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Today's Gallery (2019.12.06)

badly damaged bridge

A van crosses a badly damaged bridge in Paschim Jaflong Chotkhel area in Sylhet’s Gowainghat upazila yesterday. Locals said part of the bridge’s approach road caved in six months ago, after which the LGRD did some makeshift repairs using sandbags and bamboos. Those too were flooded away by recent rains. Photo: Sheikh Nasir

amin bazar

A huge tailback in Amin Bazar on the outskirts of the capital around 9:00am yesterday as police, placing pickups on the Dhaka-Aricha highway, frisk those entering the city. After being stuck in the buses for long, many got down and started walking towards their destination. Asked about the sudden move, on-duty policemen claimed it was part of their regular duty. Photo: Palash Khan