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  • My Life with Shakespeare

    When you are asked to write a memoir or something about Shakespeare, you should know that you have reached your expiration date.


    After a month's respite, with the inauspicious Pous being over, the Bengali wedding season has come back with a big vengeance, so to

  • The Endless I

    Within the givens of life

  • Poetry

    You, who are


    The terrible realization was setting in almost all, if not all of us. The dream days of fun and work in equal measure at RADA were

  • Prodigy

    The smell of spicy food was making Sam hungry. After a long wait at the restaurant, the waiter came with the food. He had a mask

  • Tagore Songs

    With him, “no” will never do.

  • Jibanananda Das: Baitarani

    I'm not sure when I rose from the grave of death—

  • Baishakhi Spirit, which art Moving Everywhere

    My phone is bombarded with SMS alerts notifying me of various deals available for Baishakh: the discounts that are offered in various

  • Alpanas: “Dreams under your feet”

    If you ask me, it is not unlikely that alpana and kalpana should sound almost similar, since without kalpana, or creative ingenuity, it is