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  • God

    A tiger kept prowling around a village, and naturally, the people became frightened. The cows, the calves and even men were mauled

  • Deconstructing Genre in Writing

    Does a piece of writing have a sex? Not really! It perhaps has a gender, which in French is genre. When it comes to distinguishing one

  • Patna Blues: Travails of a Minority Community

    An enjoyable read, Abdullah Khan's debut novel, Patna Blues is a thought-provoking and moving work as well. It is a book mostly

  • An Endeavor to Transgress Borders through Translation: 5th International Conference, Department of English, EWU

    Translation studies is a newly emerging area of interest among academics and practitioners of English language and literature. Living

  • Poetry

    A morning perennially haunted by the memories of lovemaking

  • From Zahir Raihan's Arek Phalgun

    The British Marin camped here in the dead of night when people were in deep sleep. There was no human residence here back then; only lines of upward looking trees graced the vicinity.

  • Stories from Life and Literature

    Glancing nervously at the dogs that lay basking in the winter sunshine, I tried to move ahead with confidence, telling myself that the venerable Tollygunge Club would never allow their clientele anywhere near animals that hadn't had their rabies shots.

  • The Spirit of the International Mother Language Day

    Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I were to subscribe to one particular language that didn't have any link with my roots. One particular language, which I didn't know like the back of my hand.

  • Ekusher Kabita

    At the noon Of 21st February

  • Fall for Love

    It was a hard fall. Kheya was astounded—not because she fell, but because of the person she fell for. The man was a magician of words, with a thick beard and a thin voice and was about one