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Today's Gallery (2019.09.15)


Grief-stricken 4th grader Shathi Akhter demands justice for the killing of birds at a rice mill near her home in Aponpara of Lalmonirhat. Local millers allegedly poisoned over 100 birds of different species yesterday morning. A magistrate said the offenders may face jail time or fines of up to Tk 1 lakh. Photo: S Dilip Roy

Stop emissions now

Students form the words “Stop emissions now” on Baishakhi playground in the capital’s Rayerbazar yesterday, demanding strong actions against climate change. A students’ forum named Stop Emissions Now organised the event with fellows from over 12 schools. Photo: Rashed Shumon

banned vehicles

Four people, including two boys, ride a hand-pedal tricycle of a physically challenged man on Dhaka-Aricha highway near Savar as heavier and faster vehicles whoosh past. Such slow-moving vehicles are banned on highways. The photo was taken last week. Photo: ANISUR RAHMAN

seven-part world tour

Russian traveler Vladislav Sherengovskiy recently arrived in Bangladesh -- on the third leg of his seven-part world tour with his Hummer H2 SUV, affectionately nicknamed “Yellow”. So far, Vladislav and the Hummer has visited 45 countries, and he plans to enter India and take a ferry to Sri Lanka after his trip here. Read an in-depth interview with him on this week’s Shift, The Daily Star’s automobile supplement out on Wednesdays. Photo: Shadman Al Samee

everyone in danger

The Bay of Bengal and Karanaphuli river meet at Patenga pier-15 area. Every day, thousands of people use this pier to reach Anowara upazila. Each of these boats have the maximum capacity of 25, but usually 35-40 people are brought on board, putting everyone in danger. Photo: Rajib Raihan

Zindabazar-Chowhatta road

Authorities have been working on Sylhet city’s Zindabazar-Chowhatta road for a long time to expand the road and improve utilities. But due to the disorderly work, vehicles and pedestrians have to constantly evade the piles of stones, bricks and dirt just lying on the street. The photos were taken yesterday from the city’s Zindabazar area. Photo: Sheikh Nasir

Zindabazar-Chowhatta road

Photo: Sheikh Nasir

Zindabazar-Chowhatta road

Photo: Sheikh Nasir