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  • The 42nd Annual Book Sale of the Friends of the Library, Trinity College, University of Toronto and a Book Buy (Part II)

    It was Leo Tolstoy whose Yasnaya Polyana residence and retreat located outside Moscow was classified by him as his 'inaccessible literary stronghold.

  • The Story of Sounds

    Life is an art, the art that has the magnificent capacity to preserve itself. The challenge is to discover the beauty of that how of those

  • Seeking a Story

    Nineteen ninety-nine. Dhaka, Bangladesh. My college is over and I am having the pre-kingly hours of my life—waiting for results before applying to a university.

  • Muri-Makha -Pherey-Asha

    Conversations end with half nibbled canapés,

  • The 42nd Annual Book Sale of the Friends of the Library, Trinity College, University of Toronto and a Book Buy (Part 1)

    The University of Toronto (UFT) holds an annual book sale every October at its prestigious academic and architectural landmark building Trinity College established in 1851.

  • Between History and Identity: Freud and the Non-European

    Quite differently from the spirit of Freud's deliberately provocative reminders that Judaism's founder was a non-Jew, and that Judaism beginsin the realm of Egyption, non-Jewish monotheism, Israeli legislation countervenes, represses, and even cancels Freud's carefully maintained opening out of Jewish identity towards its non-Jewish background. (Said, 66)

  • In the Ring

    An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind-

  • Toy-cart

    I was just up from bed; even the sun was not quite high yet. Some shalik birds were quarreling on top of the trees near the backyard gate and I was wondering how to ask mother for the plantain chops that were kept in the shika from last night's dinner.

  • The Haven Searchers

    I often see death hovering above everything, sticking out its tentacles, and taking someone in its mouth on a whim. Its belly is swollen with the lives it has consumed and its mouth drips with the sorrows of those. It is an invisible (to the mortals) aerial creature. It flies fast despite being so heavy. It is omnipresent, and in the ocean, it is as visible as a boat shaped moon on a mirror-like pond.

  • The DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2018: Shortlist Announced

    In an article early this month we presented the story in brief behind the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature and the longlist of 2018. The story has indeed progressed further since then.