connotations. On a clear day, it is very natural to look up and get mesmerised by the sky above, the precise name for this awe-inspiring shade of blue is azure. The sky's blue, or azure, gets its name from the mineral “azurite”, one of the traditional national colours of Italy, taken from the colours of the House of Savoy, which had laid the foundation of the first modern united Italian state.

  • Just honey things

    One of the wonder-ingredients of skin care happens to be honey, and for good reasons. To shrink pores, add egg-white to honey and

  • Children and household chores

    Parenthood is undoubtedly one of the toughest jobs on the planet. Parents these days insist on perfecting every little detail of their kids' lives in order to help them grow up to be successful and joyous.

  • All about washing your clothes

    Now let us think about the moments we blamed the clothing line to be absolutely clueless about fabric choices when your panjabi became a piece of rag after the first wash. But deep down you know, you washed it wrong.

  • Putting the Spring in Cleaning

    To help the urban residents in this process the neighbourhood dry cleaners are ready and raring to go, but are they up to it? Trial and error is not a viable option here so it's better to stick with some well- known names.

  • Taking up a second job

    When it comes to the prospect of a second job in parallel with the current, the common reaction is- Getting the first job was hard enough, but another...