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  • Dirt is good

    The slogan reads ‘dirt is good,’ and the mother in me skipped a beat. I mean what mother would tolerate their precious toddlers and kids rolling in the dirt, playing with mud or making mud stoves, pots and pans, or even toy animals and planes?

  • Rose Water for Skin Care

    A time tested beauty element, rose water is a popular ingredient in many skincare products all around the world today, because of its countless benefits.

  • Dandruff and hair care for men

    Look for dandruff specific products that target your problem and try to incorporate them into your routines.

  • Lip care for the winter

    Unlike other parts of the body, the skin of the lips is a lot thinner, making it more prone to dehydration, especially during the fast approaching cold winters. Without properly moisture, they look dry, and chapped when dehydrated.

  • Baby lotion for all

    With winter almost here, it is time to not only make sure your baby is well protected and warm at all times, but ensure your child’s overall well-being. This also includes maintaining the pH levels of your baby’s skin as well, including keeping it soft and supple with the right baby lotion.

  • Screen time for children

    With an increasing addiction o screens — omputer games, social media, TV, and so on— children are getting less and less enthusiastic about outdoor activities and sports, sinking into sedentary lifestyles. True, screen time on computers or smartphones have benefits, but excess of it causes a range of harmful effects.

  • Face Massages – Secret to youthfulness

    If done right, face massages can be thought of as an equivalent to the fountain of youth.

  • Liquid detergents — say goodbye to laundry hassles

    You know that feeling when you take out your laundry and still find unsavoury clumps, or stains of powder detergent, the same detergent that was meant to clean your clothes.

  • Coffee, mate?

    With tea, we always seem to have a wide selection of snacks to serve as sides, be it alu-puri, toast or muri. However, it gets more difficult with coffee, and even harder so when it is served cold.

  • Rev up the regular roti

    Start off with a large piece of roti on a pan, and cover half of it with a mixture of seasoned chicken or beef, add on some green onions and cilantro for crunch and cheese to your taste.

  • Monsoon predicaments

    Intermittent rain, the preceding humidity, and the scorching sun combination common to monsoon days is a recipe that often makes for the spread of the common cold, flu, and also fever. Annoying and painful normally, these can become serious if not taken care of.

  • What’s in a Jar?

    A jar is not just for use as a showpiece or having a plant grow in. To some, it might be the next best thing after a plate. A jar is the

  • When to throw your makeup

    Everything has an expiration date, even makeup. Although we do not always realise this, but use of expired makeup can have harmful effects on our skin. When I was younger, I was under the impression that I could keep my makeup forever. After all, I spent so much money on them!

  • Four-year undergrad to-do list

    We all feel like adults after graduating from high-school and like to believe that we are ready to attack the undergrad life. You might have a well thought out plan to executive these four years perfectly, but just know, it might not always work out. However, the time

  • Space management

    Imagine having your guests feel like hiking in your home as they climb over or walk around the too many things that you have left lying around. That is exactly what it looks like when space is not managed right.

  • Turmeric: a godsend for skincare

    An age old remedy for not one but a plethora of problems, Turmeric is a godsend to help us deal with all our skin problems and more.

  • Neem: a time-tested ingredient

    For all natural beauty and skin-care routines, Neem (Indian Lilac, Azadirachta indica) holds an unparalleled place.

  • Skincare

    Skincare for summer

    Skincare is perhaps one of the most important, but also least understood in importance, amid all of our self-care requirements. We often recommend a balanced diet for a hale and hearty immune system.

  • Skincare

    Skincare for summer

    Skincare is perhaps one of the most important, but also least understood in importance, amid all of our self-care requirements. We often recommend a balanced diet for a hale and hearty immune system.

  • Know your hand wash!

    There are innumerable hand care products these days- hand and nail creams, balms, hand cuticle cream, hand gel cleansers, hand manicure butter, hand sanitisers, and of course, the hand wash.

  • Blend it till you make it

    Makeup of all sorts, colours, finishes, and textures have been in the talks for a very long time now. And it's about time we all learn a thing or two so that we can all look our best. As a makeup enthusiast, I would say that makeup is a form of art, used by many to express themselves and their creativity.

  • skincare

    Moisture around the edges

    With the arrival of spring, sweaters and jackets are already replaced with lightweight, full-sleeve tees. But often forgotten is the need to change our skincare routines.

  • Understanding foreign currency accounts

    As Bangladeshi residents and citizens, we are often in requirement of foreign currency for travel and to remit outside of our country.

  • Winter skincare regimen

    For girls like us, it is very important to follow a set routine, summer or winter. It is actually a common misconception among most of us that people with oily skin should not moisturise.

  • Lucky lips are always kissin’

    In the case of piling up lipsticks, we rarely find a non-enthusiast…but when it comes to lip care regimen, the opposite is true, as most are quite neglectful.

  • The Importance of being skintellectual

    The days of considering the ingredients list at the back of your beauty products are far gone! Thanks to the Internet, numerous forums and beauty bloggers have made it easy for people to understand what really goes on in the making of beauty products.

  • Exam eve fever — the Google solution

    Whether you are a last minute crammer or a perfectionist with carefully detailed notes taken throughout the entire course, sitting for an exam is stressful. While no amount of coffee or sleepless nights can quite take the stress away, thanks to the Internet, there are now plenty of ways to make this journey a little easier.

  • Geriatric care in winter

    While most of us go crazy over purchasing the right winter wear, and opt for the perfect skin care solution and planning activities for the holidays, senior citizens often get left out of the equation. When we talk about care for the elderly, the care comes in many forms, and not just health.

  • The procrastination loop

    Have you ever wondered why something that should only take you ten minutes is left undone even after two months? Whether its clearing out drawer space, or organising your kitchen utensils, one tends to put off mundane tasks until they are entirely impossible to avoid.

  • Seasonal changes and children

    Winter is usually when children love to go out, spend a nice vacation and participate in some fun winter sports. Falling ill takes away all the fun, and not to mention is dreadful to the child and their family, so prevention is always better than cure.