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Hygiene for the conscious

School is where we are usually taught of good and bad hygiene; unfortunately, somewhere along the line, our busy lives and laziness get the better of us and we forget the simplest of practices. A little reminder can help jog up that memory and remind us of the importance of practicing good hygiene again.


No matter how lazy you are feeling, a shower or bath is a must if you have stepped out of the home at any time of the day. Do not hit the couch and let all that gunk build up on your body and hair. Instead, opt for a nice shower that helps to relax as well.



This simple of a step is often ignored by most. While being out all day, we come in contact with many kinds of germs on people and objects. From that bus seat to the rickshaw, to the restaurant to toilets, our clothes have been everywhere. You do not want the same clothes to be on your bed where you sleep. Getting changed should be the very first task after getting home, and throwing those clothes in the washer your next.



The amount of convincing data and experiments on bacteria on cell phones are pretty alarming, and all the more reason to remember to sanitise them properly. At least once a day is good enough, after getting back home and before taking it to bed with you.

Not taking them to the bathroom is also a good idea!



This is too simple to be talked about, but alas! A lot of people are guilty of not washing our hands before meals or after a trip to the bathroom. To prevent those toilet germs from getting on your plates, give those hands a wash. It is really that simple. 



Be it a fashion statement or not, unruly long nails do not look too pleasing, and are the perfect bed for bacteria and germs when not cleaned properly. Accidentally biting into them or using it to scratch yourself or picking at your eyes can result in rashes from the underlying dirt inside the nails.



Laziness and tiredness aside, not brushing before and after bed is absolutely inexcusable. Flossing and mouthwash afterwards is an extra, but should never be an alternative to brushing itself because that is the most important step.



Things like your comb, the remote control, your earphones and headphones and other everyday objects you come into contact with are often missed out while cleaning. But these catch onto just as much germs, especially when you touch that remote or keyboard with oily fingers.



Changing bed sheets and pillow covers are often left for the longer run, but not changing them every once in a while means creating a hub for dirt and bacteria. Fabric catches onto germs and dirt very easily, which eventually gets to you, creating numerous health and skin conditions.



If you wear makeup, think of it as a crime to go to bed without removing it. From getting the makeup into your eyes, eventually resulting in eye infections, to the makeup destroying your skin, the list goes on. Even if you were home all day, your face needs proper cleaning and care. Facial wipes can pass for days you feel too lazy, but otherwise, not cleaning your face before bed equals all kinds of facial skin conditions like acne.



For children, habits are best learned when they start early. The earlier they catch on, the more they remember. One of their biggest influences are the elders surrounding them, so making sure you have your habits straight should be your first priority, because otherwise, the children will not be picking up those either.

If your everyday objects like mobile phones, handbags, watch or spectacles were put under a microscope, the amount of bacteria and germs you would find will be enough to make you nauseous. The reason being these objects travel with us to pretty much everywhere we go, and we do not end up cleaning them after. These small practices do not take up too much time, but can save you the trouble of a trip to the doctors, so they are worth the extra minute.


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