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Bali: A resort island rich in seaside indulgence

The island's beach resorts give vacationers another good reason to do 'just nothing' and bask under the sun for hours –in KARDASHIAN or BECKHAM style!

To the most enthusiastic vacationer like myself I'd like to say, we all experience an unbearable longing at a certain point in our adventure filled, adrenaline-soaked lives. A feeling to go somewhere, away from the crowd and simply do nothing!

Yes! And why not? Sometimes we all get tired of running from one place to another, juggling our fast-paced affairs and life.

Hence Bali, a famous tourist destination in Indonesia is precisely what we'd like to avoid in the first place. After all it is unerringly the opposite of calm, with pimple faced backpackers and rowdy thrill-seekers at every nook and cranny of the numerous islands.

But, I'd like to add in another point. Never give up so soon on a beautiful beach destination, touristy or not!

For there is the saying: Where there is the sea, there is definitely the calm.

The island's beach resorts will instantly provide for you- the potent cure; of tranquility, serenity and natural beauty.

With two kids, one below the one-year mark, I was looking for anything that didn't require my extra attention. Already exhausted to the core, a fancy beach resort hosting a private beach, top notch kid friendly restaurants, kids' zone, baby-sitting service, spa facilities and a beach club seemed the best option viable.

If you thought all this was super expensive costing one an arm, leg or a kidney, I have good news! It's actually quite affordable, especially if the offers are availed in advance from a good travel agent.

So let's get back to the trip… Day one began with checking into our rooms, after a long flight and transit in a completely different country. It was super exhausting at the beginning. With kids, a night stay in the transit area or an airport hotel seems to be best option and thankfully we utilised the opportunity.

Then comes the check- in!

Here, another piece of advice seems appropriate. Please do not start unpacking or moving out to explore immediately after you arrive. You are here to relax and not write a surveillance report! Implant the idea into your head for the final time.


Lie down, make some calls and browse the in-room facilities.

I, on the other hand made sure the baby cot was all-ready and primed with tiny pillows and blankets. After almost an hour of rolling on the perfectly made bed, it was time to look around and explore the nearest restaurant.

All beach resorts in Bali entertain the idea of restaurants by the beach, as the name suggests. Here you can sit down and listen to the waves crashing in for hours – it wouldn't even matter if the food was delivered a tad bit late.

The cerulean blue waters work like magic around the kids as well. They become calm in a jiffy. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself.

Fast forward three days, we were binging on mocktails, seafood barbecues, relaxing, swimming, basking in the sun and hibernating after sundown. On the fourth day it felt like, we had enough of relaxation and it was time to face the world once again.

So, we took back what's ours from the trusted baby-sitter, a major amenity at a beach resort, and marched towards the local shops.

Well, there is definitely a reason why the word retail therapy was invented! Stop rolling those eyes.

Nevertheless, some of you may feel extra sporty, in that case please go for an excursion to Kintamani, to see the hot springs and Ubud to see the burning mountain. HD smart phones are a must have on such cruises.

Another major pointer for the moment; skip water sports or any other type of sports on this trip – you have had enough! How many times do you want to indulge in fly boarding, paragliding or bungee jumping?

Learn to relax and enjoy.             

Yes! This is something everyone can do, while on a vacation.


Getting there:

There are many flights by Malindo Air, Malaysian Airlines, and Singapore Airlines daily between Dhaka to Bali via Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur 

Hiring a Toyota 4x4 for the day costs between Rp 450,000 to Rp800,000. The taxis can help with drop-in and drop-off facilities to and from the airport and any other excursion. Don't faint seeing the price tag, the conversion amounts are quite decent.

A clean chit is to disregard three zeros at the end of any number while in Indonesia, and you'd feel your feet immediately, safe on the ground.

What to bring on the trip:

Warm clothes, especially for the children! It does get slightly chilly at night. 

Sunglasses, hats, umbrella, mats, swimming trunks, face masks for the dry weather, a decent camera, smart phone downloaded with the currency conversion app and you are almost good to go.

What to bring back aside from the memories:

Of course Songket, Who doesn't love a beautiful piece of Songket?

Then there is also the Mukena, women's prayer clothes, especially famous for their embroidery

Semarang Batik, Wood carvings, Java almonds and last but not the least, the famous snack called Amplang– a fried cracker made from local fish.

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