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  • 32 Hours in Fez

    Sometimes you land in a place that takes you back to another place and another time. It could be something from your childhood. Perhaps a place you have left behind in the past. A place that has changed, but you find it existing in the present, thousands of miles away in another continent, not in its entirety, but perhaps the ordinary features we remember.

  • Lisbon – the City of Egg Tarts

    “What made you decide on Lisbon?" our Uber driver asks, as he winds his way through the rolling, narrow cobblestone streets of Bairro Alto.

  • Do you remember seeing the ocean for the first time?

    The joy of going on a family trip is something that unless you have experienced being born and raised within the dynamics of an ever-expanding family, you simply would not understand. I was born into one, where anyone who came within close proximity became attached to the nucleus of our core family, like vines.

  • Terracotta Army: Legacy of the first emperor of China

    One of the 20th century’s greatest archeological finds were the underground army of nearly 8,000 life-size terracotta figures, which were found near the burial site of the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang (221-210 BC).

  • Charms of the Sunshine State

    Ever heard of Pensacola or Perdido Key? Whether you know of it or not, reading this travelogue will certainly have you trying to experience everything I have at the southern tip of the United States of America, and maybe do some exploration of your own.

  • Gerald Durrell's Corfu: A Greek Easter and Seasonal Kumquats

    I wanted to visit Corfu ever since I read Gerald Durrell's My Family and Other Animals, which was set in Corfu of the 1930s, and the spirited character Spiros livened up the writer's depiction of this seaside town. Incidentally, Corfu is known to have one of the most unique Easter celebrations in Greece, an experience I could not have missed!

  • bhutan feat

    Girl's trip to land of blue mountains

    It took us more than 20 years of friendship and waiting to finally manage to go on a trip aboard. We had dreamed of all of us

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    Sanssouci Park

    'Rush Hour' was a term that brought great joy when I was younger as it was truly a great film. Never could I imagine that the same

  • Scottish beauty — Edinburgh

    The capital of Scotland is an unparalleled beauty as the city is full of Georgian and neoclassical architecture. Edinburg has two distinguished parts, just like as we have old and new Dhaka, and both these parts boast specific sites worth visiting.

  • Madrid Opera Square

    Seven days in Spain

    A close friend advised me to try travelling without a plan, and thus I set my habits free. Before I knew what was happening, I arrived in Madrid, slightly unnerved but equally excited.