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Today's Gallery (2018.10.27)

Kaliganga River...

With the end of rainy season, the Kaliganga river in Ghior upazila of Manikganj started to dry up like several other water bodies that run through the district. Now rickshaw vans can ply the riverbed. The dearth of water in the rivers is not only hampering farming in the area but also putting the livelihood of local fishermen at stake. The photo was taken from Tara bridge on Wednesday. Photo: Zahangir Shah


This is time for angling. As the dry season approaches and water level falls, the tranquility of the rivers makes it suitable for this fishing technique. Sitting in small boats, enthusiasts and fishermen alike anchor at a spot of the Turag river presumably having a high fishstock. The photo was taken recently in Boliarpur area of Savar. Photo: Palash Khan